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  1. Harry Milton Freese: Birth: 25 SEP 1909 in Sherman, Osceola, Michigan. Death: JAN 1966 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan

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  3. Alice Agnes Freese: Birth: 24 OCT 1914 in Tustin, Osceola, Michigan. Death: MAR 1986 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan

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  5. Gurley Lucia Freese: Birth: 22 DEC 1923 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan. Death: 29 SEP 2000 in McBain, Missaukee, Michigan

a. Note:   ct 1881, 36y, laborer for chemical company in Cadillac, Michigan, nearest relative is Febee (sic) Freese . 1910 Census: Sherman, Osceola, Michigan (age 28) John H. Freese, b. Wisconsin, farming, married one year, lives next to lots of family 1920 Census: Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan (age 38) John H. Freese, b . Wisconsin, repair man for chemical plant. Says came to US in 1876, was naturalized in 1919. 1930 Census: Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan (age 49) John H. Freese, b. MI, repairman at lumbermill
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