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Hawise 189-2 Malet: Death: 4 May 1287
Milicina Malmaynes: Birth: ABT. 1094 in Malmaynes Hall, Upper Stoke, HEF, ENG.
Margery Malory: Death: AFT. 1412
Eleanor Maltravers: Birth: ABT. 1345. Death: 12 Jan 1404/05
Avelina FitzJohn Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1248. Death: ABT. 20 May 1274
Ebles "Bastard" Manzer: Birth: 890. Death: 934
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Anne Marbury: Birth: 20 Jul 1591 in Alford, Alford Parish, LIN <bp>. Death: Aug 1643 in Pelham Bay, Bronx, NY
Francis Marbury: Birth: ABT. 1564. Death: 1610-1611 in London, London, ENG (probably)
John Marbury: Birth: ABT. 1413.
Robert Marbury: Birth: ABT. 1485. Death: ABT. Aug 1545
William Marbury: Birth: ABT. 1450. Death: 1508
William Marbury: Birth: ABT. 1524 in Grisby, Burgh-on-Bain, LIN. Death: 1581 in Grisby, Burgh-on-Bain, LIN
Almodis de la Marche: Birth: ABT. 1010 in Toulouse, FRA.
Eulalia Marche: Birth: 1600 in Sherford, DEV, ENG. Death: 19 Aug 1690 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
John Marche: Birth: ABT. 1569. Death: ABT. 1612
Richard Marche: Birth: 1568-1570 in Sherford, DEV, ENG. Death: BEF. 29 Apr 1612 in Sherford, DEV, ENG (bur)
William Marche: Death: BEF. 11 Feb 1613/14 in Shereford, DEV, ENG (bur)
Anna Markham: Birth: ABT. 1500.
Avice 219-31 Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1310 in Tattershall, LIN.
John {218-30} Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1292. Death: 30 Apr 1335
John Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1255. Death: BEF. 7 May 1322
Robert de Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1190. Death: 1241-1242
Robert de Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1160. Death: BEF. 15 May 1218
Robert Marmion: Birth: BEF. 1133. Death: BEF. Oct 1181
Robert Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1095 in Normandy. Death: 1143-1144 in Coventry, WAR
William Marmion: Birth: ABT. 1223. Death: BEF. 1276
Isabel {145-2} Marshal: Death: 17 Jan 1239/40 in Berkhampstead
John FitzGilbert. the Marshal: Birth: ABT. 1105. Death: 1165
Maud Marshal: Death: Apr 1248
William {145-1} Marshal: Birth: ABT. 1146. Death: 14 May 1219
Eva Marshall: Birth: 1198. Death: 1246
Margaret Marshall: Birth: 1163 in Pembroke, PEM. Death: 1242-1243 in <liv>
Rebecca Marshall: Birth: 20 Feb 1647/48 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.
Charles "Hammer" Martel: Birth: 689. Death: 22 Oct 741 in Quiersy-sur-Oise
Francesca Martin: Birth: 1572 in Athelhampton, DOR, ENG.
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Joane Martyn: Birth: 1572 in Artois, FRA. Death: BEF. 21 Jun 1616 in Sherford, DEV, ENG (bur)
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Mary Marvin: Birth: 1658.
Matthew Marvin: Birth: 26 Mar 1600 in Great Bentley, Essex, England. Death: 12 Jul 1680 in Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
Matthew Marvin: Birth: 8 Nov 1626 in Great Bentley, ESS, ENG. Death: 1712 in Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
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Joan MASSEY: Birth: ABT. 1376 in _, CHS, ENG.
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Grace Matthew: Birth: 21 Nov 1558 in Yarcombe, DEV, ENG. Death: 18 Dec 1632 in Yarcombe, DEV, ENG
Isabel Mauduit: Death: AFT. 7 Jan 1267/68
Adelaide of Savoy de Maurienne: Birth: 1092. Death: 18 Nov 1154
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Clemence Maynwarynge: Birth: ABT. 1390 in Peover, CHS, ENG.
Adelheid of Meissen: Death: 1071
Eleanor Meller: Birth: 1565. Death: 31 May 1621 in Muston, DEV, ENG
Jane Merlot: Birth: 1415 in Devon, ENG.
