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  1. Isaac Thompson: Birth: Abt or bef 1728 in , , Virginia.

  2. Israel Thompson: Death: BEF JUN 1796 in Loudoun Co, Virginia

  3. Prudence Thompson: Death: BEF 1795

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a. Continued:   MARR: Date needs to be found in original records - 1. Bride, place, brides father given in Loudon Co, VA land deed Bk. H pg. 1 see below- 2. Dates and names given in a letter from a researcher to a Quaker record repository in PA - need to check sources see below . DEATH: Will proved in Loudoun Co, Virginia 14 Mar 1774 . IMMIGRATION: Edward Thompson received 3 Mo. 5, 1711, from Ireland to Newark or Kennett Monthly Mtg Edward Thompson, received 4 Mo. 30 1712 from Lurgan Mtg, County Armagh, Ireland to Chester Monthly Mtg (Chester Mtg in Delaware Co, PA) "Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750" by Albert Cook Myers (1969) FHL#974.8w2... . MARR:DEED OF POWER:1770: Loudon Co, Virginia Land Deed Bk.H pg.1 FHL#32301 "...I Edward Thompson in the parish of Cameron and County of Loudoun in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia send Greeting. Know ye that Whereas I ... Edward Thompson by Virtue of a Marriage had and Solomnized with Mary the Daughter of Giles Barrott in the County of Newcastle in the Province of Pennsylvania and by that means became intitled in right of my said Wife Mary whom I have Survived of a very considerable Rent and Personal Estate in said County of Newcastle. And Where as my Grandson, Jesse Woodard Junr of the County of Loudoun for a long time hath paid me the most dutiful regard and behaviour whose tenderness towards me in this advanced age and decline of life merits to be recompensed and rewarded. To which end intent and purpose and also for and in consideration of my future support and maintenance in a decent and frugal manner, as well as for his better advancement in the world. Do give grant and confirm unto said Jesse Woodard his heirs and assign for ever as fully to all intense as I the said Edward Thompson might or could have...Dated: 25 Oct 1770 signed: Edward Thompson Witnessed by: Samuel Iden, Benjamin Pool, John Piggott Recorded: 12 Nov 1770 Loudoun Co, Va . **New Castle County, PA is really New Castle, Delaware. The boundaries between states was vague back then and when this land was deeded to William Penn this part was considered the Lower Counties of PA. . WILL: 1773: Loudoun Co, Virginia Wills Book B pg.75 FHL#32275 Dated: 6 Feb 1773 Recorded in Loudoun Co, Virginia court: 14 Mar 1774 "...I Edward Thompson of the County of Loudoun & Colony of Virginia being in a weak ... state of Health of Body ... make this my last Will & Testament... Son, Israel Thompson - Plantation and lot of land containing 150 acres where my son-in-law Jesse Woodward now lives. Son-in-law Jesse Woodward & Prudence his wife shall live on the Plantation for their natural lives without any rent. Son, Israel pay unto son-in-law's three daughters namely, Sarah, Jane & Prudence 50 pounds each Executors: Joseph Janney & son, Israel Thompson. Signed Edward Thompson by with his mark Witnessed by: David Willson, Samuel Clanderien, James Chamberlin . MIGRATION:FROM QUAKER CERTIFICATES 2-4-1735: Edward Thompson and his family from Concord - to Philadelphia Mtg 27-3-1737: Application on behalf of Edward Thompson and his wife for a certificate to Concord Monthly Meeting in Chester County. "Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA vol.1 1682-1750" by Anna Watring at FHL 17-9-1737: Edward Thompson from Philadelphia MM - to Bradford MM 27-7-1739: Edward Thompson and wife (not named) and sons, Edward, Israel, and Joseph to Haverford MM he being settled there - from Bradford MM. 15-9-1739: John Maris failed to pay debt due Edward Thompson - From Bradford MM minutes 19-3-1743: Edward Thompson from Haverford MM with his wife and three sons: Edward, Israel & Joseph - to Bradford MM. 16-11-1745: Edward Thompson renewed his request for a certificate for himself, his wife and sons Israel & Joseph directed to Fairfax MM (VA) his family already being there and he intending to follow them in spring. Complaint against Francis Swain for not paying Edward Thompson debt due to him in considerable time. - from Bradford MM minutes Bradford info from "Early Church Records of Chester County, PA vol.1 Quaker Records of Bradford Monthly Mtg" by Martha Reamy FHL#974.813/mz k2r **Quaker records typically read day-month-year unless otherwise indicated. March was the first month until 1752. Much of my research was with extracted records so I just hope the dates were recorded correctly and not reversed. It is also important to know that the place given in a certificate when moving from place to place is the name of the Quaker Meeting - not necessarily the name of the county or town. These meeting boundaries changed as needed and new meetings added to areas as more Quakers moved into an area. It is rather hard to keep track of what geographic areas went with which meeting in which years...but that is the challenge. . LOCATIONS OF MM: Chester, Bucks & Philadelphia counties were the original three counties of PA formed in 1682. Delaware Co was carved from Chester Co in 1789. The earliest Quaker Monthly Mtgs were in the part of Chester Co that became Delaware Co, PA. The Haverford, Merion and Radnor MM were established in 1684 by the Philadelphia Quarterly Mtg. Chester MM was established in 1681 as a Monthly Mtg for Marcus Hook and Upland. Darby MM was est in 1684 and Concord MM in 1684. Other Quaker MM est in Chester Co, PA: Kennet (formerly known as Newark, 1686), Goshen (1722), New Garden (1718), Londongrove (1792), Uwchlan (1763). Keep in mind that New Castle Co was then considered to be a lower county of Pa even though it was a county established in Delaware in 1673. . DIARY: 1755-1756(forgot to copy the page with the year -opps!) Mrs. Brown's Diary - she accompanied her brother, a commissary officer attached to Braddock's expeditionary force, from London to Ft. Cumberland. Contributed & edited by Fairfax Harrison for "The Virginia Magazine of History & Biography" Oct 1924 #4 p.303 article entitled - 'With Braddock's Army': June the 4: ... March'd 14 miles and halted at an old age Quaker's with silver Locks. His Wife on my coming in accosted me in the following manner: "Welcome Friend set down, thou seem's full Bulky to travel, but thou art young and that will enable thee. We were once so ourselves but we have been married 44 Years & may say we have lived to see the Days that we have no Pleasure there-in." We had recourse to our old Dish Gammon, nothing else to be had; but they said they had some Liquor they call'd Whisky which was made of Peaches. My Friend Thompson being a Preacher, when the soldiers came in as the Spirit mov'd him, held forth to them and told them the great Virtue of Temperance. They all stared at him like Pigs but had not a Word to say in their justification. (notes: "Edward Thompson, the Quaker" appears in Washington's expense account of his march over this road in 1754. Thompson resided on the site of the future town of Hillsborough, and has left many respectable descendants in that part of Loudoun.) June the 5: My Lodgings not being very clean, I had so many close Companions call'd Ticks that deprived me of my Nights Rest, but I indulg'd til 7. We halted this Day, all the Nurses Baking Bread and Boiling Beef for the March to Morrow. A fine Regale 2 chicken with Mild and Water to Drink, which my friend Thompson said was fine temperate Liquor... June the 6: Took my leave of my Friend Thompson, who bid me farewell. A great Gust of Thunder and Lightning and Rain, so that we were almost drown'd... . NEED TO FIND: Supposed to be from the Chester Monthly Mtg but probably in Delaware state. 9-30-1713: Edward Thompson & Mary Barrat declare intentions of marriage 10-28-1713: Same 11-6-1713: Edward Thompson, son of Henry & Prudence dec'd, now dwelling in Upper Providence, weaver, and Mary Barrett, dau of Giles and Mary dec'd, of Chester County, married at Providence Mtg (No Thompson witnesses recorded) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.