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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ora Eliza Green: Birth: 22 MAY 1886 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas.

  2. Bessie Gertrude Green: Birth: 5 SEP 1886 OR 1887 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas.

  3. Orrel Violet Green: Birth: 23 MAY 1888 OR 1889 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas. Death: FEB 1989

  4. Viola May Green: Birth: 26 MAR 1891 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas.

  5. Ernest Elmer Green: Birth: 12 FEB 1893 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas. Death: MAY 1980

  6. Vernon Atwood Green: Birth: 15 NOV 1896 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas. Death: 2 MAR 1968 in Veneta, Lane Co, Oregon

  7. Ray Archie Green: Birth: 15 DEC 1898 in Morganville, Clay, Kansas. Death: 12 APR 1989

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a. Note:   BIRTH: County & state from 1865 census BIRTH:MARR:DEATH: "Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, CT" Some say 1884 marriage date-but 1885 census they are single DEATH:BURIEL: From ancestral file . 1865 Census: Shannon Twp, Pottawatomie, Kansas (age 1) 1870 Census: Sherman, Clay, Kansas (PO Box Gatesville), (age 6) Ernest Green, born Kansas 1875 Census; Sherman, Clay, Kansas (PO Box-Morganville) 1880 Census: Sherman, Clay, Kansas 1885 Census: Sherman, Clay, Kansas (age 20) (PO Box-Morganville) 1900 Census: Sherman, Clay, Kansas (age 36) Ernest L. Green, b. Mar 1864, married 15y, farmer 1920 Census: Buhl City, Twin Falls, Idaho . Ancestral file has birth date and marriage all wrong!!! Does have him being born in Irving, Marshall, KS - check this out. Manuscript NEHGS SG/GOR/7 #233 -Ernest Luther b.-Irving In 1870 Census an Augustus Green of Maine lives next door-a brother?? is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.