Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Person Not Viewable . He/She was the son/daughter of William F. Urbach and Alvina M. Bischoff.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

William F. Urbach was born JUN 1864 in Minnesota.

Alvina M. Bischoff was born MAY 1876 in Minnesota.

Children of Alvina M./Bischoff/ and William F./Urbach/ are:
  1. Bertha Urbach was born OCT 1893 in Minnesota.

  2. William F. Urbach was born 01 JUL 1897 in Hobart Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota, and died 27 FEB 1956 in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  3. Olga Urbach was born OCT 1898 in Minnesota.

  4. Clarence R. Urbach was born ABT 1901 in Minnesota, and died 30 NOV 1915 in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  5. Person Not Viewable .

  6. Harry H. Urbach was born 13 SEP 1906 in Minnesota, and died 27 NOV 1992 in Park Rapids, Hubbard County, Minnesota.

  7. Person Not Viewable .

  8. Violet Alice Urbach was born 22 APR 1911, and died 15 DEC 1990 in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. She married Clifford Gates Conger. He was born 01 APR 1901 in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa, and died FEB 1974 in Frazee, Becker County, Minnesota.

  9. Person Not Viewable .

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