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Alice (Salmon): Birth: ABT. 1564 in Brough, WES, ENG. Death: ABT. 1610 in Brough, WES, ENG
Sarah (Salmon): Birth: ABT. 1588 in Laxton, NTT, ENG. Death: ABT. 1630 in Laxton, NTT, ENG
Olive (Seabrook): Birth: 1539.
Elizabeth (Seeley): Death: BEF. 6 Sep 1560 in Great Gransden, ENG (bur)
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Agnes (Sherman): Birth: 1436 in England. Death: in Suffolk, England
(Shute): Birth: 1531.
(Spencer): Birth: ABT. 1370.
Dennis (Sperry): Birth: 9 May 1624 in Monkleigh, Devon, England. Death: 1707 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Margaret (Squire): Birth: 1492.
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Clemency (Standish): Death: AFT. 1356
Margaret (Standish): Death: BEF. 1322
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Ruth (Stanley): Birth: ABT. 1574 in Tenterden, KEN, ENG.
Rachel (Starr): Birth: 1618. Death: AFT. 1662 in Hempstead, NY
Susan (Starr): Birth: 1552-1578 in England. Death: 1618-1668
Agnes (Starre): Birth: 1523-1545 in ENG. Death: 1568-1632 in ENG
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Gersenda II of Sabran: Birth: ABT. 1181 in Forcalquiers, Basse-Alps, FRA.
David Sage: Birth: 1639 in WLS. Death: 31 Mar 1703
Hannah Sage: Birth: 21 Dec 1694 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. Death: 22 Jan 1749/50 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT
John Sage: Birth: 6 Mar 1667/68 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. Death: 22 Jan 1750/51 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT
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Sibyl of Salisbury
Elizabeth de Salmesbury: Birth: ABT. 1253 in Salmesbury, LAN, ENG. Death: ABT. 1314
Christopher Salmon: Birth: 30 Jul 1586 in Laxton, NTT, ENG. Death: ABT. 1625 in Laxton, NTT, ENG
Peter Salmon: Birth: ABT. 1560 in Brough, WES, ENG. Death: ABT. 1600 in Brough, WES, ENG
Sarah Salmon: Birth: 9 Jul 1608 in London, ENG. Death: ABT. 1680 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Joanna Sammis: Birth: 1648 in Windsor, _, CT.
Ferdinand I the Great of Castile Sanchez: Birth: ABT. 1017. Death: 27 Dec 1065
Garc a V of N jera Sanchez: Birth: AFT. 1020. Death: 1 Sep 1054 in Atapuerca
Ramiro I of Arag n Sanchez: Death: 8 May 1064 in siege of Graus
Ramiro Sanchez: Death: 1116
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John (Robert?) Sandes: Birth: 1377 in St Bees, CUL. Death: 1422 in Furnace Fells
Robert del Sandes: Birth: 1379 in Rottenby Castle, Saint Bees, Cumberland Co., England. Death: 1404-1469
William Sandes: Birth: 1493 in Hawkshead. Death: BEF. 1549
Philippa Sandon: Birth: ABT. 1224 in Standon, STS, ENG.
Andrew Jackson {388} Sands: Birth: 2 Oct 1815 in Harpersfield, New York. Death: 5 Jun 1874 in Vallonia Springs, New York
Benjamin {46} Sands: Birth: 24 Nov 1735 in Cow Neck (Sands Point), Long Island. Death: 14 Oct 1824 in Cow Neck (Sands Point), Long Island
George Guthrie Sands: Birth: 7 Mar 1871 in Unadilla, Otsego, NY. Death: 13 Nov 1923 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT
James {1} Sands: Birth: 1621-1622 in Reading, Berkshire, ENG. Death: 13 Mar 1694/95 in New Shoreham (Block Island), RI
John {3} Sands: Birth: 1649 in Portsmouth, RI. Death: 15 Mar 1711/12 in Cow Neck (Sands Point), Long Island
John {9} Sands: Birth: 22 Jan 1682/83 in Block Island, RI. Death: 30 Aug 1763 in Cow Neck (Sands Point), Long Island
Obadiah {148} Sands: Birth: 22 Aug 1774 in Sands Point, Long Island, NY. Death: 30 Jan 1858 in Franklin, NY
Xe Marie Sands: Birth: 22 Nov 1894. Death: 14 Sep 1960 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT
Edwin Sandys: Birth: 1519 in Hawkshead, Furnace Fells, LAN. Death: 10 Jul 1588 in Southwell, NTT
George Sandys: Birth: 1470 in Furnace Fells, LAN. Death: AFT. 1513
Henry Sandys: Birth: 30 Sep 1572 in Furnesse Fells, Lancashire, England. Death: 1654
William Sandys: Birth: in Furnesse Fells, Lancashire, England. Death: AFT. 1470
Alice de Sanford: Birth: 1231 in ?, HRT, ENG. Death: 7 Sep 1312 in Dunham, , ENG
Joanne Sanford: Birth: ABT. 1620 in Cholesbury, BKM.
