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a. Note:   NI2149
Note:   Virginia Journal & Alexander Advertiser September 29, 1785
AGREEABLE to the last will of Philip Noland, jun., deceased, will be sold to the highest bidder on the premises, about two miles and an half above Noland's Ferry, on the fifteenth day of October next, if fair, if not the fair day, the said Noland's dwelling Plantation, containing at least 213 acres. This plantation, as to soil, water, meadow, and orchard, is equal to any land of the quanity on Potomack river; the orchard has made 3000 gallons of cyder a year. Said land lies on the river about three quarters of a mile , on which is a dwelling-house, kitchen, meat-house, and a new barn. The isituation of the place is very beautiful and healthy. --The money must be paid as the children come of age; that is in five years one hundred pounds, and one fourth part of the balance in nine years, one fourth inten years, one fourth in eleven years, and one fourth in thirteen years. The purchaser must give bond, with approved security, for the payment of the money and interest. The interest must be paid annualy, for the support of the children, other - wife the bonds shall be liable to be put in suit for the recovery of the principal and interest. -- On the above land is a fine limestone quarry, within 400 yards of the river, where a large quanity of lime might be made, and if the river should be made navigable, in a little time pay for the land.-- On the same day, at the aforesaid place, will be sold some cattle, horses and hogs; also, some corn, fodder and wheat, on one years credit, giving bond and approved security. THOMAS NOLAND, Excutor. September 20, 1785 Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche, descendant April 2007 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.