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Marriage: Children:
  1. May Frances Burns: Birth: 14 Feb 1867 in , Stearns, Minnesota, USA.

  2. Laura Etta Burns: Birth: 27 Dec 1868 in Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota, USA. Death: 17 Dec 1876 in West Union, Fayette, Iowa

  3. James Stanley Burns: Birth: 2 Feb 1871 in Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota, USA. Death: 18 May 1946 in San Diego, San Diego, California, USA

  4. Alba Sylvester Burns: Birth: 13 Jan 1873 in Osakis, Douglas, Minnesota, USA. Death: 27 Nov 1916 in Antelope, Wasco, Oregon, USA

  5. Frederick Dana Burns: Birth: 24 Apr 1878 in Fort Keogh, , Montana Territory. Death: 18 Jul 1955 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

  6. Forrest Edward Burns: Birth: 21 Sep 1879 in Glendive, Dawson, Montana, USA. Death: 4 Jul 1954 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

  7. Viola Burns: Birth: Bet 1880 and 1900. Death: Bef 1900

  8. Charles Martin Burns: Birth: 9 May 1882 in Glendive, Dawson, Montana, USA. Death: 18 Jan 1889 in Glendive, Dawson, Montana, USA

  9. Charlotte Melvina Burns: Birth: 11 Jan 1883 in Burns Creek, Dawson, Montana, USA. Death: 10 Aug 1948 in Casper, Natrona, Wyoming

  10. Robert Emmet Burns: Birth: 21 Nov 1884 in Glendive, Dawson, Montana, USA. Death: 14 Mar 1957 in Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA

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a. Note:   !BIRTH-DEATH: Handwritten letter from Ida to sister Violetta Martin, dated 22 Apr 1909, sent from Kalispell, MT
  NOTES: Entered Union Army at Russell, NY on 30 Aug 1862 �Cb�DRegimental History�C/b�D New York 142nd Infantry Cols., Roscius W. Judson, Newton M. Curtis, Albert M. Barney; Lieut.-Cols., Newton M. Curtis, Albert M. Barney, William A. Jones; Majs., Nathan G. Axtell, William A. Jones, William S. P. Garvin.
  This regiment, recruited in the counties of St. Lawrence and Franklin, rendezvoused at Ogdensburg, and was there mustered into the U. S. service on Sept. 29, 1862, for three years. The regiment left for Washington on Oct. 6, where it was stationed until April of the following year, when it was ordered to Suffolk, Va.
  During its long period of active service the 142nd gloriously earned its reputation as a fighting regiment. Col. Fox in his account of this organization, says: "It participated in the campaign of Gordon's division, up the Peninsula in June (1863), and in the Maryland march, soon after Gettysburg. From Warrenton, Va., the regiment went to Morris island, S. C., arriving there on Aug. 17, 1863.
  In the following May, the 142nd returned to Virginia and joined Butler's Army of the James, having been assigned to the 1st brigade, 2nd division (Turner's), 10th corps. While at Cold Harbor the division was attached for a short time to the 18th corps. The losses in the regiment at Drewry's bluff and Bermuda Hundred were 19 killed, 78 wounded and 22 missing; at Fort Harrison, 6 killed, 51 wounded and 10 missing; and at the Darbytown road, 8 killed, 90 wounded and 5 missing.
  In Dec., 1864, the 10th was merged in the newly-formed 24th corps, the regiment being placed in Curtis' (1st) brigade, Ames' (2nd) division. In the same month this division, including the 142nd, sailed with Butler on the first expedition against Fort Fisher, N. C.
  It landed there and when the brigade was recalled from its advance the regiment had secured a position near to and in rear of the fort-so near that Lieut. Walling had captured a battleflag which had been shot down from the parapets. A battalion of the enemy were captured by the 117th New York, and the whole opposition of the Confederates was so weak that the officers believed that the fort could have been taken then with small loss.
  The statements of Gen. Curtis and other officers were so positive on this point, that Gen. Grant was largely influenced by them in his decision to order a second attempt. In this second affair, which was successful, Gen. Curtis led the assault and fell seriously wounded, but survived to enjoy his honors as the 'Hero of Fort Fisher.'" In recognition of his services on this occasion he was commissioned by the secretary of war a brigadier- general of U. S. volunteers, and was later thanked by the people of his state in a joint resolution of the legislature.
  In the engagement at Fort Fisher in Dec. 1864, the 142nd lost 20 killed and wounded, in the second attack, in Jan., 1865, it lost 79 killed and wounded. The regiment sustained no further losses in battle after Fort Fisher, but was present at the actions of Fort Anderson and Wilmington N. C., and took part in the campaign of the Carolinas from March 1 to April 26.
  Under the command of Col. Barney, it was mustered out June 17, 1865, at Raleigh, N. C., and on the 27th the veterans and recruits were transferred to the 169th N. Y. Out of a total enrollment of 1,370 the 142nd lost during service 3 officers and 126 men killed and died of wounds; 2 officers and 161 men died of disease and other causes; total deaths, 292.
  Source: �Cu�D�Cb�DThe Union Army�C/u�D�C/b�D, Vol. 2, p. 151 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.