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Marriage: Children:
  1. Wealthy Farnum: Birth: 1802 in Vermont. Death: 11 MAR 1882 in Carthage, Hancock, Illinois

  2. Maria Farnum: Birth: 1805 in Vermont. Death: AFT 1886

  3. Fordeas Farnum: Birth: 1810 in Vermont. Death: 19 DEC 1815 in Leicester, Addison, Vermont

  4. Harriet Louisa Farnum: Birth: 1818 in Auburn, Cayuga, New York. Death: 21 JAN 1878 in Probably Polk Co, Iowa

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a. Note:   ack to 1907.. BIRTHPLACE: 1880 census of daughter, Wealthy, gives her parents as being born in MA . MARR: Westminster, Windham, Vermont Town Records: Book H, page 319 - Groom Card: Fordes Farnum, res: Northampton, Mass married Eunice Jenison on 6 Sept 1801 in Westminster by Eli...k..n Spooner, JP. (last name could be Jensson, Jeneson, Jenison) Bride Card: Eunice Jeneson/Jenison, res: Worcester, Mass - married Fords Farnum Sept 6, 1801 in Westminster, Vermont by Eliakim Spooner, JP . 1810 Census: Did not find family 1820 Census: Genesee Co, New York (Fordias Farnam) family of 6, 1m:10-16, 1m:16-26, 1m:45> 1f:<10, 1f:10-16, 1f:26-45 1830 Census: Brighton, Monroe, New York (Eunice Farnum) 1f:40-50, 1f: 20-30, 1f:10-15, 1m:20-30 - where is Fordeus?
  Beers Gazetteer & Biographical Records of Genesee county, vol. 1, 1788-1890: Genesee county, town of Le Roy: The First Presbyterian Church of Le Roy was organized Feb 7, 1812. The congregations afterwards united with it, and the two communities were merged into one, under the Presbyterian form of government. .....the completion of the church in 1826. The first members of the church were Moses McCollum, Joel Butler, Nathan Wilcox, David Anderson, Mehitable Judd, Eunice Farnham, Sarah Parmalee, Elizabeth Chamberlin, Sally Seymour, Mercy Buell, Mary Butler, Elizabeth McCollum and Elizabeth Wilcox. . "Rochester New York Daily Advertiser & Telegram" April 1, 1829 - Letter remaining at the Post Occife in Rochester - Eunice Farnam
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