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  1. Thomas Regenold: Birth: BEF 1592 in Estimate. Death: BET 19 FEB 1640 AND 3 JUN 1642 in Schwarzach, Abtei Schwarzach, Baden?

  2. Jakob Regenold: Birth: BEF 1593 in Estimate. Death: AFT 16 NOV 1655 in Leiberstung, Parish Schwarzach, Markgrafschaft Baden-Baden?

a. Note:   LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Leiberstung, p. 1 Anno 1616 Jacob Regenolt Christman Regenolts hinderlassener Sohn Margaretha Wendel Frietschen Eheliche Tochter daselbsten
  LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Leiberstung, p. 1a Anno 1617 May 6 Thomas Regenolt weylandt Christman Regenolts gewessener Burger alhie hinderlassener Sohn Maria Salome weylandt Melchior [Maln, crossed out] Mayers gewessener Burger in Huegelsheim hinderlassene Eheliche Tochter.
  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The marriage records of his children clearly give this man's name as Christman, not as Hans. Hans Reingold Reyngoldt Compact Disc #98 Pin #69245 Sex: M Event(s): Birth: abt 1550 Place: Leiberstung, Unz., Baden, Germany Death: aft 1630 Place: Leiberstung, , Germany Parents: Marriage(s): Spouse: Marriage: abt 1595 Place: Zell, Unzhurst, Baden, Germany
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