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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joanna Hall: Birth: 29 Jul 1718 in Chestnut Ridge now Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut. Death: in Nobletown, Columbia, New York

  2. Ebenezer Hall: Birth: ABT 1720 in fathers probate. Death: AFT 1803 in Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut

  3. Jemima Hall: Birth: 1721 (55-1776). Death: 12 Oct 1776 in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut

  4. Rebecca Hall: Birth: 1724 (57-1781) in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut. Death: 1781 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

  5. Jesse Hall: Birth: in Chestnut Ridge now Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut. Death: aft 1725 and Bef 1730 in Redding

a. Note:   n Cornwall, Ct by 1739, left prob for Kent in 1746. Hillsdale and Kent and Amenia are all close by. Ebenezer either stayed with his Squire uncles or came back to Redding it appears.
Admitted Stratford 6/3/1716 or 6/1717
Samuel Hall, Late of Chestnut Ridge, 3/18/1730, his estate at CR in Reading and at Danbury distributed by Moses Knop and John Read to his widow, her part and children, Ebenezer, Johanna, Jemima and Rebeckah Hall.
found on internet: When a boy his father moved to the top of Chestnut Ridge and settled on the old historic St. In 1730, at the distribution of the estate of Samuel Hall, ...
The Halls were among the earliest settlers in Redding, the name appearing on the earliest petitions from the parish. In 1730, at the distribution of the estate of Samuel Hall, he is said to be of Chestnut Ridge, in Redding. His children as given were: Ebenezer, Johanna, Jemina, and Rebecca. Isaac Hall, whose farm lay contiguous to Samuel's, was one of the original church-members, and was recommended by Rev. Mr. Chapman. He died in 1741. Asa Hall and Rachel his wife were admitted March 23rd, 1736, on the same recommendation. I find no mention of children.
not sure who this refers to.
had land around Danbury as proven by the distribution in 1730
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