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Minnie B. "UnKnown": Birth: NOV 1877 in Indiana.
Minnie B. "UnKnown": Birth: DEC 1870 in Maine. Death: 1937 in Windham, Cumberland County, Maine
Minnie D. "UnKnown": Birth: APR 1869 in Iowa.
Minnie E. "UnKnown": Birth: JUN 1870 in New York.
Minnie J. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1887 in Ireland.
Minnie L. "UnKnown": Birth: 19 SEP 1872 in Pennsylvania. Death: 19 SEP 1962 in Holton, Jackson County, Kansas
Minnie M. "UnKnown": Birth: JAN 1863 in Iowa.
Minnie May "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1885 in Missouri.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: APR 1854 in Missouri.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1859 in Illinois.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: APR 1871 in Michigan.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: NOV 1863 in Iowa.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: JUN 1864 in Maryland.
Minnie "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1848 in Ohio.
Miranda "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1794. Death: 02 MAR 1816 in Sherburne, Chenango County, New York
Myrtle "Watie" E. "UnKnown": Birth: OCT 1872 in Maine.
Myrtle R. "UnKnown": Birth: 24 DEC 1899 in Utah. Death: JAN 1984 in Lehi, Utah County, Utah
Myrtle "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1885 in Illinois.
Myrtle "UnKnown": Birth: 04 AUG 1902 in Missouri. Death: 24 JAN 1996 in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
Myrtle "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1889 in Iowa.
Myrtle "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1888 in Michigan.
Myrtle "UnKnown": Birth: MAY 1872 in Illinois.
Nancy B. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1888 in West Virginia.
Nancy "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1813 in New Hampshire.
Nancy "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1730. Death: ABT 1768
Nancy "UnKnown": Birth: MAY 1881 in West Virginia.
Nancy "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1845 in Connecticut.
Nancy "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1859 in Missouri.
Nannie "UnKnown": Birth: 01 AUG 1886 in West Virginia. Death: NOV 1976 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia
Nanny J. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT AUG 1870 in Illinois.
Nelia "UnKnown": Birth: AUG 1862 in Ohio.
Nell I. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1875 in Kentucky.
Nellie B. "UnKnown": Birth: JAN 1858 in Massachusetts.
Nellie E. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1886 in Nebraska.
Nellie F. "UnKnown": Birth: NOV 1859 in Maine.
Nellie H. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1888 in Missouri.
Nellie L. "UnKnown": Birth: APR 1868 in Virginia.
Nellie S. "UnKnown": Birth: FEB 1877 in Massachusetts. Death: BEF 05 MAY 1930
Nellie "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1898 in West Virginia.
Nettie M. "UnKnown": Birth: APR 1841 in New York.
Nettie "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1875 in Iowa.
Nettie "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 29 NOV 1860.
Nina L. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1887 in Illinois.
Nola L. "UnKnown": Birth: 23 NOV 1904. Death: 05 APR 1993 in New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas
Nora E. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1842 in Ohio.
Nora E. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1868 in West Virginia.
Norma F. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1890 in Maine.
Norma Gail "UnKnown": Birth: 25 OCT 1885 in Ohio. Death: 15 DEC 1964 in Los Angeles County, California
Oila R. "UnKnown": Birth: MAY 1842 in New York.
Ola A. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1881 in Missouri.
Olive A. "UnKnown": Birth: NOV 1863 in New York.
Olive B. "UnKnown": Birth: JAN 1833 in Maine. Death: BEF APR 1910 in Windham, Cumberland County, Maine
Olive S. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1882 in Kansas.
Olive W. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1897 in Rhode Island.
Olive "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1884 in Wisconsin.
Olive "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1847 in Denmark.
Ora B. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1875 in Maine.
Ora F. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1892 in Missouri.
Oral "UnKnown": Birth: JUN 1857 in Ohio.
Ordell "UnKnown": Birth: OCT 1852 in New York.
Osa "UnKnown": Birth: MAR 1830 in West Virginia.
Pamelia "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1821 in New York.
Parmelia A. "Amelia" "UnKnown": Birth: 18 AUG 1828 in New York. Death: 23 JUN 1910
Paul "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1898 in Wisconsin.
Pearl A. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1879 in Illinois.
Pearl M. "UnKnown": Birth: ABT 1892 in Missouri.

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