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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elmer Cory: Birth: 30 JAN 1877 in New York.

a. Note:   841-1927 BIRTH: From a guardian petition filed at Surrogate Court, Wayne Co, New York. ...Mary Ann Freeman... 12 years Nov 26, 1853. Guardian is Hiram Durfee of Walworth. The father is dead and that the nearest male relative in said county is Benjamin Freeman of Walworth, grandfather. Dated Aug 1854 1850 Census: Walworth, Wayne, New York (age 9) Mary A. Freeman 1860 Census: Walworth, Wayne, New York (age 19) Mary A. Freeman 1865 Census: Walworth, Wayne, New York (age 23) Mary Ann Freeman, b. Wayne Co 1870 Census: Walworth, Wayne, New York (age 26) Mary A. Freeman, living with widowed mother 1880 Census: Macedon, Wayne, New York (age 38) Mary A. Cory, 1898: check Macedon . PROBATE of mother, Betsy Freeman - filed in Wayne Co, NY surrogate court and dated 20 Jun 1898 - Lewis Freeman sworn. My name is Lewis Freeman. I reside in Angola, Indiana. Betsy Freemand was my mother - she died June 7th, 1898 in the town of Marion, NY where she was visiting at the time. Her residence was in Walworth, NY. She left no will. She left three children: my two sisters, Mary Ann Cory and Jane Franks and myself. All her other children died in infancy. My father died more than forty years abo and my mother never married again. I am sixty one years of age. My sister Mary Ann Cory is fifty five. and Jane Franks is forty nine. Mary Ann Cory resides in Macedon, NY and Jane Franks in Marion, NY.
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