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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacobea Heyselss: Birth: 5 APR 1613 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden).

  2. Johann Christof Heyssler: Birth: 22 DEC 1616 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden).

  3. Anna Catharina Heysslin: Birth: BEF 1618 in Estimate. Death: AFT 6 SEP 1633

  4. Eva Heysel: Birth: BEF 1620 in Estimate.

  5. Ursula Heisel: Birth: 10 DEC 1620 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden).

  6. Salome Heyssler: Birth: 2 JAN 1623 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: AFT 29 SEP 1645

Marriage: Children:
  1. Barbara Regenold: Birth: 4 JAN 1626 in Schwarzach, Baden.

  2. Jodok Regenold: Birth: 21 JUN 1627 in Schwarzach, Baden. Death: AFT 1702 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)?

1. Title:   Sterbebuch, Schwarzach and filiate parishes, 1666-1727
Page:   14
Author:   Catholic Church, Schwarzach, Amt Buehl, Baden, Germany
Publication:   LDS Film 0999039

a. Note:   LDS Film 0999037 Typed index, Eheverzeichnis Schwarzach 1612-1681, p. 1. Hensel Nikolaus - Eva Reinler
  LDS Film 0999037 Heiraten - Schwarzach, p. 1 Anno 1612 Celebra ...die Austo 25 Nicolaus Hensel weiland Joannis Michaelis hinderlassener Sohn aus Schwarzach Eva Reinlerin weiland Ambrosij [illegible name, looks like Crom.?] gehessen burgers allhie hinderlassene Wittib gebuertig alhie
  NOTE: Given the confusion of Hensel with Heyssel in the church registers, it would be worthwhile to check in other Schwarzach records for evidence, one way or the other, as to whether this woman was also the Eva who later appeared as the wife of Nikolaus Heyssel, then subsequently as the wife of Jakob Regenold. NOTE: Investigate to see if this woman is the Eva REINLE/REINLER recorded at Schwarzach as having married Nicolaus HENSEL in 1612. The child attributed to that couple in the Typed Index, Taufregister fuer Schwarzach 1612-1681, is actually the first child, Jacobea, of this couple.
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 3 1613 April 5 Jacobea Parentes Nicolaus Heysel uxor Eva Patrini Hans Bernhard Weiss Anna vxor Ioan: Vlleichs Catharina soluta Beshlich[Relicta? Rettich?]
  NOTE: There appear to be a few instances between 1613 and 1620 when she was listed as a godmother as only "Eva" wife of the "Schaffner." See the following:
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 5 1613 September 20 Eva Parentes: Christoffel [no surname listed] Anna uxor Patrini: Eva die Frau Schaff Barbara, Martin Strantzen filia
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p, 12 1616 Iuny 9 [inserted below an entry for June 10] Georgius Christianus Parentes: Adam haltenberger Margaretha uxor Patrini: F. Christoff, pfarrher Eva herr Schaffners uxor.
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 13 1616 December 7 Nicolaus Parentes: Hanss Kolman Salomea uxor Patrini: Jacob Schulmeister Eva, Nicolaus Heyssler uxor
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 20 1619 Sept: 19 Anna Parentes: Jerg Klein Maria uxor Patrini: Jerg Winterholler Eva Hr Schaffners uxor
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 26 1621 7bris 17: Maria Parentes: Hanss kolman Salome uxor Patrini: Michel Flickh Eva, Nicolaus Heysslins uxor
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 27 1622 Feb 24 Martin Parentes: Jerg Klein Maria uxor Patrini: Joerg Winterholler Eva, Nicolaj Heysslers uxor
  LDS Film Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 29 1623 May 9 Johann Christoph Parentes Thomas Regenolt Salome, uxor Patrini Wendel Fridman Eva Nicolai heysslers Vidua relicta
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Leiberstung, p. 496 1624 Aug 5 Thomas Parentes Thomas Regenold Salome uxor Patrini Michael Schuh Eva Nicolaj heyssles uxor
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 32 1624 8bris 6 Margaretha Parentes: Martin Herman Margaretha uxor Patrini; Hanss Arger [Aeger?] Nicolai Argers [Aegers?l fi sol. Eva Nicolai heysslers vidua
  LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Schwarzach, p. 8a Anno 1625 Aprilis 22 Jacob Regenolt, Jacob Regenolts Seelig gewessten burgers allhie hinderlassener Ehelicher Sohn & Eva, weyland Hans Nicolai heysslers gewessten Schafners[?] alhie hinderlassene Wittib.
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 41 1629 Febe 6 Johann Bernhart Parentes: Barthol Goss Anna ux Patrini: Bernhart Krummholtz Eva, Jacob Regenolts fl.
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 45 1631 Julij 6 Joannes Parentes: Martin Herman Margaretha Patrini: Hanss Arger [Auger?] Eva Jacob Regenolts fl.
  LDS Film 0999033 Baptisms - Schwarzach, p. 52 1634 Julij 10 Jacob Parentes: Bartholomaus Goss Anna Patrini: Hanss Ernst & Eva Jacob Regenolts fl.
  LDS Film 0999039 Deaths - Schwarzach, p. 14 Mortui anno 1670 18 February: Eva Reinlin vidua Jacobi Rederlin[?] Keterlin[?] p.m. relicata: mater Jost Regenolt Lanionis aetatis suae 77 ann. muni omnibus Ss Eccliae Sacramentis. Sodalis S. Rosary.
  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = NOTE: The birth date ascribed to Eva in the following entry is apparently an estimate that did not factor in her prior marriage and older children. KLINGEL - Jun 22 1998 COMPILED BY ALLEN L. POTTS 196. Jakob REGENOLD was christened about 1610 in Schwarzach, Buhl, Baden. He was married to Eva.
  197. Eva was christened about 1610 in Schwarzach, Buhl, Baden.
  Jakob REGENOLD and Eva had the following children:
  i. Barbara REGENOLD was christened on Jan 4 1626 in Schwarzach, Buhl, Baden.
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