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John Morehouse: Birth: 19 Sep 1714 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT. Death: 13 Jun 1785 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
John Morehouse: Birth: 21 Jun 1737 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT. Death: 24 Jun 1803 in Brookfield, Fairfield, CT
Lemuel Morehouse: Birth: 1766. Death: 16 Dec 1839 in New Milford, Litchfield, CT
Samuel Morehouse: Birth: 1642 in Concord, Middlesex, MA. Death: 1687 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Morehouse: Death: ABT. Sep 1658 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Carle "Charles" Morgan: Birth: ABT. 1634 in Newport, Wales. Death: 1668
Charles Starr Morgan: Birth: 17 Jan 1848. Death: 20 Apr 1887
Charles Morgan: Birth: 1648 in New Amsterdam, NY. Death: 1720 in Perth Amboy, NJ
Eliza A. Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan: Death: ABT. 1607
Elizabeth Morgan: Birth: BEF. 1630.
Elsie Iona Morgan: Birth: 9 Apr 1876 in Great Plain District, Danbury, Fairfield, CT. Death: AFT. 1909
George Morgan: Birth: 1614.
George Morgan: Birth: 25 Jul 1826. Death: 7 Oct 1908
James Morgan: Birth: 2 Apr 1716.
James Morgan: Birth: 1683. Death: May 1764
Joseph Morgan: Birth: 20 Aug 1753. Death: 31 Mar 1832 in New Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Peter Morgan: Birth: 1773-1810.
Alfred Morris: Birth: 12 May 1804.
Ann Maria Morris: Birth: 4 Sep 1827. Death: 27 Dec 1908
Bethel Morris: Birth: 1767-1768. Death: 31 May 1844 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT
Ephraim [2] Morris: Birth: 23 May 1721 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 28 Jan 1793
Ephraim {5247} Morris: Birth: Jan 1693/94 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 15 May 1778 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Joseph {7} Morris: Birth: 25 Mar 1656 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 1712
Roger Morris: Birth: 1549-1578 in ENG. Death: 1603-1663
Samuel Morris: Birth: 1741-1742. Death: 29 Aug 1792
Thomas [1] Morris: Birth: ABT. 1600 in ENG.
Thomas [2] Morris: Birth: in ENG. Death: 21 Jul 1673 in East Haven, New Haven, CT
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Isabella Mortimer: Birth: AFT. 1247 in Wigmore, HEF, ENG. Death: AFT. 1300
Johanna Morton: Birth: ABT. 1483 in Houghton, SAL, ENG.
Elena \ Eva de Morville: Death: 11 Jun 1217
Ansbertus of Moselle: Death: 570
John {1} Moss: Birth: 1603-1604 in Manchester, ENG. Death: 31 Mar 1707 in Wallingford, New Haven, CT
Joseph {12} Moss: Birth: 6 Nov 1643 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 1727-1728 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
Joseph {37} Moss: Birth: 17 Apr 1679 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Death: 23 Jan 1731/32 in Derby, CT
Mary Moss: Birth: 28 Aug 1721 in CT. Death: 30 Jul 1746
William John Moss: Birth: 1571.
Alexander Moton: Birth: 1194.
Margery Moton: Birth: ABT. 1415. Death: AFT. 1470
Maude Moton: Birth: ABT. 1398 in Peckleton, LEI.
Robert I Moton: Birth: 1228. Death: 1265
Robert II Moton: Birth: ABT. 1337. Death: 1367
Robert Moton: Birth: ABT. 1374. Death: 1456
Roger Moton: Birth: ABT. 1374. Death: BEF. 1456
William I Moton: Birth: 1154. Death: 1196
William II Moton: Birth: ABT. 1260. Death: 1318
William III Moton: Birth: ABT. 1300. Death: 1336
William Moton: Birth: 1354. Death: 12 Oct 1391
Adam Mott: Birth: ABT. 1621 in Essex, England. Death: 1689 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY
George Mott: Birth: ABT. 1572. Death: 1615 in Saffron Walden, ESS, ENG
James Mott: Birth: 1596 in Saffron Walden, ESS, ENG.
Keziah Mott: Birth: 1697-1718.
Richbell Mott: Birth: 1668. Death: BEF. 3 Dec 1734
Susannah Mould: Birth: 2 Apr 1663 in New London, New London, CT.
Catherine MOUNTFORT: Birth: ABT. 1441.
Amice de Mowbray: Birth: ABT. 1040 in Montbrai, Manche, Normandy. Death: 1100
Joane Mungeam: Birth: 1438.
Anna Munroe: Birth: ABT. 1752 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT. Death: in Stratford, Fairfield, CT
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Mary Mylwaye: Birth: ABT. 1522.

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