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Anne (le Despencer): Birth: ABT. 1240.
Alse (Leete): Birth: ABT. 1507. Death: BEF. 3 Feb 1565/66 in Oakington, Cambridges., ENG (bur)
(Lockwood): Birth: 1545 in England. Death: in England
(Lockwood): Birth: 1522 in Suffolk, England. Death: in Suffolk, England
Elizabeth (Long): Birth: 1603-1605 in Dunstable, Bedfords., ENG. Death: 29 May 1687 in Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Marie (Long): Birth: ABT. 1569.
Aveline (Lucy): Birth: ABT. 1066 in Luce, nr Maine, Normandy, FRA.
Rohaise (Lucy): Birth: ABT. 1092.
Alan {90-5} la Zouche: Birth: 9 Oct 1267 in North Molton, DEV?, ENG. Death: Mar 1313/14
Alan la Zouche: Birth: ABT. 1203. Death: 12 Aug 1270
Elizabeth 253-30 la Zouche: Death: AFT. 1297
Ellen {146-5} la Zouche: Birth: ABT. 1273 in of Harringworth, NTH, ENG.
Eudo {74-4} la Zouche: Birth: ABT. 1244. Death: 1279
Eva {80-5} la Zouche: Birth: in Harringworth, NTH, ENG. Death: 5 Dec 1314
Maude {90-6} la Zouche: Birth: ABT. 1290 in Ashley, LEI, ENG. Death: 31 May 1349 in Brackley, NTH, ENG
Roger la Zouche: Birth: BEF. 1182. Death: ABT. 14 May 1238
Roger{90-4} la Zouche: Birth: 1240-1242. Death: Oct 1285
William {74-5} la Zouche: Birth: 1276. Death: 12 Mar 1351/52
Egidia (Gille) de Lacy: Birth: ABT. 1196 in Meath, , IRL. Death: AFT. 1243
Isabel (Isobel) Lacy: Birth: ABT. 1430 in Cromwell Bottom Hall, WRY, ENG. Death: BEF. 5 Apr 1474 in Haselden Hall, Wakefield, WRY, ENG
John de Lacy: Death: AFT. 23 May 1304
John de Lacy: Birth: BEF. 1292.
John Lacy: Birth: ABT. 1405 in Cromwell Bottom Hall, WRY, ENG. Death: 7 Jun 1474 in Halifax, WRY, ENG <wp>
Richard Lacy: Death: ABT. 1424
Thomas de Lacy: Birth: ABT. 1301. Death: BEF. 1353
Person Not Viewable
Udo II of Lahngau: Birth: ABT. 837. Death: 879
Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster: Birth: 1311 in Grismond Castle, Monmouth, MON?, WLS. Death: 11 Jan 1371/72 in Arundel Castle, SSX, ENG
Mary Lance: Birth: ABT. 1400.
Langley: Death: BEF. 1287
Bertrada "au Grand Pied" de Laon: Birth: 721. Death: 783
Person Not Viewable
Margaret Lawrence ?: Birth: ABT. 1594. Death: 28 Aug 1684 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Anne Lawrence: Birth: ABT. 1584 in Beccle, SFK, ENG. Death: 30 Aug 1648 in Hingham, MA
John Lawrence: Birth: 1558 in South Elmham, SFK, ENG.
John Lawrence: Birth: ABT. 1537 in St. James, SFK, ENG.
Roger le Bigod: Death: 8 Sep 1107 in Earsham, NFK, ENG
Gilbert le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1071 in Of, Ixworth, Suffolk, England. Death: UNKNOWN
John le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1298. Death: 1358
Marie (Maria) le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1170. Death: UNKNOWN
Robert "the Admiral" le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1029 in France.
Robert le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1197 in Of, Ixworth, Suffolk, England. Death: 1288
Stephen le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1166 in Of, Ixworth, Suffolk, England. Death: 1235
William I le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1096. Death: ABT. 1169
William II le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1123.