Arnoldus Meroving: Birth: ABT. 562. Death: 601
Abigail Merriam: Birth: 14 Aug 1708 in Wallingford, New Haven, CT. Death: 6 Apr 1799 in Wallingford, New Haven, CT
John {11} Merriam: Birth: 25 Apr 1671 in Lynn, Essex, MA. Death: 11 Oct 1754 in Meriden, New Haven, CT
Joseph {2} Merriam: Birth: ABT. 1600 in _, KEN, ENG. Death: 1 Jan 1640/41
William {1} Merriam: Birth: 1550-1575. Death: ABT. Oct 1635
William {5} Merriam: Birth: ABT. 1624 in Tewdley, KEN, ENG. Death: BEF. 22 May 1689 in Lynn, Essex, MA (bur)
Hannah Merrifield: Birth: 6 Dec 1670.
Anne Merrill or Lymer: Birth: ABT. 1509 in Edworth, BDF, ENG. Death: 16 Jun 1560 in Edworth, BDF, ENG
Mary Merriman: Birth: 12 Jul 1657.
Edward Mervyn: Birth: 1552 in Great Bentley Es. Death: 13 Nov 1615 in Great Bentley, Tendring Hundred, Essex Co, England
John Thomas Mervyn: Birth: ABT. 1480 in Ramsey, Essex, England. Death: 16 Sep 1533 in Ramsey, Essex, England
John Thomas Mervyn: Birth: ABT. 1454 in Ramsey, Essex, England. Death: 23 Aug 1504 in Ramsey, Essex, England
Roger Mervyn: Birth: AFT. 1430 in Ramsey, Essex, England. Death: 10 Sep 1475 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Rynalde Mervyn: Birth: ABT. 1514 in Ramsey, Essex, England. Death: BEF. 14 Oct 1561
John Merwin: Birth: ABT. 1490 in Amersham, BKM, ENG. Death: ABT. Dec 1552 in Amersham, BKM, ENG
Mary Merwin: Birth: ABT. 1575 in Amersham, BKM, ENG. Death: ABT. 1650 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Thomas Merwin: Birth: ABT. 1525 in Amersham, BKM, ENG. Death: BEF. 4 Apr 1586 in Amersham, BKM, ENG (bur)
Adele of Metz: Birth: ABT. 970. Death: 19 May 1046
Alice Middleton: Birth: ABT. 1458 in Wakefield, YRK, ENG.
Abigail Miner: Birth: 6 Feb 1680/81 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT. Death: 10 Aug 1759 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
John Miner: Birth: 3 Jun 1635 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA. Death: 17 Sep 1719 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT
Thomas Minor: Birth: 23 Apr 1608 in Chew Magna, SOM. Death: 23 Oct 1690 in Stonington, New London, CT
Joan Minshull: Birth: ABT. 1342 in Minshull, CHS, ENG.
Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: 17 Jun 1590 in Shorne, Kent, ENG. Death: 25 Jun 1658 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: BEF. 11 Jul 1539 in Great Gransden, England (bapt). Death: BEF. 24 Feb 1563/64 in Great Gransden, ENG (bur)
Hannah Mitchell: Birth: 1806-1807 in Heptonstall, YKS.
Sarah Mitchell: Birth: 14 Oct 1621 in South Ouram, Halifax, YRK, ENG.
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Alice de Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1273. Death: BEF. 1326
Florence Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1408 in Melling, LAN, ENG. Death: BEF. 11 Apr 1442 in Cromwell Bottom Hall, WRY, ENG
Richard de Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1232 in Sefton, LAN. Death: ABT. 1320
Robert of Melling Molyneux: Birth: 1360-1372 in Sefton, LAN, ENG. Death: BEF. 11 Aug 1424 in Melling, LAN, ENG
William de Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1310 in LAN. Death: 1372 in Canterbury
William de Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1263 in Little Crosby, W. Derby, LAN. Death: 1289 in Sefton, LAN
William of Sefton Molyneux: Birth: ABT. 1340 in Sefton, LAN. Death: 1372 in Cambridge, CAM
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Hannah Moore: Birth: ABT. 1625 in ENG. Death: 16 Feb 1685/86 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT
Thomas Moore: Birth: ABT. 1580. Death: in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Ammon Brush Morehouse: Birth: 24 Jul 1798. Death: 3 Feb 1854
Ammon Morehouse: Birth: 20 Nov 1831 in New Milford, Litchfield, CT. Death: 18 Dec 1900 in Kent, Fairfield, CT

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