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Ermesinde de Carcassonne: Birth: ABT. 972.
Alice Carent: Birth: 1398-1423. Death: 1448-1511

Maud (Matilda) of Carinthia: Death: 1150

Alfonso VIII of Castile: Birth: 11 Nov 1155.
Alfonso X the Wise of Castile: Birth: 23 Nov 1221 in Toledo. Death: 1284 in Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain
Beatrix of Castile: Birth: 1293 in Toro. Death: 25 Oct 1359 in Lisbon
Berengaria of Castile: Birth: 1180. Death: 8 Nov 1246 in Las Huelgas
Blanche of Castile: Birth: 1188 in Palencia. Death: 27 Nov 1252 in Paris, FRA
Ferdinand III of Castile: Birth: 1199. Death: 30 May 1252 in Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain
Munia Mayor de Castile: Birth: 995. Death: AFT. 13 Jul 1066 in Fromista
Sancha (Beatrice) of Castile: Death: 5 Aug 1177
Sancha of Castile: Birth: 21 Sep 1154. Death: 9 Nov 1208 in Sijena
Sancho III of Castile: Birth: 1134. Death: 31 Aug 1158 in Toledo
Sancho IV the Fierce of Castile: Birth: 12 May 1258. Death: 25 Apr 1295 in Toledo
Teresa of Castile: Birth: 1070. Death: 1 Nov 1130
Urraca de Castile: Death: AFT. 1007
Urraca of Castile: Birth: 1186. Death: 3 Nov 1220 in Lisbon
Urraca of Castile: Birth: 1081. Death: 8 Mar 1125/26 in Saldana

Alan Ceoche: Death: 1190
Avis Chapman: Birth: 1615-1616 in Knole, ENG. Death: 1655 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Elizabeth Chapman: Birth: 1651 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT. Death: 1696 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT
Abigail Charles: Birth: 1606 in England. Death: 1656 in New Haven, New Haven, CT

Amabil de Chaucombe: Birth: 1210-1233. Death: AFT. 1281

Maud Chaworth: Birth: ABT. 1282. Death: BEF. 3 Dec 1322
Edward {30-8} Cherleton: Birth: 1371 in Powys, ENG. Death: 14 Mar 1420/21
Mabel 126-29 of Chester: Birth: ABT. 1173 in Chester, CHS, ENG.
Margaret Chetwynd: Birth: ABT. 1380 in Ingestre.
Rosamond of Chiveron: Birth: ABT. 1146.
Dennis Cholmley: Birth: 1570 in Sharpenhoe, Kent, England.
Hannah Churchill: Birth: 12 Nov 1649 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Death: 29 Jul 1721 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
John Churchill: Birth: 1610 in Muston, DEV, ENG. Death: 1 Jan 1662/63 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
John Churchill: Birth: 1603 in Muston, DEV, ENG. Death: 23 May 1682 in Steeple, DOR, ENG
John Churchill: Birth: 1561. Death: 31 May 1621 in Muston, DEV, ENG
Thomas Churchill: Birth: BEF. 1474 in Catherstone-Leweston, DOR, ENG.
William Churchill: Birth: ABT. 1531 in Catherstone-Leweston, DOR, ENG. Death: 12 Mar 1598/99 in ENG
Eleanor de Ch tellerault: Birth: ABT. 1105. Death: AFT. Mar 1129/30
Barbara Clapp: Birth: 1614. Death: 15 Apr 1655
Agnes de Clare: Birth: ABT. 1091 in Clare, SFK.
Alice de Clare: Death: 1163
Margaret {28-5} de Clare: Birth: 1292. Death: 13 Apr 1342
Maude 157-2 FitzRobert de Clare: Birth: BEF. 1134.
Richard "de Tonbridge" Fitz-Gilbert of Clare: Birth: 1035. Death: BEF. 1090
Joseph Clark: Birth: 1653 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Death: 1723 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Katherine Clark: Birth: ABT. 1675 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. Death: 4 Jun 1753 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Mary Clark: Birth: 1651 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Death: 24 Dec 1673 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT
William Clark: Birth: 6 Feb 1610/11 in Westhorpe, SFK, ENG. Death: 22 Jul 1681 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT

Elizabeth Clerke: Birth: 1524 in Cornhill, Lincs.England. Death: 1563 in Cornhill, Lincs, England

Margery Clotton: Birth: ABT. 1315 in Clotton.
Elizabeth Cole: Birth: 1563 in Milton, DEV, ENG.
John Cole: Birth: 1455-1460 in Ashe, DOR, ENG. Death: 21 Nov 1543
John Cole: Birth: 1411 in Nythway, DEV, ENG.
John Cole: Birth: 1384 in Nythway, DEV, ENG.
Margaret Cole: Birth: ABT. 1476.
Symon Cole: Birth: 1437 in Slade, DEV, ENG. Death: ABT. 1497
William of Tamar Cole: Birth: 1357 in Nythway, DEV, ENG.
Edward Collins: Birth: BEF. 25 Mar 1603 in Bramford, SFK, ENG (bp). Death: 9 Apr 1689 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
Joanna Collins: Birth: AFT. 1579 in ENG.
John Collins: Birth: ABT. 1550. Death: BEF. 20 Nov 1639 in Bramford, SFK, ENG
John Collins: Birth: 1524. Death: BEF. 14 Sep 1594 in Bramford, SFK, ENG (bur)
Phebe Collins: Birth: BEF. Mar 1604/05 in Bramford, SFK, ENG (bp). Death: 8 Jul 1642 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Sybil Collins: Birth: Nov 1637 in ENG. Death: 4 Jun 1672 in Hartford, Hartford, CT

Alice Comyn: Birth: 1291 in Buchan, ABD, SCT.
Agnes Conway: Birth: ABT. 1484 in Flints Co, ENG.

Jane Cooper: Birth: 1485 in Sharpenhow, Bedfordshire, England.
John Cooper: Birth: 1612 in ENG. Death: 23 Nov 1689 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Mary Cooper: Birth: 5 Aug 1640 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 4 Jan 1705/06 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Thomas Cooper: Birth: ABT. 1580 in ENG. Death: ABT. 1650

Margaret Coppin: Birth: 1590.
Alice Corbet: Birth: ABT. 1225 in Caus, SAL, ENG.
Alice Corbet: Birth: 1389. Death: 8 Sep 1458
Johanna (Joan) Corbet: Birth: ABT. 1261 in Moreton Corbet, SAL, ENG. Death: BEF. 29 Sep 1348
John i Corbet: Death: BEF. 1383
John Corbet: Birth: 25 Mar 1298. Death: BEF. 1347 in <dsp>
Margaret Corbet: Birth: ABT. 1194 in Wattlesboro, SAL, ENG.
Piers (Peter) Corbet: Birth: 1235. Death: 1300
Richard {10} Corbet: Death: BEF. 1235
Richard {11} Corbet: Death: AFT. 1248
Richard {8} Corbet: Death: AFT. 1222
Robert {12} Corbet: Death: 1300
Robert {7} Corbet: Death: BEF. 17 Oct 1222
Thomas {9} Corbet: Birth: ABT. 1184. Death: ABT. Sep 1274 in Shrewsbury Abbey, Shrewsbury, SAL

Elizabeth Corbyn: Birth: ABT. 1434.
Dorothy Cornish: Birth: 24 Dec 1606 in Norwich, NFK, ENG. Death: ABT. 1640 in Suffolk, Long Island, NY
Ellen de Coroun: Birth: ABT. 1280 in Adlington, CHS. Death: BEF. 1352
Alan Cotton: Birth: 1290 in Hodnet, SAL, ENG.

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