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Marriage: Children:
  1. Salome Kloepfer: Birth: 16 FEB 1648 in Moos, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 30 NOV 1707 in Moos, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

  2. Jakob Kloepfer: Birth: 13 JUL 1650 in Moos, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 29 APR 1723 in Moos, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

  3. Maria Kloepfer: Birth: 17 JUN 1658 in Ulm, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 28 JAN 1717 in Moos, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

  4. Margaretha Kloepfer: Birth: BEF 1660 in Estimate.

a. Note:   LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Moos, p. 7a 1660, 1664, 1665, 1666, 1666.67 Anno 1665 [heading, sic] 17 April 1668 [margin, sic] Jacobus frydman filius legitimus et solutus Michaelis frydmans pie. mem. lock Balzhofen et Salome filia legitima et soluta Georgy Kloepfers civis in Moos contraxerunt matrimonium in facie Ecclesiae. Testes Joannes Jacobus Reiff von Zell & Joannes Spitzmesser von Moos
  LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Moos, p. 8a 1681 11 februarij Martinus Fessler viduus et Margaretha Kloepfferin Georgij Kloepffer Civis in [illegible, maybe Moos?] Testes: Joannes Doeltzer et Joannes Streybich Cives ibid.
  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ID: I70 # Name: Jorg (Georg) KLOPFER # Sex: M # Birth: 1621 # Death: 14 FEB 1711 # Change Date: 21 FEB 1999
  Marriage 1 Margaretha GUNCKHLER
  1. Has Children Jacob KLOPFER b: 13 JUL 1650 in Moos/Buhl, Baden, Germany Family #5. Cazimer Kl�pfer (1811-1844) and his brother, Josef Kl�pfer (1817-1856) came to America in 1837 or 1839 aboard the ship Albany (7 Kl�pfers were on board). They settled in Richland County near Olney in southern Illinois. Other family members emigrated in 1840 - two brothers, Benedict (1802-1872) and Jacob (1808-1885), one sister Katharina (1806-1871), and two cousins Dionys (1794-1861) and Michael (1811-?). This group landed at New York on the ship Ilzaide (16 Kl�pfers were on board). Dionys and Michael Kl�pfer went to Illinois, to an area known as New Trier Township, north of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan. The other family members settled in lower Ontario, Canada, near New Germany, Kitchener and Maryhill. This is by far the largest Kleopfer/Kloepfer family in America today. This family can be traced back to Jorg Kl�pfer (1621-1711) of Moos, Baden, Germany. My data base contains 1403 direct Descendants of Jorg Klopfer. Almost all of this family uses the "oe" spelling. Most of this family are Roman Catholic and live predominately in Illinois, New York, and Canada. The great great grandson of Dionys Kl�pfer, William Wesley and his son Bill published a book in 1993 titled "Kloepfer-Kl�pfer Genealogy & More" which describes this family in some detail. See references 3 and 4 at Books and References for more information on this family. Also see Kloepfers of Kappelwindeck, Germany for more information on the origination of this family.
  Family #5A. Herman Kl�pfer emigrated to America from Buhl, Baden, Germany in the early 1900s via St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada. Herman had traveled to Canada with his brother, Jacob Kl�pfer and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Herman was the 5th great grandson of Jorg Kl�pfer. Descendants of Jorg Klopfer Generation No. 1
  1. JORG1 KLOPFER was born 1621 in Buhl, Kappelwindeck, Baden, Germany1, and died 14 Feb 1711 in Schwarzach, Baden, Germany1. He married MARGARETHA NOLTNER1. She was born 16211, and died 30 Nov 16911. Child of JORG KLOPFER and MARGARETHA NOLTNER is: 2. i. JACOB2 KLOPFER, b. 13 Jun 1650, Moos/Buhl, Germany; d. 29 Apr 1723, Moos/Buhl, Germany. Individual Record FamilySearch� Pedigree Resource File
  Search Results Georg Kloepfer Compact Disc #98 Pin #74324 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: abt 1625 Place: Ulm, Buehl, Germany Death: aft 1638 Place: Parents: Marriage(s): Spouse: Margaretha Winkler Disc #98 Pin #75100 Marriage: abt 1655 Place: Stolenhofen, Buehl, Germany
