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Robert Peck: Birth: 28 Nov 1548 in Beccles, SFK, ENG. Death: 1593 in Beccles, SFK, ENG
Thomas Peck: Birth: ABT. 1394.
Joann de Sancto Pedro: Birth: ABT. 1255.
Anna Pellette: Birth: 8 Jun 1548. Death: 8 Jun 1584 in Dedham, ESS, ENG
Alice de Penington: Birth: ABT. 1225 in Peninton, CHS, ENG.
Person Not Viewable
Edward Perkins: Birth: 18 Jan 1622/23 in London, ENG. Death: AFT. 1688 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
George Perkins: Death: 20 Sep 1586 in Salford Priors
Hannah Perkins: Birth: 14 Nov 1737 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: ABT. 1809
John Perkins: Birth: 18 Aug 1651 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 1727 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
John Perkins: Death: 15 Mar 1541/42 in <wp>
Nathan Perkins: Birth: 9 Sep 1694 in New Haven, New Haven CT. Death: 1747 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
William Perkins: Birth: 1 Jan 1579/80 in Salford Priors. Death: 25 Jun 1657 in All Hallows, London, ENG
William Perkins: Death: 11 Apr 1560 in <wp>
Elizabeth Petty: Birth: 1569 in Bulmer, ESS, ENG.
Helen Peverel: Birth: 1115.
Margaret Peverel: Birth: ABT. 1114 in _, NTT, ENG.
Person Not Viewable
Hannah Phillips: Birth: 25 Nov 1654 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. Death: 5 Oct 1732 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
John Phillips: Birth: 21 May 1539 in Northam, DEV, ENG. Death: 1626 in _, SSX, ENG
John Phillips: Birth: 8 Mar 1588/89 in Dean Prior, DEV. Death: 16 Dec 1682 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Nicholas Phillips: Birth: 4 Jan 1610/11 in Crediton, DEV. Death: 1 Sep 1672 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Simon Phillips: Birth: ABT. 1498 in Llwyngwair, PEM, WLS. Death: 1579 in SOM
Elizabeth Phippen: Birth: ABT. 1557 in Whitchurch, DOR.
Joseph Phippen: Birth: 1432 in ENG. Death: 1502 in ENG
Rebecca Phippen: Birth: 10 Aug 1664 in Boston, Suffolk, MA. Death: 5 Aug 1739 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
Elizabeth Pierce: Birth: 1544. Death: 14 Nov 1580 in Salford, BDF, ENG
Lucy Fitz Piers: Death: AFT. 1266
Sarah Pilgrim
Elizabeth Pilkinton: Birth: ABT. 1380.
Margaret PININGTON: Birth: 1562 in Of Leigh, Lancs, Eng.. Death: in Leigh, Lancashire, England
Beatrix of Portugal Pinto: Birth: ABT. 1386. Death: 25 Dec 1447
Blanche of Lancaster Plantagenet: Birth: 25 Mar 1341. Death: 12 Sep 1368 in Bolingbroke Castle, LIN, eng
Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet: Birth: 16 Jan 1244/45 in London, ENG. Death: 5 Jun 1296 in Bayonne
Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet: Birth: 5 Aug 1301 in Woodstock Palace, OXF, ENG. Death: 19 Mar 1329/30 in Winchester Castle, HAM, ENG
Eleanor Plantagenet: Birth: 13 Oct 1162 in Domfront Castle, Normandy. Death: 31 Oct 1214 in Burgos, Castile
Elizabeth Plantagenet: Birth: 7 Aug 1282 in Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, WLS. Death: 5 May 1316 in Quendon, ESS, ENG
Geoffrey V the Fair Plantagenet: Birth: 24 Aug 1113. Death: 7 Sep 1151 in Ch�teau-du-Loir, France
Hamelin Plantagenet: Birth: ABT. 1129 in Normandy, FRA. Death: Apr 1202 in ENG
Henry Grosment of Derby Plantagenet: Birth: ABT. 1306.
Henry of Lancaster Plantagenet: Birth: 1281. Death: 22 Sep 1345 in _, LEI, ENG
Joan "The Fair Maid of Kent" Plantagenet: Birth: ABT. 1328. Death: 8 Aug 1385 in Wallingford Castle
Joan Plantagenet: Birth: 1272 in Acre, Palestine. Death: 23 Apr 1307 in Clare, SFK, ENG
John of Gaunt Plantagenet: Birth: Mar 1339/40 in St Bavon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders. Death: 3 Feb 1398/99 in Leicester Castle
Philippa of Lancaster Plantagenet: Birth: 31 Mar 1360 in Leicester Castle. Death: 19 Jul 1415 in Odivellas, Lisbon, Portugal
Person Not Viewable
Adeliza de Plessis: Birth: ABT. 1014.
Mary Plume: Birth: 9 Oct 1566 in Gt Yeldham, ESS.
Alice de Plumpton: Birth: ABT. 1338.
Person Not Viewable
Adelaide (Adela) {163-34} of Poitou: Birth: ABT. 945. Death: ABT. 1004
Adelajda of Poland: Death: AFT. 997
Rixa (Richeza) of Poland: Birth: 1130-1140. Death: 16 Jun 1185
Joan Pollard: Birth: ABT. 1344.
