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Paul Gouverneur Burnet: Birth: 11 DEC 1866 in OH. Death: ABT. 1936
Priscilla Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1644.
Robert J. Gouverneur Burnet: Birth: 6 AUG 1891 in Louisa Co., VA. Death: 23 DEC 1958 in Charlottesville, VA
Robert Wallace Burnet: Birth: 20 JUL 1806 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Death: 22 JUL 1898 in Walnut Hills, Hamilton Co., OH
Samuel Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1736.
Sarah Belle Burnet: Birth: 13 JUN 1863 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Death: 15 DEC 1865 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH
Sarah Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1764. Death: ABT. 1768
Staats Gouverneur Burnet: Birth: 1 MAR 1889 in OH. Death: 30 SEP 1981
Staats Gouverneur Burnet: Birth: 21 JUN 1827 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Death: 17 DEC 1888 in Mt. Harrison, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH
Staats Morris Burnet: Birth: 18 SEP 1786. Death: ABT. 1806
Staats Burnet: Birth: 14 NOV 1888.
Thomas Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1612 in Braintree, Essex, England. Death: ABT. DEC 1684 in South Hampton, Long Island, NY
Thomas Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1570 in Leys, Kincardineshire, Scotland.
William Bromwell Burnet: Birth: 15 JUL 1854 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Death: 5 FEB 1909 in New York City, NY
William Russell Burnet: Birth: 13 DEC 1730 in Lyon's Farms nr Elizabeth Town, Newark, Essex Co.,NJ. Death: 7 OCT 1791 in Newark, Essex Co.,NJ
William Burnet: Birth: 27 MAY 1856. Death: 30 MAY 1856
William Burnet: Birth: 24 NOV 1754. Death: 25 DEC 1799
William Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1806. Death: ABT. 1892
William Burnet: Birth: ABT. 1777.

Frances Burnett: Birth: 1790.
Sadie Burnett: Birth: ABT. 1890.

Burnette: Birth: ABT. SEP 1869 in MO.
Callie Jean Burns: Birth: 15 OCT 1972 in Hugoton , Stevens Co., KS. Death: 15 OCT 1972 in Hugoton , Stevens Co., KS
Grace Mae Burns: Birth: 17 MAR 1921 in Amarillo, Potter Co., TX. Death: 23 APR 1998 in Okmulgee, OK
Isabella Burns: Birth: 28 SEP 1884 in CT. Death: ABT. FEB 1977 in Everglades National Park, Dade Co., FL

Permelia Frances Burress: Birth: 5 JUN 1860. Death: 3 MAR 1897
Colbert Burris: Birth: ABT. 1833.
John Burris: Birth: ABT. 1805.
Mary A. Burris: Birth: ABT. FEB 1835 in MO. Death: ABT. 1916
Mary Immioka Burris: Birth: ABT. 1832 in MS.

Floretta Viola Burroughs: Birth: 17 AUG 1920 in Shambaugh, Page County, Iowa. Death: 5 MAR 1985 in Baptist Medical Center, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Maude Lura Burroughs: Birth: 30 AUG 1883 in Gentry County, Missouri. Death: 1958
Peter Marion Burroughs: Birth: 30 NOV 1893 in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri. Death: 23 DEC 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska
Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1896.
Bessie Irene Burrows: Birth: 18 NOV 1898 in Morrison, Noble Co., OK. Death: 4 DEC 1985 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
Cecil Wayne Burrows: Birth: 13 JUL 1917 in Hugoton, Stevens Co., KS. Death: 11 MAR 1982 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
Earnest Allen Burrows: Birth: 7 OCT 1916 in KS. Death: 12 APR 1998
Fern L. Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1920. Death: ABT. 1923 in Infancy
Frankie Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1895. Death: in In infancy
George Henry Burrows: Birth: 2 JUN 1893 in Dodge City, Ford Co., KS. Death: 31 DEC 1942 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
James Henry Burrows: Birth: 26 DEC 1874. Death: 1 DEC 1955
John R. Burrows: Birth: 7 OCT 1901 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple. Death: 3 JAN 1991 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
John Riley Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1835.
Kenneth Malcolm Burrows: Birth: 3 MAR 1897 in Galena, Cherokee Co., KS. Death: 25 OCT 1918
La Verna Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1903. Death: AFT. 1985
Lizzie Ella Burrows: Birth: 14 FEB 1907 in Morrison, Noble Co., OK. Death: 29 SEP 1930 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
Mae Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1904 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple. Death: AFT. 1985
Maudie M. Burrows: Birth: 1 JUN 1914 in KS. Death: 18 FEB 2007 in Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne, CO
Mildred Edna Burrows: Birth: 10 JAN 1899 in Galena, Cherokee Co., KS. Death: 10 APR 1975 in Hugoton, Stevens Co. KS
Mina Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1892 in KS. Death: ABT. 1922
Myron Lee Burrows: Birth: ABT. 1912 in KS. Death: AFT. 1985
Ray H. Burrows: Birth: 11 FEB 1933. Death: 21 APR 2007 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
Roxie Viola Burrows: Birth: 28 NOV 1894 in KS. Death: 4 JUN 1993
William Franklin Burrows: Birth: 16 SEP 1864 in IL. Death: 8 AUG 1943 in Liberal, Seward Co., KS
William Franklin Burrows: Birth: 4 AUG 1909 in Hugoton, Stevens Co., KS. Death: 10 JUL 1986 in Hugoton, Stevens Co., KS

Nancy F. Burrus: Birth: ABT. 10 MAR 1802 in KY. Death: 23 OCT 1880 in Moniteau Twp., Cooper Co., MO

Susannah Burtain: Birth: ABT. 1745.
Alta Mae Burton: Birth: ABT. 1895.
Ann Burton: Birth: ABT. 1817 in Pocklington, Yorkshire, England. Death: ABT. 1864
Charles Burton: Birth: ABT. 1801.
John Newton Burton: Birth: ABT. 1805.
Elizabeth Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1711.
John J. Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1870.
Lewis Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1710.
Lewis Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1655.
Lewis Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1630.
Nathaniel Burwell: Birth: ABT. 1680. Death: ABT. 1721

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