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Isabel (Albini): Birth: 1233-1235. Death: AFT. 1285
Elizabeth (Alcock): Birth: 1561-1568 in ENG.
Agnes (Atherton): Death: 1387
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[--?--] (Atwater): Death: BEF. 1522
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Margaret de Acton: Birth: 1300 in Acton, CHS, ENG.
Adalbert: Birth: BEF. 974. Death: 1033
Isabel 1-3 d' Albini: Birth: 1233 in Belvoir Castle, LEI. Death: 15 Jun 1301 in Newstead
William 1-1 III d' Albini: Birth: AFT. 1146. Death: 1 May 1236
William 1-2 IV d' Albini: Birth: 1207 in Belvoir Castle, LEI. Death: 1242
William II d' Albini: Death: 1166
Anna Alcock: Birth: BEF. 26 May 1650 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA (bap). Death: 3 Apr 1723 in %MA
George Alcock: Birth: 25 Mar 1581 in Impington, CAM, ENG. Death: 30 Dec 1640 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
John Alcock: Birth: ABT. 1 Jan 1626/27 in Leicester, LEI, ENG. Death: 27 Jan 1666/67 in Boston, MA
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Isolda (Joan) de Aldham: Birth: ABT. 1280 in Ightham, KEN, ENG.
Adam de Aldithley: Birth: ABT. 1147 in Of, Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England. Death: AFT. 1203
Henry de Aldithley: Birth: ABT. 1175 in Heleigh, STS, ENG. Death: BEF. 19 Nov 1246
James Aldithley: Birth: 1225 in Heleigh, STS, ENG. Death: ABT. 11 Jun 1272 in IRL
Liulf of Aldithley: Birth: ABT. 1112 in Of Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Liulf of Aldithley: Birth: ABT. 1083 in Of Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England.
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Margaret Aldrich: Birth: ABT. 1600 in Leighton Buzzard, BDF, ENG. Death: 23 Aug 1634 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Beatriz of Castile Alfonso: Birth: 1242. Death: 27 Oct 1303
Alice Alford: Birth: ABT. 1598 in Bridgeport, DOR, ENG.
Isabel Allen: Birth: ABT. 1503 in Cranfield, BDF, ENG. Death: 1570-1571 in Cranfield, BDF, ENG
James Allen: Birth: BEF. 1 Jan 1585/86 in Kempston, BDF, ENG (bap). Death: BEF. 20 Jan 1656/57 in Kempston, BDF, ENG (w.p.)
John Allen: Birth: ABT. 1556 in ENG.
Ellen Alley=Cooke: Birth: ABT. 1559.
Bridget Allgar: Birth: 11 Mar 1561/62 in Shalford, ESS. Death: AFT. 24 Jun 1605
Bridget Allgar: Birth: 11 Mar 1561/62 in Shalford, ESS. Death: AFT. 24 Jun 1605
Mary Alling: Birth: 26 Nov 1643 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 26 Mar 1716 in New Haven, Conn., USA
Roger Alling: Birth: BEF. 6 Dec 1612 in Kempston, BDF, ENG (bap). Death: 27 Sep 1674 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Gerhard IV of Alsace: Birth: AFT. 977. Death: 14 Apr 1070
Hedwig of Alsace\Nordgau: Birth: ABT. 937. Death: 13 Dec 992
Alice Alton: Birth: 1554 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.
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Person Not Viewable
Guisla d' Amp rias: Birth: ABT. 1005.
Beatrice Andeville: Birth: ABT. 1245 in Clopton Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon, WAR, ENG. Death: AFT. 1313
Person Not Viewable
Judith Angiers: Birth: 5 Jun 1587 in Dedham, ESS, ENG. Death: 1634 in Dedham, ESS, ENG
Person Not Viewable
Beatrix de Angus: Birth: 1184 in Forfar, ANS, SCT.
Joan Anne: Birth: ABT. 1493.
Hannah (Helena) Applegate: Birth: in ENG?. Death: 1652 in Long Island, NY
Thomas Applegate: Birth: 1604 in NFK. Death: 1652-1660 in Gravesend, Long Island, NY
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Mathilda Guiscard d' Apulia: Birth: ABT. 1059 in Apulia, Calabria, Italy.
