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Catherine Carr: Death: Jan 23 1829 in Macquarie Grove, New South Wales, Australia
Edna Carr: Birth: 1908 in Oldbury, Worcestershire. Death: 1987
Edward Carr: Birth: 1856 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Enoch Carr: Birth: 1867 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
George Carr: Birth: 1858 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Gladys Carr: Birth: 1899 in Oldbury, Worcs.
John Walker Carr: Birth: ABT 1834 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
John Carr: Birth: 1862 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Joseph Carr: Birth: 1895 in Oldbury, Worcs.
Joseph Carr: Birth: 1853 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Joseph Carr: Birth: 1863 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Joseph Carr: Birth: 1872 in Oldbury, Worcs. Death: AFT 1911
Josiah Carr: Birth: 1872 in Oldbury, Worcestershire. Death: 1941
Olive Carr: Birth: 1900 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Phoebe Carr: Birth: ABT 1889 in Blackheath, Staffordshire.
Samuel Carr: Birth: 1865 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Susannah Carr: Birth: 1869 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
Thomas Carr: Birth: 1848 in Oldbury, Worcestershire. Death: 1900 in Oldbury, Worcs
William Carr: Birth: 1826 in Oldbury, Worcestershire. Death: 1892
William Carr: Birth: 1860 in Oldbury, Worcestershire.
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Eliza Edith Carroll: Birth: 1875.
Mary Agnes Carroll: Birth: Dec 1891 in Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire. Death: Oct 03 1967 in Salford, Lancashire
Nelly Carroll: Death: 2006
Thomas Lawrence Carroll: Birth: 1870 in Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire. Death: 1910 in Salford, Lancashire
Marjorie Carson: Birth: 1926 in Manchester. Death: 1926 in Manchester
Robert Carson: Birth: 1899. Death: 1961
Vera Carson: Birth: 1923 in Manchester. Death: 1924 in Manchester
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Emily Carter: Birth: 1849 in Lower Withington, Cheshire.
Ernest Edward Carter: Birth: 1878 in Wednesbury, Staffs. Death: 1962
Esther Carter: Birth: 1883 in Manchester. Death: 1942
Ida Carter: Birth: ABT Jun 1898 in Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire. Death: AFT 1911
Mary A Carter: Birth: 1857 in BRIERLEY HILL West Midlands England?.
Robert Carter: Birth: ABT 1871 in Brighouse, Yorkshire.
Rose Carter: Birth: Jan 27 1906 in Northwich, Cheshire. Death: Sep 09 1992
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Martha Cartey: Birth: ABT Oct 19 1755 in Astbury, Cheshire. Death: ABT 1833 in Brieryhurst, Cheshire
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Maud Leonora Cartmell: Birth: Sep 28 1899 in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Death: ABT Jul 1991 in Elstree and Potters Bar, Middlesex
Albert Edward Cartwright: Birth: 1878 in Staffordshire. Death: 1955 in Leeds, Yorkshire
Albert Edward Cartwright: Birth: 1906 in Staffordshire Moorlands. Death: 1918 in Leeds, Yorkshire
Alice Cartwright: Birth: 1639.
Anne Cartwright: Birth: Mar 13 1679 in Wombourne, Staffordshire. Death: 1743 in Wombourne, Staffordshire
Beatrice May Cartwright: Birth: ABT Dec 1896 in Dudley, Worcestershire.
Charles Hawson Cartwright: Birth: 1828 in Clayworth, Nottinghamshire.
Charles Cartwright: Birth: 1820 in Laneham, Nottinghamshire.
Charlotte Cartwright: Birth: 1802 in Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire.
Edmund Cartwright: Birth: 1816 in West Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Edward Cartwright: Birth: Oct 21 1901 in Staffordshire Moorlands. Death: 1965 in Leeds, Yorkshire
Edward Cartwright: Birth: 1814 in West Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Eliza Cartwright: Birth: 1885 in Dudley, Worcestershire. Death: 1959 in Dudley, Worcestershire
Eliza Cartwright: Birth: ABT 1856 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.
Elizabeth Cartwright: Birth: Dec 16 1836 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. Death: Mar 26 1911 in Barnsley, Yorkshire
Esther Cartwright: Birth: 1892.
George Cartwright: Birth: 1804 in Laneham, Nottinghamshire. Death: Aug 10 1864 in Barnsley, Yorkshire
Gladys Martha Cartwright: Birth: 1904 in Staffordshire Moorlands. Death: 1936 in Leeds, Yorkshire
John Cartwright: Birth: Nov 27 1653 in Wombourne, Staffs.
John Cartwright: Birth: Jul 03 1806 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Joseph Cartwright: Birth: ABT 1827 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.
Mary Cartwright: Birth: 1810 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Mary Cartwright: Birth: 1829 in Wombourne, Staffs.
Sarah Jane Cartwright: Birth: ABT 1849 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.
Sarah Matilda Cartwright: Birth: 1849 in Brierley Hill, Staffordshire.
Sarah Cartwright: Birth: 1818 in West Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Susannah Cartwright: Birth: 1800 in Brierley Hill, Staffordshire.
Thomas Cartwright: Birth: 1775 in Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire.
Thomas Cartwright: Birth: 1812 in West Markham, Nottinghamshire.
William Cartwright: Birth: 1808 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire.
Zilpha Elizabeth Cartwright: Birth: 1903 in Staffordshire Moorlands. Death: 1983 in Leeds, Yorkshire
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Jane Elliott Casey: Birth: 1795. Death: 1862
Jane Elliott Casey: Birth: 1795 in Kingswear, Devon. Death: 1862
Ann Cash: Birth: ABT 1879 in Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Elizabeth L Cash: Birth: ABT 1877 in Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Ellen Cash: Birth: ABT 1884 in Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Thomas James Cash: Birth: 1849 in Birmingham, Warks.
Thomas Cash: Birth: 1870 in Birmingham, Warwickshire.
William Cash: Birth: ABT 1881 in Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Charles Cashmore: Birth: May 03 1875 in ROWLEY REGIS West Midlands England.
Elizabeth Cashmore: Birth: 1879 in Rowley Regis, Staffs.
Elizabeth Cashmore: Birth: ABT 1804.
Joseph Cashmore: Birth: 1877 in Rowley Regis, Staffs.
Joseph Cashmore: Birth: 1851 in RowleyRegis, Staffs.
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