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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charlotte Maxwell: Birth: 1789 in Mecklenburg, NC.

  2. James J. or I. Maxwell: Birth: 1791. Death: JAN 1828 in Rutherford Co, Tenn

  3. John Maxwell: Birth: 1793. Death: 1829 in Rutherford Co, Tenn

  4. William A Maxwell: Birth: 1797 in Mecklenburg, NC. Death: 1839 in Rutherford, Tenn

  5. Elizabeth Maxwell: Birth: 1798.

  6. James Robert Maxwell: Birth: 1805 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN. Death: 1861 in Laurel Hill, De Kalb, TN

  7. Jesse Maxwell: Birth: 1807 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN. Death: JAN 1829

  8. Nancy Allen Maxwell: Birth: 1810.

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a. Note:   This is a quote of Linda Mullen from the Crosthwaite family tree:
  "When a youth "removed" to North Carolina. Lived in Mecklenburg Co., NC during war. (Revolutionary War. my note WMM) 1830 living in Rutherford Co., TN (per 1830 census)."
  "Served under his father, James Maxwell, during war per a signed affidavit by himself on 2 Oct 1832- witnessed by Jesse Stoval."
  Married: 11 June 1785 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
  Re: Robert Maxwell,d.1752,Lancaster Co., Pa. Posted by: Diana Gayle Welsh (ID *****3836) Date: July 21, 2005 <>
  In Reply to: Re: Robert Maxwell,d.1752,Lancaster Co., Pa. by Linda Mullen of 6691 Linda Both myself and my daughter Valerie Holder are descendants of Nancy Fitts and Samual Maxwell. We have William Maxwell B 1756 married to Elizabeth Parke B. 04-29-1768 In Chester Co. Pa and D. 02-08-1841 in Smith Co. Tn. I also have her father, grandfather and great grandfather. E-mail me and I'll share this information.
  Gayle ############################################# Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements Pension application of William Maxwell R7046A Elizabeth fn42NC Transcribed by Will Graves rev'd 4/19/09 [Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and/or grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original.] State of Tennessee, Rutherford County: Circuit Court October Term 1832 On this second day of October 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Hon. James C. Mitchell Judge, William Maxwell, a Citizen of said County and State aforesaid aged Seventy six years was being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832. He states that he was born in the State of Pennsylvania and removed when a youth to the State of North Carolina Mecklenburg County and he entered the service of the United States in the County of Mecklenburg as a volunteer under Captain Charles Polk, and he thinks that the corps rendezvoused near the mouth of Rocky River, Col Alexander Martin and Lt Col Thomas Polk commanded the Regiment to which declarant was attached. He cannot recollect the year that he entered the service under Captain Polk. From the mouth of Rocky River the corps marched to Cross Creek on the waters of Cape Fear [River]. From this point the corps returned back to Mecklenburg and was discharged. At the period here spoken of James Maxwell the Father of declarant was with the command in the capacity of Quarter Master of the Regiment commanded by Martin. Afterwards declarant again volunteered his services in the County of Mecklenburg, and joined the Company commanded by Thomas Shelby � and the company was marched by a Fort or place which was occupied by Col Rugeley, a Tory, after Gates' [Horatio Gates'] defeat or near as he can recollect, and was then marched to near Camden, and there joined Gates' Army. Declarant was in the battle when Gates was defeated. He recollects that General Rutherford [Griffith Rutherford] was taken prisoner at the battle of Camden. After the battle declarant with the militia generally went home. In the last tour above spoken of declarant thinks he was in service more than four and not above six months. Before the capture of Charleston by the British � but he cannot recollect the precise time, in the County of Mecklenburg he again volunteered his services, under the command of Captain William Alexander, and rendezvoused at Charlotte and was marched to South Carolina, passing the Catawba River � thence to Wateree and joined Col. Wade Hampton's command between the Wateree and Congaree [Rivers]. During this service there was a skirmish between Hampton's command and the British and Tories at the Quarter house � and also at a place called the Blackstocks, with the British and Tories where General Sumpter [sic, Thomas Sumter] commanded; and who was wounded in that skirmish � after which declarant returned home and was discharged. In this tour declarant served ten months. Declarant again volunteered his services, though he cannot recollect the date of the service, from the County of Mecklenburg and joined the Company commanded by Captain James Houston and rendezvoused near Charlotte and crossed the Catawba and marched towards King's Mountain. Declarant was one of the advance guard under the command of Captain Thomas Shelby � and joined the corps under the command of Col Campbell [William Campbell] and under him Cols Shelby [Isaac Shelby] and Sevier [John Sevier]. Declarant was in the battle that was fought at that place, and he recollects that his Captain Houston received a wound in the knee, which disabled him. After the battle of King's Mountain declarant returned with his company home, and was discharged. Shortly after his return home, he again volunteered his services under Captain Richard Simmons [?] and rendezvoused near the mouth of Little River under the command of Genl Rutherford, Col Robert Smith and Major Graham � and then marched to Wilmington � and after remaining here sometime he Troop returned home. In the last listed company declarant was in service four months or upwards. During the last tour declarant was with a detachment under the command of Col Smith, while the Army lay at Wilmington, ordered to destroy or break up a party of Tories and British, which marched, or was expected to march to the Brick house. The Brick house being then in the possession of the British � should the British and Tories march from the Mills where Major Graham had been sent to dislodge them. Declarant again volunteered under his Father Capt James Maxwell in the County of Mecklenburg and was marched to near Cowan's Ford, where the British crossed the Catawba under the command of Lord Cornwallis. He was in the skirmish at Cowan's Ford where General Davidson [William Lee Davidson] fell. The command moved to the widow Torrence's [also spelled Tarrant] and from this place the corps retreated to Charlotte, before