Mindwell Pond: Birth: 24 Aug 1667 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.
Robert Pond: Birth: 10 Sep 1600 in Groton, SFK. Death: 20 Dec 1637 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
William Pond: Birth: ABT. 1568 in Groton, SFK. Death: Oct 1637 in Groton, SFK
William Pond: Birth: ABT. 1550 in Groton, SFK.
William Pond: Birth: 1628 in Groton, SFK. Death: 4 Apr 1690 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
Touroude de Pont-Audemer: Birth: ABT. 949. Death: in Pr�aux, Normandy <bur>
Hannah Pontus: Birth: 1622-1623 in Leiden, Zuid, Netherlands. Death: 12 Dec 1690 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
David {218} Porter: Birth: 27 Sep 1706 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA. Death: in E. Hartford, Hartford, CT
Hezekiah {45} Porter: Death: 1752 in E. Hartford, Hartford, CT
Huldah Porter: Birth: 13 Nov 1769 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. Death: 26 Oct 1817 in Windham, Greene, NY
John {1} Porter: Birth: 21 Jun 1594 in Felsted, ESS, ENG. Death: 22 Apr 1648 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
John Porter: Birth: 1560 in Felsted, ESS, ENG. Death: 26 Nov 1625 in Felsted, ESS, ENG
Joseph Porter: Birth: 1746 in CT.
Margaret Porter: Birth: 25 Sep 1546 in Kirkham, LAN, ENG. Death: 30 Jul 1609 in Bolton, , ENG
Samuel {6} Porter: Death: 6 Sep 1689
Sarah Porter: Birth: 15 Mar 1623/24 in Felsted, ESS. Death: 16 Mar 1696/97 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT
Sarah Porter: Birth: 3 Sep 1667 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT. Death: 25 Mar 1738 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Porter: Birth: 1540 in Felsted, ESS, ENG. Death: 20 Dec 1614 in Little Baddow, ESS, ENG
Alfonso III of Portugal: Birth: 5 May 1215. Death: 16 Feb 1278/79
Denis the Farmer of Portugal: Birth: 9 Oct 1261 in Lisbon. Death: 7 Jan 1324/25 in Santarem
Pedro I the Justicer of Portugal: Birth: 18 Apr 1320 in Coimbra. Death: 18 Jan 1366/67 in Estremos
Sancho I Martino of Portugal: Birth: 11 Nov 1154 in Coimbra. Death: 26 Mar 1212 in Coimbra
Urraca of Portugal: Birth: ABT. 1151. Death: 16 Oct 1188
George Potter: Birth: 1584 in London, ENG. Death: in Newport, Newport, RI
George Potter: Birth: ABT. 1558 in Coventry, _, ENG. Death: AFT. 1610 in Coventry, _, ENG
Ichabod Potter: Birth: 1640 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. Death: 1676 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Nathaniel Potter: Birth: 1616 in St Bride, London, ENG. Death: 1644 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Susannah Potter: Birth: 28 Jan 1687/88 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. Death: AFT. 1727 in S. Kingston, Washington, RI
Thomas Potter: Birth: 1663 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. Death: BEF. 10 Jun 1728 in S. Kingston, Washington, RI
Hugh 132D-30 Poyntz: Death: 4 Apr 1220 in <bur>
Hugh 234A-31 Poyntz: Birth: 25 Aug 1252. Death: 4 Jan 1307/08 in <bur>
Hugh 253-31 Poyntz: Birth: 1304-1305. Death: 25 Mar 1337
Nicholas 234A-30 Poyntz: Birth: ABT. 1220. Death: 7 Oct 1273 in <bur>
Nicholas 234A-32 Poyntz: Birth: ABT. 1278. Death: 12 Jul 1311 in <bur>
Person Not Viewable
Catherine Prestwick: Birth: ABT. 1463 in Hulme, CHS, ENG. Death: AFT. 1525 in ENG
Grace Prett: Birth: 30 Sep 1584 in Huntington, Bluntisham, England. Death: BEF. 15 Nov 1635 in Huntington, Bluntisham, England (bur)
Joan (Jane) Prideaux: Birth: ABT. 1418 in Adeston, DEV, ENG.
Margaret (Margery) Pritchard: Death: 12 Jun 1680 in Wallingford, New Haven, CT
Alfonso II of Provence: Birth: 1180 in Huesca, Arag�n. Death: Feb 1208/09 in Palermo, Sicily
Dolca of Provence: Birth: ABT. 1095.
Elanor\Elinor Puleston: Birth: ABT. 1465 in Dutton, CHS, ENG.
Mary Purchase: Birth: ABT. 1579 in Thaxsted, ESS. Death: 29 Oct 1639 in London, ENG
Edward Purefoy: Birth: 13 Jan 1493/94 in Shalstone, BKM, ENG. Death: 1 Jun 1558 in ENG
John Purefoy: Birth: ABT. 1440 in Shalstone, BKM, ENG.
Mary Purefoy: Birth: ABT. 1533 in ENG. Death: 1589 in ENG

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