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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward William Wood: Birth: 1769 in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

  2. Garrett Wood: Birth: 1771 in Marbletown, Ulster, NY.

  3. William Wood: Birth: 1776 in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

  4. David Wood: Birth: 12 SEP 1789 in New Paltz, Ulster, NY.

1. Title:   Family Data Collection, Individual Record. William Wood
Text:   William Wood, spouse Catharine Freer; parents Edward Wood, Susanna Schott; b. Kingston, Ulster, NY, 17 Jul 1740; m. Kingston, Ulster, NY, 1767; d. Callicoon, Sullivan, NY, 1847.
2. Title:   Family Data Collection, Birth. William Wood
Text:   William Wood, father Edward Wood, mother Susanna Schott, b. 17 Jul 1740, Kingston, Ulster, NY.

a. Continued:   Source: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Sullivan County, NY, 1872-73:
  The first permanent settlement was made May 19, 1814, by Wm. Wood, a widower, and his three sons, Garrett, Edward William and David, with their families. Edward and Garret each had four children and David one child. The Woods were of English and Scottish descent. They moved from the vicinity of High Falls, Ulster County, and settled on a rise of land near the East Branch of the Callicoon, about one and one-half miles north of Jeffersonville. To reach their new home they were obliged to cut their way ten miles through the woods, without a road or a path to guide them; and while doing so, provided part of the food on which they partly subsided. Game was abundant and it required but little time and exertion to amply supply all their wants in this respect. While some of them, ax in hand, cleared away the trees and other obstructions, others catered for the party. In this way they proceeded, camping at night under a temporary shelter, until they reached their destination, where they found the abandoned clearing and delapidated cabin of DeWitt. They occupied the cabin until they erected houses of their own, which they at once proceeded to do.
  Edward was a cooper, the others were farmers; hence it is presumable that their cabins were built in the most primitive manner and possessed few of the embellishments which grace the homes of some of the residents of Callicoon. There was neither store, mill, nor school, within ten miles of them. When it was necessary to go to the mill, which, as well as the store, was at Liberty, two of the brothers accompanied each other; each shouldering a bushel and a half of rye or corn, they trudged off with it through the forest; and when ground, they returned with it in the same way, generally performing the journey both ways in one day.
  John Wood, son of Edward Wood, was the first child born in the town; the first death was that of Garrett Wood's wife, a few years after they settled in the town. For fifteen years the Woods seem to have been the only residents of the town, whose population was only increased by births in this family. They cleared land and tilled it; planted orchards; manufactured staves; and one of them (Edward) worked at his trade, while another cured cancers, and was known as a cancer doctor. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.