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  1. Rose Anna White: Birth: 13 Jul 1600 in Shelford, ESS. Death: 21 Apr 1648 in Windsor, Hartford, CT

1. Title:   "Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33"
Author:   ANDERSON, Robert Charles
2. Title:   The Children of Robert White
Author:   [a descendant]
Publication:   NEHGR 55:22-31 (Jan 1901)
3. Title:   "The Large Version of the Chew Family Tree"
Author:   CHEW, Tim
Publication:   <A class=lnk href=""><code>http://&#x200B;WC.&#x200B;rootsweb.&#x200B;ancestry.&#x200B;com/&#x200B;cgi-bin/&#x200B;igm.&#x200B;cgi&#x200B;?db=TIMMYCHEW</code></A>
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4. Title:   The Children of Robert White of Messing
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