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Marriage: Children:
  1. Eva Geiger: Birth: BET 1683 AND 1695 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 29 DEC 1760 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

  2. Anna Maria Geiger: Birth: AFT 1683 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 1724 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

  3. Joseph Geiger: Birth: AFT 1683 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden). Death: 1765 in Kinzhurst, Abtei Schwarzach (Baden)

1. Title:   Vimbucher Seelbuch (Liber de statu animarum)
Author:   Ries, Johann Georg, transcriber
Publication:   Loerrach, Baden: Privately printed, 2006

a. Note:   Typed index to marriages, Kuentzhurst 1682-1727, p. 183.
  2942GEIGER �� nach 1683 Hans (aus 2939), * 16.01.1663 Kinzhurst, � vor 1693 Kinzhurst; Leibeigener der Abtei Schwarzach; Elt.: Hans G. und Maria J�RGER &GARTNER Maria Anna (aus 2931, II. �� Han� SEILER a2678), * um 1664 Kinzhurst, � 1700 Oberbruch; Leibeigene der Abtei Schwarzach; Elt.: Claus GARTNER, der Alt und Anna Maria SCH�FER Kinder: 1)Joseph (a2940), * Kinzhurst, � um 1765 Kinzhurst 2)Anna Maria (�� Joseph WOLFF a3180), * Kinzhurst, � 1724 Kinzhurst 3)Eva (�� Claus SEILER a2691), * Kinzhurst, � 29.12.1760 Oberbruch is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.