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Margaret Raitt: Death: 1637
Jane Ramsey: Birth: ABT. 1620 in SCT.
Berenguer I Crooked Ram n: Birth: 1005. Death: 26 May 1035
Garc a VI the Restorer Ram rez: Birth: AFT. 1110. Death: 21 Nov 1150 in Lorca de Navarra
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Agnes Rawlings: Birth: ABT. 1543 in England. Death: BEF. 1667 in England
Rawlyn: Birth: ABT. 1524. Death: BEF. 16 Apr 1612 in Chardstock, DOR, ENG (bur)
Margaret Rawson: Birth: BEF. 1457. Death: AFT. 1470
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John Ray: Birth: 1369-1398. Death: ABT. 1452 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England
John Ray: Birth: 1450 in Denston, Suffolk, England. Death: 1503 in Denston, Suffolk, England
John Ray: Birth: ABT. 1480 in Denston, Suffolk, England. Death: 1539 in Denston, Suffolk, England
Robert Ray: Birth: 1505 in Denston, Wickhambrook. Death: BEF. 1560
Robert Ray: Birth: 1420 in of Denston & Wickhambrook, Suffolk, ENG. Death: 1480-1482
Robert Ray: Birth: ABT. 1540. Death: 1597
Simon Ray: Birth: BEF. 20 Dec 1638 in Hundon, ENG (bapt). Death: 17 Mar 1736/37 in Block Island, RI
Simon Ray: Birth: ABT. 1575. Death: BEF. 1626
Simon Ray: Birth: BEF. 6 Nov 1610. Death: 30 Sep 1641 in Braintree, MA
Sybil Ray: Birth: 19 Mar 1664/65 in New Shoreham (Block Island), RI. Death: 23 Dec 1773
Elizabeth Raynor: Birth: ABT. 1589 in ENG.
William Reade: Birth: ABT. 1605 in Maidstone, KEN, ENG. Death: BEF. 6 Apr 1658 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Anne Reddish: Birth: ABT. 1494 in Reddish, LAN, ENG.
Elizabeth Redman: Birth: 1626-1655. Death: AFT. 1698
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Agnes \ Mary Reed: Birth: in England. Death: 4 Dec 1667 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Mary Rees: Birth: ABT. 1600 in ENG.
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Mary Richards: Birth: 1629 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Death: in Milford, New Haven, CT
Olive Richards: Birth: 1787-1788 in Wilton, CT. Death: 9 Mar 1867 in Brookfield, Fairfield, CT
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Richilde: Birth: ABT. 1080.
Matilda de Ridel: Birth: ABT. 1097.
Mary Rishton: Birth: ABT. 1594 in Blackburn Parish, LAN, ENG.
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David Robinson: Birth: 1660. Death: 1 Jan 1747/48
Mary Robinson: Birth: ABT. 1704 in Durham, Middlesex, CT. Death: 28 Jan 1772 in Durham, Middlesex, CT
Thomas Robinson: Death: 1689
Joan Robyn: Birth: ABT. 1420. Death: BEF. 1455
Person Not Viewable
Anne Rogers: Birth: 1528.
Caecilia de Lamport de Romenal: Birth: ABT. 1070.
Anne Roos: Birth: 1455-1478. Death: 1500-1566
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Jonathan Rose: Birth: ABT. 1634 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT. Death: 21 Aug 1684
Mary Rose: Birth: ABT. 1710 in Branford, New Haven, CT. Death: 5 Oct 1767 in New London, New London, CT
Nancy Rose: Birth: ABT. 1800 in _, New Haven, CT.
Robert Rose: Birth: 1594 in Elmswell-on-Rye, SFK. Death: 1665 in Branford, New Haven, CT
Robert Rose: Birth: 1573 in Rye, SFK.
Samuel Rose: Birth: 1 Dec 1690.
Richilde of Rouergue: Birth: ABT. 912 in Rouergue, Aveyron, FRA.
Mary Rowning: Birth: BEF. 12 Aug 1613 in Hundon, ENG (bapt). Death: 1694 in Block Island, RI
Person Not Viewable
Faith Royden: Birth: 1508 in Rochester, KEN, ENG.
Benjamin Ruggles: Birth: 22 Aug 1676 in Suffield, Hartford, CT. Death: 5 Sep 1708 in Suffield, Hartford, CT
John Ruggles: Birth: 1632-1633 in Nazeing, ESS, ENG. Death: 25 Feb 1712/13 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
John Ruggles: Birth: 1591 in Sudbury, Suffolk, ENG. Death: 6 Oct 1663 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
Joseph Ruggles: Birth: 7 Jan 1700/01 in Suffield, CT, US. Death: 1791 in Brookfield Iron Works, Fairfield, CT
Nicholas Ruggles: Birth: ABT. 1523 in Sudbury, SFK, ENG. Death: 20 Jun 1617 in England
Rogyll Ruggles: Birth: ABT. 1444 in England.
Sarah Ruggles: Birth: 25 Sep 1723. Death: AFT. 1755
Thomas Ruggles: Birth: ABT. 1558 in Sudbury, Suffolk, ENG. Death: 21 Jun 1647 in England
Thomas Ruggles: Birth: 1499 in Sudbury, SFK, ENG. Death: BEF. 21 Jun 1547 in Sudbury, SFK, ENG
William Ruggles: Birth: ABT. 1469 in Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1506-1560
Bethia Rumball
Thomas Rumble: Birth: 1612-1613. Death: ABT. 1649
Abigail Russell: Birth: 16 Aug 1690 in Branford, CT. Death: AFT. 23 Jan 1730/31
Elizabeth Russell: Birth: 1374 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: AFT. 1409 in Shrewsbury, SAL, ENG
James Russell: Birth: ABT. 1258 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: AFT. 1300
John Russell: Birth: 1628-1629 in ENG. Death: 10 Dec 1692 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
John Russell: Birth: BEF. Apr 1597 in ENG (bap). Death: 8 May 1680 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
John Russell: Birth: ABT. 1340 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: 1405
John Russell: Birth: ABT. 1174. Death: 1224
Nicholas Russell: Birth: ABT. 1287 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: ABT. 1338
Odo\Eudo Russell: Birth: ABT. 1160.
Robert Russell: Birth: ABT. 1314 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: 1376
Robert Russell: Birth: ABT. 1230 in Strensham, WOR, ENG. Death: 1201
Robert RUSSELL: Birth: ABT. 1125. Death: 1201
Samuel Russell: Birth: 4 Nov 1660. Death: 24 Jun 1731 in Branford, New Haven, CT
Thomas Russell: Birth: ABT. 1202 in Strensham, WOR, ENG.
William Russell: Birth: 1563 in Ipswich, SFK, ENG. Death: in Ipswich, SFK, ENG
William Russell: Birth: 17 Mar 1536/37. Death: 7 May 1570
William Russell: Birth: 1505 in Laxfield & Ispwich, ENG.
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