the British cavalry under the command of Tarlton [sic, Banastre Tarleton]-- and from thence the Army retreated to the Cross roads four miles from Charlotte and at this place Major White commanded � and the corps fell back to the right and left, and the British cavalry passed on the road between the American corps � and as they passed they received the fire of our corps � and the corps then dispersed and returned home. At the cross roads George Locke [? looks like �Lacken� or �Lachin�] was killed by Tarleton. Declarant continued in service until after the battle of Guilford, and was then discharged. He cannot say what was the length of his service in this last Tour, but he thinks four months. And applicant would here state that he was in the battle at Rafts Swamp and also at the battle fought at Ramsour's Mills. Declarant has no document or record in his possession by which he can prove his services, or to form [?] the dates of his different Tours of service � nor does he know of any one now living by whom he can prove his service. He has lost his discharges. He has no record of his age and declarant lived in Mecklenburg County after the war, and has since resided in the State of Tennessee. Declarant does not recollect the names of the Regular Officers, who were attached to the Regular Troops with whom he served � though he saw many of them on his different Tours, but he has forgotten their names. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Subscribed & sworn to 2nd October 1832 S/ Wm Ledbetter S/ William Maxwell George McLain1 1 a soldier of the revolution makes oath that he was at the battle fought at Rafts Swamp, and Ramsour's Mills, and he has conversed with William Maxwell about the occurrences which took place on those occasions, and from the many incidents which there occurred, and which the said William Maxwell hath related in conversation to this affiant, he is satisfied that said Maxwell was in those engagements. George McLain (McLean) W21793 Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Sworn to in open Court 2 October 1832 S/ Wm Ledbetter S/ George McLean [sic] Thomas Callen [?] knew the Father of William Maxwell in Mecklenburg County North Carolina and he also was acquainted with the said William at the same time, and during and since the revolutionary war; and he always understood in North Carolina and in Tennessee that said William Maxwell was a soldier of the revolution; and that said William has seen much service and from his acquaintance with the said William he believes him to be seventy six years of age. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Sworn to in Open Court to October 1832 S/ Wm Ledbetter, Clerk S/ Thomas Callen [fn p. 31�Will Graves thinks this document is misfiled and belongs to some other veteran.] State of North Carolina Guilford County: This day personally appeared before me William Adams a justice of the peace for the County and State aforesaid William Maxwell who being duly sworn, deposeth and saith that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than the periods mentioned below and in the following grades: For 3 months I served as a private, as set forth in my declaration, and in the company and under the offices they are mentioned. For 3 months I served again as a private in the year 1781 For one week I served as a volunteer and private of Randolph For one week and 5 days I served on another occasion near the time of the battle of Guilford. For 6 months 2 weeks and 5 days I served my country in the revolutionary war and for these services I claim a pension. Sworn to & subscribed S/ William Adams, JP S/ William Maxwell [fn p. 40] State of Tennessee Rutherford County Personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the peace for the State and County aforesaid William Maxwell, who, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that, by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory, he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection, he served not less than the periods mentioned below and in the following grades: for 3 months under Capt. Charles Polk, and 3 months under Capt. Thomas Shelby -- The declarant states that he volunteered for 3 months, at a time -- and for 10 months under Capt. William Alexander in the campaign in South Carolina -- for 5 months under the command of Capt. James Houston -- for 3 months as Ensign under the command of Capt. Simmons -- 4 months as Ensign in the company of Capt. James Maxwell -- making 21 months, he served as a private, and 7 months as Ensign in the service of his country -- and for such service I claim a pension. S/ William Maxwell Sworn to and subscribed before made this 30th November 1833 given under my hand the date above S/ Jesse Stovall, JP [fn p. 8: on September 5, 1839 in Smith County Tennessee, Elizabeth Maxwell, 71, filed for a widows pension stating that she is the widow of William Maxwell, a pensioner of the United States for his services in the revolution; that she married him June 11, 1785; that he died December 7, 1838 and that she remains his widow.] [fn p. 10: on October 7th, 1844, and Smith County Tennessee, Samuel P. W. Maxwell, 26, grandson of William Maxwell and wife Elizabeth Maxwell filed a claim seeking the pension due his grandmother; he states that Elizabeth Maxwell, his grandmother died February 8, 1841 leaving the following children and grandchildren as her legal heirs and representatives to wit: William Maxwell, Robert Maxwell, Nancy Love, the heirs of John Maxwell deceased and the heirs of Jesse Maxwell, the heirs of Elizabeth Maxwell and the heirs of James Maxwell.] [fn p. 12: on October 11, 1851 in Smith County Tennessee, Robert Maxwell, 46, a resident of Smith County filed seeking the amount due Elizabeth Maxwell as the widow of William Maxwell; Robert Maxwell states that he is the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Maxwell; that William and Elizabeth were married in Mecklenburg County North Carolina on June 11 1785 as appears in the family record; that Elizabeth Maxwell left surviving her 2 children Robert Maxwell and Nancy Love.] [fn p. 15] family record
  William and Elizabeth Maxwell married June 11th 1785 Elizabeth Maxwell born April 29th 1768 Charlotte Maxwell born April 26 1789 James Maxwell born February 27th A.D. 1791 John Maxwell born February 14th A.D. 1793 Lydea Maxwell born February the 3rd A.D. 1795 William Maxwell born January 3rd A.D. 1797 Elizabeth Maxwell born December 18th A.D. 1798 Robert Maxwell born May 6th A.D. 1805 Jesse Maxwell born April 18th A.D. 1807 Nancy Maxwell born August 5th A.D. 1810 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.