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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ashcraft: Birth: 2 May 1808 in Pendleton Co., KY. Death: 20 Jul 1832 in , Grant Co., Kentucky

  2. Henry Ashcraft: Birth: 24 Jan 1810 in , Pendleton Co., KY. Death: 10 May 1890 in , Grant Co., Kentucky

  3. Mahala Ashcraft: Birth: 10 Apr 1812 in , Pendleton Co., KY. Death: 7 Jul 1890

  4. Lydia Ashcraft: Birth: 9 May 1814 in Pendleton Co., KY.

  5. Jediah R. Ashcraft: Birth: 8 Jun 1816 in , Pendleton Co., KY.

  6. Elizabeth Ashcraft: Birth: 8 Mar 1818 in , Pendleton Co., KY. Death: 8 Aug 1911 in , Pendleton Co., Kentucky

  7. Rachel Ashcraft: Birth: 12 Feb 1820 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky. Death: 7 Feb 1875 in , Grant Co., Kentucky

  8. Richard James Ashcraft: Birth: 25 Dec 1821 in , Grant Co., KY. Death: 22 May 1899 in , Grant Co., Kentucky

  9. Robert William Ashcraft: Birth: 28 May 1827 in , Grant Co., KY. Death: 22 Apr 1908 in Covington, Kenton Co., KY

  10. Amanda Ashcraft: Birth: 21 Jul 1828 in Grant Co., Kentucky. Death: Feb 1861 in , Grant Co., Kentucky

a. Note:   SOURCE: 1850 Census Grant Co., Kentucky House# 762 Family# 763 Ashcraft, James/56/M/Farmer/Virginia Ashcraft, Elizabeth/69/F/Virginia/Cannot read or write Wortman, Mary/72/F/Virginia/Cannot read or write
CORRESPONDENCE: Jaxie J. Kelley 304 52nd. Ave. Plaza W. Bradenton , FL 34207
FAMILY GROUP RECORD: Wilma Carroll Hillman 7144 Summit Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45242-2518 16 August 1966 She says: MILITARY-Kentucky Mounted Volunteer War of 1812 under Col. Will Mountjoy
SOURCE: Ashcraft Family Cemetery Peaceful Hollow Road Dry Ridge, KY by Verner Ashcraft July 1984 The first known record of the ASHCRAFT FAMILY CEMETERY is mentioned in the division of the land of JAMES ASHCRAFT estate, Grant County Kentucky Will Book F page 197, dated 12th September 1869: "First we laid off one half acre of land including the family burying ground" etc.
James Ashcraft was born 8 February 1790 in Virginia and died 4 August 1867. He married Elizabeth Wortman in Pendleton County 28 January 1808; she too was born in Virginia in 1782 and died 23 Nov 1878, age 96 years. They had ten children, five boys and five girls.
James Ashcraft was a private in the War of 1812 in Captain Thomas Childers Company, Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia, Commanded by Colonel William Mountjoy.
Deed Book O pages 298 and 299 concerning the Grant County Circuit May Term court 1868, naming the heirs of the deceased JAMES ASHCRAFT and at the end of page 299 "Forever warrant and defend so far as they have secured assets from their said ancester JED ASHCRAFT and no further. JEDIAH ASHCRAFT was a Commissioned Officer in the Campbell County Regiment, Lieutenant, 21st Regiment, July 12, 1797 and promoted to Captain in the 21st Regiment October 8, 1798.
Jediah (Jed) Ashcraft was one of the first appointed Magistrates when Grant County was formed in April 1820 out of Pendleton County. He was also a justice of the peace prior to 1820 in Pendleton County. Jediah Ashcraft resigned his Grant County appointment in June of 1820, no reason given. The September Grant county court of 1820, indicates, Sarah Ashcraft, Jed's wife, and James Ashcraft, his son, were appointed administrators of Jediah's estate account deceased. To date, no written record or marker of his burial has been located in either Pendleton or Grant Counties.
In the Cemetery there are eleven identifiable graves with markers and seventy one field stone head markers. Apparently there are other graves, not yet located, but time, weather and growth of vegetation has changed the cite. This cemetery has not been cleaned and fenced and shall be maintained.
The oldest member buried in the ASHCRAFT FAMILY CEMETERY is James Ashcraft's sister-in-law(should be mother-in-law), Mary Wortman, age 99 years, died 1 August 1856 and buried next to her sister (should be daughter) Elizabeth. A homemade marker of sand stone has two falling ash leaves etched thereon. The last buried was 17th March 1915, that of Napoleon Bonaparte Ashcraft.
Those that assisted in the cleaning and fencing of the cemetery were Archie Ashcraft, Dale Ashcraft, Edward Hillman, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Pence and Verner Ashcraft, the latter's great grand father being Robert William, the youngest son of James and Elizabeth Ashcraft.
SOURCE: Marriage Record Pendleton Co., Kentucky
SOURCE: Cemetery Records Pendleton Co., Kentucky
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