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John Savage: Birth: 1630 in Beeston, CHS. Death: 6 Mar 1684/85 in Middletown (later) Chatham, Middlesex, CT
Margaret {96-10} Savage: Birth: ABT. 1403. Death: 1495 in ENG
Margaret {98A-10A} Savage: Birth: ABT. 1426 in Clifton, CHS, ENG.
Sarah Savage: Birth: 30 Jul 1657 in Middletown (later) Chatham, Middlesex, CT. Death: 8 Feb 1723/24 in Middletown (later) Chatham, Middlesex, CT
Thomas Savage: Birth: 1611 in Rocksavage, CHS. Death: 14 Feb 1681/82 in in (probably)Beeston Castle, CHS
Thomas Savage: Birth: 1586 in Rock Savage, CHS. Death: 20 Nov 1635 in Tower Hill, LON
B atrix de Savoie: Birth: ABT. 1198 in Chambery, Savoie, FRA.
Gertrude of Saxony: Birth: ABT. 1030. Death: 4 Aug 1113
Matilda of Saxony: Birth: ABT. 942. Death: 25 May 1008
Alice Sayre: Birth: 1541 in Hinwick, BDF, ENG. Death: AFT. 15 Apr 1567 in Cranfield, BDF, ENG
Damaris Sayre: Birth: 2 Nov 1615 in Leighton Buzzard, BDF. Death: 1 Apr 1691 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Francis Sayre: Birth: 1565-1570 in Hinwick, BDF. Death: ABT. Apr 1645 in Leighton Buzzard, BDF
Rebecca Sayre: Birth: 1572 in Cranfield, BDF. Death: 3 May 1653
Thomas Sayre: Birth: 1474.
Thomas Sayre: Birth: 20 Jul 1597 in Leighton Buzzard, BDF <bp>. Death: 1 Apr 1671 in Southampton, Long Island, NY
William II Sayre: Birth: 1540 in Hinwick, BDF. Death: BEF. 1581 in Hinwick, BDF
William Sayre: Birth: 1500 in Hinwick, BDF. Death: 1564 in Hinwick, BDF <wp>
Isabella Scarbreck: Birth: ABT. 1267 in LAN.
Ada of Schwabia: Birth: ABT. 564.
Judith von Schweinfurt: Death: 2 Aug 1058
Ada of Scotland: Birth: ABT. 1146. Death: AFT. 11 Jan 1203/04
David of Scotland: Birth: ABT. 1084. Death: 24 May 1153
Margaret of Scotland: Birth: 1045 in Hungary. Death: 16 Nov 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, SCT
Ann Scott: Birth: 1538 in Bradfield, SFK, ENG. Death: 1587-1633 in _, SFK, ENG
Elizabeth Scrimgeour: Birth: 1435 in Dunhope Castle, Dundee, SCT. Death: 1492
Joanna||Faith||Emma Seabrook: Birth: 1608 in Wingrave, BKM. Death: 1661 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
Robert Seabrook: Birth: 25 Sep 1563 in Wing, BKM. Death: in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Seabrook: Birth: 1537 in Bolton Percy, YKS.
Elizabeth Seaman: Birth: ABT. 1653.
John Seaman: Birth: 8 Mar 1610/11 in Leicester?, ESS, ENG. Death: 5 Aug 1694 in Hempstead, Queens [Nassau], NY
John Seamon: Birth: 21 Feb 1589/90 in Bulmer, ESS, ENG. Death: in ENG
Nicholas Seamon: Birth: ABT. 1535 in _, ESS, ENG.
Ralph Seamon: Birth: BEF. 1 Mar 1559/60 in Bulmer, ESS, ENG (bap).
Eunice {228} Seeley: Birth: 1757. Death: 10 Aug 1847
James {23} Seeley: Birth: 19 Apr 1681 in Fairfield, CT. Death: Apr 1729 in Stratfield, CT
James Seeley: Birth: 22 Jul 1722 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT. Death: 5 Dec 1809 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT
Nathaniel {2} Seeley: Birth: BEF. 16 Sep 1627 in St. Stephen's Parish, London, ENG (bapt). Death: 19 Dec 1675 in Narragansett, Newport, RI
Nathaniel {5} Seeley: Birth: ABT. 1650 in New Haven, CT. Death: 28 Mar 1688 in Fairfield, CT
Robert {1} Seeley: Birth: BEF. 4 Jul 1602 in Huntingdon, Huntingdons., ENG (bapt). Death: BEF. 11 Oct 1667 in New York, NY
Thomas Seeley: Birth: 1539 in England. Death: BEF. 6 Oct 1579 in Huntington, Bluntisham, England

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