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Roger {2} FitzCorbet: Birth: 1050-1056. Death: ABT. 1134
Richard FitzEustace: Birth: ABT. 1128 in Holton, YKS, ENG. Death: 1157-1163
Alan FitzFlaad: Birth: ABT. 1085 in Dol, Breton, France. Death: ABT. 1114 in ?, NFK, ENG
Maud {160-4} FitzGeoffrey: Birth: 1186. Death: 27 Aug 1236
Maud {4-4} Fitz John FitzGeoffrey: Death: 7 May 1301 in <bur>
Margaret FitzGerald: Birth: ABT. 1482.
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Joan FitzJohn: Birth: 1250. Death: 26 May 1303 in Arklow Castle, WIC, IRL
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Emma FitzOrm: Birth: ABT. 1153.
Adeliza FitzOsbern: Birth: ABT. 1037 in Normandy, FRA.
Emma FitzOsbern: Death: AFT. 1096 in on Crusade with husband
Joane (Johanna) FitzPayne: Birth: ABT. 1281.
Thomas Fitzpenne: Birth: 1405.
Nicholas FitzPons: Death: BEF. 2 Nov 1223
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Robert FitzRichard: Death: 1134
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Walter {50-2} FitzRobert: Death: BEF. 10 Apr 1258
Walter FitzRobert: Death: 1198
William Fitzrobert: Death: 23 Nov 1183
Pons FitzSimon: Death: AFT. 1166
Robert {50-1} FitzWalter: Death: 9 Dec 1235
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Fulk I FitzWarin: Birth: ABT. 1108 in Bramley, SAL, ENG. Death: 1171
Fulk II FitzWarin: Birth: ABT. 1138. Death: ABT. 1198
Fulk III FitzWarin: Birth: ABT. 1165. Death: BEF. 1258
Fulk IV FitzWarin: Birth: ABT. 1210. Death: 14 May 1264 in Battle of Lewes, SSX, ENG
Bridget FitzWilliams: Birth: ABT. 1585 in _, LIN, ENG.
Erneburgh de Flamville: Birth: ABT. 1103.
Arnulf II Count of Flanders: Birth: 961-962. Death: 30 Mar 987
Baldwin I Count of Flanders: Birth: 837-840. Death: 879 in Auxerre
Baldwin III co-Count of Flanders: Birth: ABT. 940. Death: 1 Jan 961/62 in <dvp>
Baldwin IV "le Barbu" Count of Flanders: Birth: ABT. 980. Death: 30 May 1035
Baldwin V "de Lille" Count of Flanders: Birth: 1012-1013. Death: 1 Sep 1067 in Lille
Hildegard of Flanders: Death: 10 Apr 990
Mathilde (Matilda) {141-31} of Flanders: Birth: ABT. 1031 in Flanders. Death: 2 Nov 1083 in Caen, Normandy
Widinille (Guinidilda) of Flanders: Birth: ABT. 840 in Flanders, Nord, FRA.
Arnulf I "the Great" Count of Flanders&Artois: Birth: 885-889 in Flanders. Death: 27 Mar 964
Baldwin II "the Bald" Count of Flanders&Artois: Birth: 863-865. Death: 10 Sep 918
Agnes Ermentrude Fleitel
Idwal "the Bald" Foel: Death: 942
Margaret (Margery) Foliot: Death: 8 Aug 1349
Elizabeth Fones: Birth: 21 Jan 1609/10 in Groton Manor, SFK, ENG. Death: 1668
John Fones: Birth: ABT. 1554 in Dedford, WOR, ENG. Death: in _, SFK, ENG
John Fones: Birth: ABT. 1526 in Dedford, WOR, ENG. Death: in ENG
Thomas Fones: Birth: 24 Mar 1572/73 in London, ENG. Death: 15 Apr 1629 in Groton Hall, SFK, ENG
Frances Foote: Birth: 1593-1594 in ENG. Death: 13 Jan 1682/83 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA
Robert of Shalford Foote
Abigail Fowler: Birth: ABT. 1681 in NY.
Anthony Fowler: Birth: ABT. 1502 in Rycote.
Henry Fowler: Birth: 1658 in Providence, Providence, RI. Death: ABT. 1733 in Eastchester, Westchester, NY
Henry Fowler: Birth: 1632 in Hambleton, Rutland, ENG. Death: 1687-1689 in Marmaroneck, Westchester, NY
Henry Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1590 in Hambleton, England. Death: AFT. 1632
Henry Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1560.
Henry Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1380 in ?, BRK, ENG. Death: 1411-1471 in ENG
John Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1320 in Shryn=venham, BRK, ENG. Death: 23 Apr 1361 in ENG
John Fowler: Birth: ABT. 1350 in Shryn=venham, BRK, ENG. Death: ABT. 1412 in Foxley, BRK, ENG
Richard Fowler: Birth: 1459-1460. Death: 1528
Richard Fowler: Birth: 1419-1420. Death: 3 Nov 1477
Thomas Fowler: Birth: BEF. 1530.
William Fowler: Birth: ABT. 1400 in Foxley, BRK, ENG. Death: 2 Jul 1453
John Fownes: Birth: ABT. 1500 in Sax, DEV, ENG.
William Fownes: Birth: BEF. 1470 in Saxony, DEV, ENG.
Isabel Foxley: Birth: ABT. 1275 in Foxley, BRK, ENG. Death: ABT. 1323 in ENG
Agnes Framyngham: Birth: 1510 in Wighton, Norfolk, ENG.
Adela Hildebrant=Liegarde {48-19} of France: Birth: 895. Death: 931
Adelle of France: Birth: 1009. Death: 8 Jan 1078/79
Joan Francis: Birth: ABT. 1383 in Of Foremark, Derby, ENG.
Agnes (Rebecca?) Franklyn: Birth: 9 Apr 1601 in _, BDF, ENG (probably). Death: 1674 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Bernhard des Franks: Birth: ABT. 700. Death: ABT. 784
Chrothais des Franks: Birth: 780. Death: Dead
Pepin II Quentin des Franks: Birth: 817-818. Death: AFT. 840
Rotrude=Hildegarde of Franks: Birth: 800. Death: ABT. 841
Person Not Viewable
Bertha de Frisia: Birth: ABT. 1055 in Frisia. Death: 1093
Edward Frost: Birth: 13 Mar 1560/61 in Stanstead or Glemsford, SFK, ENG. Death: BEF. 3 Aug 1616 in Stanstead, SFK, ENG (bur)
Elizabeth Frost: Birth: BEF. 24 Nov 1614 in Nottingham, NTT, NG. Death: BEF. 12 May 1682 in Newtowne, Long Island, NY
John Frost: Birth: 8 Jan 1539/40 in Ipswich, SFK, ENG. Death: 1609 in Stanstead, Sudbury, SFK, ENG
John Frost: Birth: 1508 in Somerton or Glemsford, SFK, ENG. Death: 1544-1599 in England
William Frost: Birth: 19 Sep 1589 in Stanstead, SFK, ENG. Death: AFT. 6 Jan 1644/45 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT (wd)
Merfyn Frych: Birth: 764. Death: 844
Agnes Fuller: Birth: 1460 in _, SFK, ENG. Death: ABT. 1520 in _, SFK, ENG
Maud {148a-32} de Furnival: Death: 1348 in <liv>

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