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1. Title:   Vimbucher Seelbuch (Liber de statu animarum)
Author:   Ries, Johann Georg, transcriber
Publication:   Loerrach, Baden: Privately printed, 2006

a. Note:   LDS Film 0999037 Typed index, Taufregister Leiberstung 1612-1681. Winter Mathias - Salome Joerger
  LDS Film 0999037 Marriages - Leiberstung, p. 7 1667 [illegible in margin]embris [illegible in margin]rstung Mathias Winther filius solutus et legitimus Joannis Wintehrs piae memoriae hoc et Salome Joergerin filia soluta et legitima Marzolphi Joergers civis in Moss contraxerung Matrimonium in facie Eccleisaie [Tes]tes Joannes Bohn von Leiberstung et Mathias Schaepher von Stollhouen
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  Search Results Salome' Jaeger Joerger Compact Disc #98 Pin #70024 Sex: F Event(s): Birth: abt 1645 Place: Leiberstung, Buehl, Baden, Germany Death: aft 1667 Place: Parents: Father: Marzolphi Jaeger Joerger Disc #98 Pin #69949 Marriage(s): Spouse: Mathias Winter Disc #98 Pin #70865 Marriage: Nov 1667 Place: Leiberstung, Buehl, Baden, Germany
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