Agnes of Aquitaine: Birth: AFT. 13 Jun 1089. Death: AFT. 1147
Agn s of Aquitaine: Birth: 1024. Death: 14 Dec 1077
Eleanor of Aquitaine: Birth: 1122 in Chateau de Belin, Bordeaux, Aquitaine. Death: 31 Mar 1204 in Font�vrault Abbey, Anjou
Guy-William VI(VIII) of Aquitaine: Birth: ABT. 1024 in Poitiers. Death: 25 Jun 1086 in Chize
Judith Princess of Aquitaine: Birth: 844. Death: AFT. 870
Ranulf I of Aquitaine: Birth: 820. Death: Oct 866 in Brissarthe
Ranulf II of Aquitaine: Birth: 850. Death: 5 Aug 890
William I(III) "Towhead" of Aquitaine: Birth: ABT. 915. Death: 3 Apr 963 in a monk at St Maixent
William II(IV) "Ironarm" of Aquitaine: Birth: 937. Death: 3 Feb 994/95 in St Maxient
William III(V) "the Great" of Aquitaine: Birth: ABT. 969. Death: 31 Jan 1029/30 in a monk at Abbey St Cyprian, Maillezais?
William VII(IX) of Aquitaine: Birth: ABT. 22 Oct 1071 in FRA. Death: 10 Feb 1126/27
William VIII(X) of Aquitaine: Birth: 1099. Death: 9 Apr 1137 in Galicia (on pilgrimage to St Iago de Compostela)
Andregoto de Aragon: Death: 972
Isabelle of Aragon: Birth: 1247. Death: 28 Jan 1270/71
Isabel (Elizabeth) of Arag n: Birth: 1271 in Saragosa. Death: 4 Jul 1336 in Estremos
Petronille of Arag n: Birth: 1135 in Huesca, Arag�n. Death: 17 Oct 1174 in Barcelona, Catalonia
Ramiro II "the Monk" of Arag n: Birth: ABT. 1075. Death: 16 Aug 1147 in Huesca
Sancho I of Arag n: Birth: ABT. 1042. Death: 4 Jun 1094 in Huesca
Person Not Viewable
Maude de Arderne: Birth: ABT. 1299 in Aldford, CHS.
Elizabeth de Argentein: Birth: ABT. 1312.
Person Not Viewable
Constance of Arles-Toulouse: Birth: ABT. 973 in Toulouse, FRA. Death: 25 Jul 1032 in Melun
Matilda Armstrong: Birth: 28 Apr 1836 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Death: 6 Apr 1915 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT
Ann Arnold: Birth: 1575 in Ipswich, SFK, ENG. Death: in Ipswich, SFK, ENG
Richard I Arnold: Birth: 1494 in Bagbere, DOR, ENG.
Richard II Arnold: Birth: 1520 in Bagbere, DOR, ENG. Death: 15 May 1593 in London, ENG
Blanche of Artois
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Ashton: Birth: ABT. 1428 in Mercy Bank, England. Death: in ENG
Margaret ASHTON: Birth: ABT. 1471. Death: 1504
Margaret Astley: Birth: ABT. 1370.
Sibyl Astley: Death: AFT. 1346
Person Not Viewable
Henry Atherton: Birth: 1301-1320.
Margaret Atherton: Birth: ABT. 1410 in Atherton, LAN, ENG.
Robert de Atherton: Birth: 1199-1216.
William Atherton: Birth: ABT. 1380.
William Atherton: Birth: BEF. 1312.
William Atherton: Birth: 1351. Death: AFT. 1396
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Elizabeth Atkins: Birth: ABT. 1580. Death: AFT. 1645
Prudence Atkinson: Birth: 25 Jun 1587 in Halifax, YKS <bp>.
Christopher Atwater: Birth: ABT. 1530 in Royton, Lenham, KEN. Death: 6 Apr 1573 in Royton, Lenham, KEN <wp>
David Atwater: Birth: 8 Oct 1615 in Lenhan Parish, KEN <bp>. Death: 5 Oct 1692 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
John Atwater: Birth: ABT. 1440 in KEN. Death: 14 Jul 1501 in in (probably) Lenham, KEN <wp>
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