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  1. Jacqueline Marie Pierson: Birth: 15 NOV 1923 in Newburgh, Orange, New York, United States. Death: 30 MAY 2000 in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, United States

  2. Edward Grier Pierson: Birth: 20 OCT 1925 in Newburgh, Orange, New York, United States. Death: 27 JUL 2017 in Willoughby, Lake, Ohio, United States

  3. Elizabeth Bennett PIERSON: Birth: 1 APR 1930 in Newburgh, Orange, New York, United States. Death: 27 JUN 2010 in Sagamore Hills, Summit, Ohio, United States

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a. Note:   binson Laird, was a Lithographer, a highly skilled and somewhat artistic trade at that time. I know little of Ida&apos;s mother, Sarah Bennett, and Ida had only dim childish memories of her and never spoke of her as far as I can recall. She was the fifth child of seven children, five girls and two boys.
  Her early childhood was evidently a happy time and she would talk about her memories of Brooklyn in the first decade of the twentieth century. She told her own children of her memories of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge or taking the Horse Cars across it. The family lived on or near Flatbush Ave. in the Peter Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn in a red stone house typical of the area. Her father was a very religious person and instilled the importance of religion into his family who proceeded to pass this leaning along to their own children. She grew up in a neighborhood filled with the Jewish and Irish families of the middle class that populated that area at that time and consequently was free of the prejudices that were so common at that time toward these ethnic groups.
  When Ida was ten a family tragedy occurred that would have a great affect on her life. Her mother, her younger brother Philip and her younger sister Emily were killed in a train wreck. She and her sister Ruth were then sent to a girls boarding school in New Hampshire where they stayed for three or four years. Meanwhile her father remarried and the new step-mother was not well accepted by the children. The step-mother (I am unaware of her name) was not well accepted by the children and this eventually broke the family apart as they became independent of the financial support of their father. Ida never talked of this relationship and in her father&apos;s later years after her step-mother&apos;s death she regained a happy normal relationship with her father. My comments are therefore to some degree conjecture.
  Ida had a high school education and was trained as a typist and secretary, and when she was sixteen she embarked on an adventure with her older sister Grace. Grace wanted to see more of the country so she and Ida saved up some money and started traveling west stopping at major cities and working to save enough to move to the next city as they aimed for the west coast. I believe they were in Chicago and Salt Lake City or Denver then on to San Francisco. This adventure must have taken them 18 months to 24 months before they returned home to Brooklyn.
  Pictures of Ida as an eighteen or nineteen year old show a beautiful girl with a full figure and long flowing blue black hair. She was 5 feet two inches tall and was plump and overweight for most of her adult life after her children were born. She enjoyed music, dancing, cards (primarily Bridge), gardening and flowers as well as writing poetry. She was a avid reader, was interested in politics and had a consuming interest in her family, her children and her religion. Somewhere around the time she married at the age of twenty years she became interested in Christian Science and soon became an avid follower of Mary Baker Eddy. Her religion was the center and guide for her life, and all her sisters and her brother converted to Christian Science. I suspect her father found this rather upsetting for he was a Quaker or more specifically a United Brethren.
  Ida was introduced to Ted Pierson by her sister Grace who had dated him a number of times before he shifted his attention to Ida who was ten years younger than him. They dated for awhile and became engaged after Ida had taken trips to Ted&apos;s home in a small rural community 60 miles north of Brooklyn. They were married in a church in Newburgh, NY, at the local Dutch Reform Church closest to Ted&apos;s home in Little Britain on July 15, 1922.
  Ted and Ida set up housekeeping in a house on the bluffs overlooking the Hudson River at Newburgh, NY, until after their second child was born. By this time her sister Ruth had moved to Newburgh and this allowed the two sisters the opportunity for daily contact. Ruth even moved to an apartment in the &quot;Heights&quot; within a couple of short blocks from her sister. Later after Betty was born they moved to a house on the northwest side of town on Maple St. to have more room. Her sister Ruth moved also to Oak St. two blocks away so the sisters could continue to see each other as often as they wished. Ruth was widowed with two young boys when her husband died of influenza in 1921. Ruth came and lived with Ida and Ted in Newburgh for a short time, but then met and married Raymond Clark who worked in a Dupont Plant in the planning department at Newburgh. The house on Oak St. was near Ray&apos;s work, and Ida and Ted looking for more room found a house on Maple St. with more room and again kept the two sisters in close contact and supportive of each other.
  When Ted&apos;s father died (1926) he was left a acre of land on his father&apos;s farm and built a house there in 1932. It was here that Ida and Ted raised their family. Ruth and Ray Clark also moved to Little Britain buying a house across the road from the schoolhouse keeping the two sisters in close contact again.
  Ida and Ruth were active in the Newburgh First Church of Christ Science and both served as reader at one time or another. The children all attended Sunday School at that church until the age of eighteen, but only Ida&apos;s daughter Betty and Ruth&apos;s daughter Rosalie choose to remain with that religion as adults.
  During the Great Depression Ida and Ted and the children moved to Newark, NJ for three years (1936-1939) so that Ted could have a better market in which to sell life insurance. They moved back just as soon as the economy was recovered enough to allow it.
  As World War II progressed it brought changes. Ted was forced to take a defense job and was away from home during the week. Jackie the oldest daughter went away to college in Ohio and in February of 1944 Edward left for the Army Air Corps. With so much of the family away and weekend travel so difficult Ida decided to move with Ted&apos;s work and during the war years the family home was in Albany and then Syracuse, NY.
  When Jackie and her new husband moved to Cleveland, Ohio and Edward was in college at Bowling Green, Ohio, Ida convinced Ted to move to Cleveland to be near the children and Douglas Hanke the new and first grandchild. Ida and Ted lived in this house until 1954 when all the children were married and when Max and Jackie were resettled in Florida. It was natural to move to Florida for the final home and Ida and Ted bought a home in Clearwater near Tampa, Florida.
  Ida was widowed when Ted died of a heart attack in 1958 and lived a short three years after him dying of cancer of the pancreas on April 14, 1961.
  My mother was a gentle person, but with great strength of purpose and always encouraging and supportive of every worthwhile endeavor of any of the children. She wanted her children to have happy lives and saw this as not necessarily dependent on accumulation of wealth. Mother built her life around her family, her husband and her children to a degree that our modern world does not favor. A great deal of my values and my character and personality come directly from Ida Laird Pierson who is still alive in my memory.
  (Edward Pierson, Jr. - Oct. 17, 1995) ............................................................
Note:   Ida was born on April 15, 1902, in Brooklyn, NY. Her father, William Ro
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Note:   New York City, Births, 1891-1902Name: <b>Ida R. Laird</b>Birth Date: <b
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Note:   Florida Death Index, 1877-1998Name: <b>Ida Laird Raynor Pierson</b>Deat
d. Note:   aynor <i>Laird</i> Pierson</b>Birth: Apr. 15, 1902BrooklynKings CountyNew York, USADeath: Apr. 14, 1961Pinellas CountyFlorida, USA Family links:  Spouse:  Edward Grier Pierson (1893 - 1958)Burial:Warwick CemeteryWarwickOrange CountyNew York, USA Created by: LoganRecord added: Aug 21, 2012Find A Grave Memorial# 95744300
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