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Marriage: Children:
  1. Loa A. Gore: Birth: JAN 1857 in , , Iowa.

  2. Lilly or Nettie Gore: Birth: 1859 in Kansas.

  3. Hattie Louisa "Lucy" Gore: Birth: JUN 1859 in Junction City, Davis, Kansas. Death: 22 OCT 1931 in Raymond, Pacific, Washington

  4. Jennie Eloise Gore: Birth: 30 AUG 1861 in Junction City, Davis, Kansas. Death: 24 SEP 1935 in Seattle, King, Washington

  5. Mary F. Gore: Birth: 1866 in Junction City, Davis, Kansas.

  6. Forest S. Gore: Birth: 18 MAY 1871 in Beloit, Mitchell, Kansas. Death: 1948

a. Note:   yl Eddy of Richland, Washington. BIRTH:DEATH: from cemetery rec in Elgin OR (birth in rec as 1834) MARR: Marr Bk 2-Lee County, Iowa 1851-1865 pg.17 Published by Iowa Genealogical Soc, Des Moines, 1987 . 1840 Census: Lee County, Iowa 1850 Census: Ft. Madison, Lee, Iowa (age 17) Ellen L. 1860 Census: Marysville, Marshall, Kansas (3 children) (age 27) 1870 Census: Junction City, Davis, Kansas (5 children) (also Mary Fleming here) 1875 Census: Glen Elder, Mitchell, Kansas (6 children) 1880 Census: Placer, Costilla, Colorado (age 40) Ellen L. Gore, b. Illinois . *Davis county changed name to Geary county in 1889 . Letters written by Ellen [Fleming] Gore to her sister, Emma [FLeming] Stancliffe - not dated but letter #1 is probably 1895. Elgin, Union Co, Oregon Dear Sister Emma and Children, Well Emma I was surprised when Orrin came in with your letter for it had been so long since I wrote you ... ... ... feel oh so gloomey for I have always felt all alone in the world and I know I was the only one of the children that was always lonesome and have lived the gloomyest life ever a human being did, and now since all are dead Oh how I realize it can't be but a short time until I join the numbers. I have the worst of health have had a bad cough for a long time .. this winter and ... have coughed my life away can hardly walk across the room some days but I have lived long enough to know there is nothing in life for me now, oh what a hard life I have seen. You would never believe anyone could be alive and do the hard work and go through the exposure I have and never got one kind word from anyone. Yet my girls are all kind and good to me but they are all married and gone long ago. Forest has been married three years and lives in Idaho. His wife is very stylish in dress and no wife for him for she is lazy and he is to work all the time. Ettie lives in Lagrande, only has 2 girls, Hattie Ellen and Forest May. They are very pretty and smart, the best children ever was. Jennie has 2 boys, eight girls. Hattie has 4. Mary, my baby, has been married 4 years, has one little girl to smart and pretty to live. I think her name is Vern, her husband name is Fleming. Mary is a cripple and is such a pretty woman, her hair is so pretty just the color of .... (foormas - poor Mas?) Yes, Emma I know you have lived a disappointed and gloomey life but if you have had health to live it out it is better than to have to be sick and helpless. Tell me if Sanford loved his children , if he did how could he ever leave them, did he ever go back after leaving? Now I wish you would let me know if you get this and Emma are you in a safe house for I am always so uneasy about storms and that country is always full of them. Oh do look out for them. Do you know if Aunt Maria is living yet? Emory lives near but he never hears from Sanford now, doesn't sit down and write ... for I live such a ... life. With love to all from your loving sister, Ellen . Letter #2 My Dear Sister For a long time I have been wanting to get a little money so to send you for Orrin was going out on a canvissing trip but Loa has been so bad he dare not leave and I am so miserable if I had the money would to back there to be laid where the rest are now. Emma Len has written all as I am not able. Hattie's Ettie is staying with me. Do write immediate and let me know if you get this and how you are. Orrin says how I hope I can get a little money to send Emma. Tell me all if I don't live to read it all the girls always are so interested in your letters. Good bye your loving sister, Ellen
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