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Mary Hall: Birth: 21 Jul 1766 in Danbury or Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Death: 7 Nov 1834 in Kingsville, Ashtabula, Ohio
Mary Hall: Birth: 15 Jul 1815 in , Sherbrooke, Quebec. Death: 17 Nov 1884 in Church of England, Dudswell and Ham and Church of the Holy Comforter, Ascot Twp, Sherbrooke
Mary Hall: Birth: Abt 1774 (86-1860) in Connecticut. Death: AFT 1860 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Mary Hall: Birth: 1835 (15-1850) in Orange, Steuben, New York. Death: BEF 1898
Mary Hall: Birth: 2 Oct 1806 in Ellenville, Ulster, Ny. Death: 14 Dec 1856 in Ellery, Chautauqua, New York
Mary Hall: Death: 11 Oct 1827 in Trumbull,Fairfield,Connecticut
Mary Hall: Birth: 1856 in Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan.
Mary Hall: Death: 14 May 1794 in First Church Burial Ground, Wells, Rutland, Vermont
Mary Hall: Birth: 1869 in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1848 in , Richmond, Quebec.
Mary Hall: Birth: 24 Jan 1888 in Mansfield, Richland, Ohio. Death: 24 Jan 1888 in Mansfield, Richland, Ohio
Mary Hall: Birth: 5 Nov 1736 in Wallingford, Ct. Death: 15 Feb 1788 in Wallingford, Ct
Mary Hall: Death: 6 Apr 1886 in New Haven, Connecticut
Mary Hall: Birth: 7 Aug 1677/1681 in Stratfield, Fairfield, Connecticut. Death: 21 Aug 1728 in Springfield, Essex, New Jersey
Mary Hall: Birth: 1755.
Mary Hall: Birth: ABT 1760 in Of Hempstead, Queens County, New York.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1869 (21-1890) in Ontario.
Mary Hall: Birth: 16 Jul 1791 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Death: 15 Feb 1796 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut
Mary Hall: Birth: 21 Oct 1798 in , Sullivan, New York.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1850 in Ossinging, Westchester, New York.
Mary Hall: Birth: 8 Oct 1827 in New York. Death: 14 Jun 1887 in Ross, Lake, Indiana
Mary Hall: Birth: 1839 in Schroon, Essex, New York.
Mary Hall: Death: 1 Dec 1716 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
Mary Hall: Birth: 2 Aug 1846 in Auburn, New York.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1855 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
Mary Hall: Birth: Oct 1830. Death: 24 Feb 1834 in Long Hill Cemetery, Trumbull, Fairfield, Connecticut
Mary Hall: Death: BEF 1684 in Bulkington
Mary Hall: Death: 25 Nov 1639 in Southam, Warwick
Mary Hall: Birth: 1649. Death: 1726 in Shawell, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 14 Feb 1705/1706 in St Michael, Coventry, Warwick
Mary Hall: Death: 23 Sep 1861 in Stoke Bruerne, Northampton
Mary Hall: Birth: 1568. Death: AFT 1589 in Cottesbach, Leicester
Mary Hall: Birth: 7 May 1684 in Peatling Magna, Leicester. Death: 21 Dec 1704 in St Martin, Leicester, Leicester Ae 21
Mary Hall: Death: 11 Jan 1719/1720 in Arnesby, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 10 Nov 1718 in Ashby Magna, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 29 Sep 1810 in Ashby Magna, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 1898 or Aft 1901 in Ashby Magna, Leicester
Mary Hall: Birth: 1881 (20 days) in Desborough, Northampton. Death: BEF 1891 in Desborough, Northampton
Mary Hall: Birth: 1819 (32-1851) in Ashby Magna, Leicester. Death: AFT 1871 in Arthingworth, Northampton
Mary Hall: Birth: 1867 (4-1871) in Woodville, Leicester.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1853 (8-1861) in Richmond, Surrey.
Mary Hall: Birth: 1895 (6-1901) in Richmond, Surrey.
Mary Hall: Death: 1 Jun 1704 in St Margaret, Leicester, Leicester
Mary Hall: Birth: 12 Sep 1736 in St Martin, Leicester, Leicester. Death: 9 Oct 1737 in St Martin, Leicester, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 14 Feb 1756 in St Margaret, Leicester, Leicester
Mary Hall: Death: 15 Oct 1699 in Lutterworth, Leicester
Mary Hall: Birth: 1861 in Chicago,Cook,Illinois. Death: AFT 1880 in Chicago,Cook,Illinois
Mary Hall: Birth: 1862 in South Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, England. Death: AFT 1901 in Sunderland, South Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, England
Mason Wilbur Hall: Birth: 1906 in Wells, Rutland, Vermont. Death: AFT 1944 in Granville, Washington, New York
Mathew Hall: Birth: 1819 (78-1897) in Wells, Rutland, Vermont. Death: 29 Sep 1897 in Wells Town Cemetery, Wells, Rutland, Vermont
Mathias Wilhelm Hall: Birth: 19 Mar 1819 in Zuplich. Death: 22 Oct 1890 in Beaver Dam, Dodge, Wisconsin
Mathias Hall: Birth: 10 Dec 1810 in Zuplich. Death: 16 Dec 1859
Matilda A Hall: Birth: Sep 1882 in Edmore, Michigan. Death: 4 Aug 1963 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Matilda J E Hall: Birth: 1922. Death: 27 Feb 1936 in St Ignatius Catholic Cemetery, Sinnett, Saskatchewan
Matilda Hall: Birth: 4 Jul 1881 in Bonfield Chisolm Boulter Ferris, Nippissing, Sudbury, Ontario.
Matilda Hall: Birth: 1 Jan 1793 in Cambridge, Washington, New York. Death: 6 May 1842 in Deer River, Denmark, Lewis, New York
Matilda Hall: Birth: 28 Aug 1849 in Clarence/Lived Hammond. Death: 7 Feb 1935 in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa
Matilda Hall: Birth: 2 May 1843 in 1901 Cen. Death: 7 Feb 1922 in Died in Fire from Iron Falling on Clothing, Sarsfield
Matilda Hall: Birth: 29 May 1817 in Hawkesbury, Prescott, Ontario. Death: 30 Oct 1892 in St Eugene, Ontario
Matilda Hall: Birth: 2 Feb 1826 in Scranton,Luzerne,Pennsylvania. Death: 27 Mar 1906 in Chariton,Charitan,Iowa
Matthew Hall: Birth: Mid 1757 in Easton, Fairfield, Connecticut. Death: AFT 1810 in Wells, Rutland, Vermont
Matthew Hall: Birth: May 1847 in Wells, Rutland, Vermont. Death: 26 Jul 1847 in Wells Town Cemetery, Wells, Rutland, Vermont
Mattie C(atherine) Hall: Birth: Jun 1876 in California.
Mattie S Hall: Birth: Aug 1877 in Michigan.
Maud B Hall: Birth: 3 Jun 1878 in Veteran,Chemung,New York. Death: 1904 in Veteran,Chemung,New York
Maud M Hall: Birth: 1899 (2-1901) in Desborough, Northampton.
Maud M Hall: Birth: 1879 (2-1881) in Birmingham, Warwick.
Maude Hall: Birth: 2 Dec 1878 in , Bourbon, Kansas.
Maude Hall: Birth: 6 Sep 1911 in Springville, Utah, Utah. Death: 7 Mar 1990 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Maurice Hall: Birth: 24 Dec 1873 in , Antrim, Michigan. Death: BEF 1880

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