William III le Blount: Birth: ABT. 1149. Death: AFT. 1216
Theobald le Botiller: Birth: 1242 in Arklow Castle, WIC, IRL. Death: 24 Sep 1285 in Arklow Castle, WIC, IRL
Theobald le Botiller: Death: 1248
Person Not Viewable
Hugh le Corbeau: Birth: BEF. 1020. Death: BEF. 1086
Geoffrey \ Galfridus le Despencer: Birth: ABT. 1185 in Defford, WOR, ENG. Death: 1242
Hugh I le Despencer: Birth: ABT. 1197 in Ryhall, RUT, ENG. Death: 23 Feb 1237/38
Hugh II le Despencer: Birth: 1223 in Loughborough, LEI, ENG. Death: 4 Aug 1265 in Battle of Evesham, WOR, ENG
Hugh III le Despencer: Birth: 1 Mar 1260/61. Death: 27 Oct 1326 in Hereford, HEF, ENG
John le Despencer: Birth: 1235. Death: in Spain
Muriel le Despencer: Birth: ABT. 1181 in _, CHS, ENG.
Thurston le Despencer: Birth: ABT. 1122.
Johannes le Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1269 in Shryn=venham, BRK, ENG. Death: 1288-1359
John le Fowler: Birth: ABT. 1284 in Shryn=venham, BRK, ENG. Death: 1320 in ENG
Reginaldus le Fowler: Birth: 1218-1247 in Shryn=venham, BRK, ENG. Death: 1301-1302
Marguerite of France le Hardi: Birth: 1279.
Randle le Mainwaring: Birth: ABT. 1398 in Over-Peover, Middlewich, CHS, ENG.
Hawise le Strange: Birth: ABT. 1228 in Cheswardine, SAL, ENG. Death: 1310
John I le Strange: Death: BEF. 29 Sep 1178
John II le Strange: Death: BEF. 20 Jan 1233/34
John III le Strange: Birth: ABT. 1190 in Knockyn, SAL, ENG. Death: BEF. 26 Mar 1269 in Knockyn, SAL, ENG
Person Not Viewable
Maud le Vavasor: Birth: 1187 in Hazelwood, YKS, ENG. Death: BEF. 1250
Person Not Viewable
Dorothy Lee: Birth: ABT. 1535 in Langley, SAL, ENG. Death: in Betton Grange, SAL, ENG
Richard Lee: Birth: ABT. 1505 in Langley, SAL, ENG. Death: ABT. 1591 in ENG
Roger Lee: Birth: 1376 in _, SAL, ENG.
Thomas Lee: Birth: ABT. 1479 in W. Bromwich, STS, ENG. Death: 16 Mar 1525/26 in Nordley Regis, SAL, ENG
Person Not Viewable
Anne Leech: Birth: 1 Mar 1587/88. Death: 26 Sep 1621 in Leigh, Lancaster, Eng.
Abigail Leete: Birth: ABT. 1650 in Guilford, CT. Death: 9 Feb 1710/11 in Wethersfield, CT
John Leete: Birth: BEF. 24 Dec 1570 in Didington, Kent, England (bapt). Death: ABT. Dec 1648
Thomas [3] Leete: Birth: 1569-1581. Death: BEF. 12 Nov 1616 in Oakington, Cambridges., ENG (bur)
Thomas Leete: Birth: ABT. 1505 in Oakington or Comberton. Death: 19 Jul 1564 in Oakington, Cambridges., ENG
Thomas Leete: Death: BEF. 4 Feb 1581/82 in Oakington, Cambridges., ENG (bur)
William Leete: Birth: ABT. 1613 in Didington, Huntingtons., England. Death: 16 Apr 1683 in Hartford, CT
John II de Legh: Birth: ABT. 1297. Death: 1379
John III de Legh: Birth: ABT. 1317.
Peter de Legh: Death: AFT. 1338
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
John I de Legh=Venables: Death: AFT. 1338
Elizabeth Leigh: Birth: ABT. 1525 in Highleah, CHS, ENG. Death: 26 Dec 1583 in Didsbury, LAN, ENG
Person Not Viewable
Judith of Lens: Birth: 1054. Death: AFT. 1086
Agnes Lenton: Birth: ABT. 1540.
Person Not Viewable
Roland (Roald) Lestrange: Death: 1122-1158
Alice Leuri: Birth: ABT. 1441.
Matilda of Leuven: Birth: 1006 in Louvaine, Brabant, Belgium. Death: 1049 in Boulogne, Hauts-de-Seine, Ile-de-France, France
Mary Levett: Birth: ABT. 1601 in Shalford, ESS. Death: 1682 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
Lewell: Birth: ABT. 1530 in Dedford, WOR, ENG.

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