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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anna Gerdruth DeHAVEN: Birth: 10 May 1676 in Mulheim, Westphalia, Germany. Death: in Mulheim, Germany

  2. Willm (Weylm) DeHAVEN: Birth: 1677 in Mulheim, Germany. Death: in Mulheim, Germany

  3. Gerhard DeHAVEN: Birth: 12 May 1681 in Mulheim a d Ruhr, Germany. Death: 18 Feb 1746 in Skippack, Pennsylvania

  4. Harmon In den Hoffen DeHAVEN: Birth: Jul 1682 in Menden, Mulheim, Germany. Death: 23 Apr 1752 in Providence Twp., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

  5. Wilhelm DeHAVEN: Birth: ABT 1684 in Mulheim, Germany. Death: 26 Mar 1694 in Mulheim

  6. Peter DeHAVEN: Birth: 3 Dec 1686 in Mulheim, Westphalia, Germany. Death: 23 May 1768 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania

  7. Annecke "Anna" DeHAVEN: Birth: 1 Jan 1691 in Mulheim, Germany. Death: in ,Pennsylvania

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a. Note:   en Hooffen (Germany), Evertt in den Hoven (Germany), In deHoffee and IndenHove (early Pennsylvania Deeds), Inn den Hoff (Naturalization record) to Dehaven by about 1750. (thought to be the original French spelling)
  The first DeHavens in America were Evert (Edward) ten Heuven (ImHoff, Endehave, Indehoffen, In den Hoffen, Dehaven) his wife and four children who came from Mulheim on the Ruhr, Germany in 1698. They settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Edward In den Hoffen and wife Elizabeth (Shipbower) were still living March 4, 1728 when they deed their 100-acre tract to Peter Indehoffen. The earliest residence recorded was in old Germantown, 1698. Evert is said to have been a Ruling Elder at the Skippack German Reformed Church in 1706 but a deed shows that he bought 100 acres of land in Whitpain Township,1706, the land being bounded by ....."said Edward Endehaven's other Land." In 1710 the names of Evert Ten Hueven, his wife and children appear in the old Bensalem history of the Presbyterian Church. Three of his children were married there in 1711/1712: Harmon, Peter, and Annaken. Evert was then the Senior Elder of the early church at Wytmess (Whitemarsh), a township southeast of Whitpain and not far from the present boundaries of Germantown. Sources: 2. Abbrev: History of Skippack & Vicinity Title: History of Skippack & Vicinity Author: James Y Heckler Immigration: BET 1696 AND 1698 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Note: Evert and Leisbiet came to America at the invitation of William Penn, c1696, and bought land near Philadelphia. Four grown children came with them: Harmon, Gerhard, Peter, & Annken. Religion: German Reformed Church 1706 Evert was a Ruling Elder at the church. 1706 Skippack, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Burial: AFT 04 MAR 1728 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Note: Whitemarsh Cemetery
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