  Notes and Sources: Notes: None Sources: None Submitter: Carolyn Pratt MOCK 985 West, 400 South Orem, Utah 84058 Kloepfers of Kappelwindeck, Germany
  The following exchanges of e-mail were between William Wesley Kloepfer, Jr. and Dr. Thomas Mangos of Germany. Dear Dr. Thomas Mangos:
  The following are my earliest traceable ancestors-Jorg Klopfer born Kappelwindeck 1621 died Schwarzach 14 Feb 1711 and wife Magaretha Noltner died Nov 1691
  in Schwarzach. Old Vimbuch church records show Gorg Klepfer was serf to Margrave in 1653 (after 30 year war all must be ordered new-also serfage). Jorg Klopfer came from
  Kappelwindeck, that was the Margrave-District, 1700 Margrave (The serfage of Jorg to the Margrave was attested)
  Margareth-Abbey serf. 1658 Abbey attestation. The children get the serfage of the mother.
  We have concluded although my ancestors were from Moos Ulm Buehl that they first came from Kappekwindeck and eventually lost touch with the Kappelwindeck
  Kloepfer/Klopfer"s. Many Klopfers stayed in Kappelwindeck. I have a video tape of my father and my visit to Kappelwindeck Klopfers and our joint conclusion on the matter. I could send you a copy. Kappelwindeck is mentioned as early as 1430.
  Kappelwindeck was incorporated into the district city of Buehl in 1932, through the mutual consent of both towns
  In the year 1392 - St. Maria, Earliest Catholic Church
  Information Sources:
  Kappelwindeck (Buehl)Catholicbirths, marriages and deaths: 1810-1870
  Kappelwindeck (Kappelwindeck)
  births and baptisms: 1691-1900
  marriages: 1691-1900
  deaths and burial: 1710-1900
  confirmations: 1696-1710
  family registry: 1696, 1700, 1710
  I need Kappelwindeck records prior to 1622 but they don't appear to be available so that I can attach to other Kloepfer families from Kappelwindeck.
  Thanks for sharing your interest with me.
  Bill Kloepfer
[email protected] *** Your letter actually shows two data, first one is July 23, 1668 (left), the other May 17, 1602 (bottom).
  To me, the letter was written in 1602, an additional note was added later indicating that something happened to the house (or the letter) in 1668 - I don't think it is 1658.
  I am not really sure, it seems that the note at the bottom left hand is a different handwriting. The information doesn't make sense to me yet - it turns out that either the house that was taken as a deposit/pledge burned down together with the one owned by Martin Lienhardt - or the original letter was lost.
  This is what I can read so far:
  T�xliche Abl�sige Zinss Taxable deduction of interest
  ... Pfingsten ... whitsun
  Ge�rg Kl�pfer zue Moos ... Ge�rg Kl�pfer of Moos ...
  Hanns ...�st der Stabhalter, ... Hanns ... the mayor ...
  Ihme Clau� Fridtmann au�er together with Clau� Fridtmann
  drey�ig gulden f�nfzehn schilling thirty gulden fifteen schilling
  capital 15 30 capital 15 30
  verpf�ndet pledged
  Ein Behausung, Hovfreithin sambt ... a house, a barn, including
  ... ...
  ... einseit neben ... andere ... one side next to ... other
  seit Jacob ... side next to Jacob ... ... ...
  Kl�pfer der zin�... Kl�pfer ...
  Brieffs Antanos Sek Han� Scholer Letters ... Sekretary? Hans Scholer
  B�rger zu Moo� und mit Ihme Joh Z... Citizen of Moos, together with
  ... datiert auf den dated
  17 May Anno 1602 ... May 17 1602
  den 23. July 1668 July 23 1668
  mit anderem Brieff with another letter
  verbrannt sampt burned together
  Martin Lienhardt Martin Lienhardt
  des Be... the ...'s
  ... Behausung ... house
  It probably will take time to get to know the meaning behind the document.
  May be the house was given to somebody else in 1602 and Georg Kloepfer took it over in 1668, assuming that he had also to take over the debts his predecessor has collected over the years, even though the house was burned down during the war. Individual Record FamilySearch� Pedigree Resource File
  Search Results Georger Kloepfer Compact Disc #98 Pin #69945 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: abt 1610 Place: Moos, Buehl, Baden, Germany Death: aft 1635 Place: Moos Parents: Notes and Sources: Notes: None Sources: None Submitter: Carolyn Pratt MOCK 985 West, 400 South Orem, Utah 84058 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.