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Abigail Mournings: Death: BEF 1656 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.
Marguerite De Bar Mousson: Birth: ABT 1220 in Of, Luxembourg. Death: 25 Nov 1275
Sibylle DeBar Mousson: Birth: ABT 1200 in Bar Le Duc, France.

Joan Mowbray: Birth: ABT 1306 in Warren, Sussex, Eng.

Burton E. Mowers: Birth: 1880. Death: 1953

Jone Mowse: Birth: 2 Apr 1580 in Ivinghoe,Buckingham,Eng,British Isles.

Barbara Moy: Birth: ABT 1750 in Leuzigen, Switzerland.

James Moye: Birth: 1824.
Aaron Moyer: Birth: Feb 1864 in Greenwood,Perry Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 6 Jan 1933 in Harrisburg,Dauphin Co.,Pa,USA
Abraham H. Moyer: Birth: 28 Feb 1834 in Lincoln Co., Ont., Can.
Abraham S. Moyer: Birth: 14 Jul 1803 in Bucks Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 20 Nov 1893 in Berlin,Ont.,Can
Abraham Moyer: Birth: 8 Apr 1799 in Bucks Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 4 Sep 1871 in Lincoln Co.,Ont.,Can
Albert Claus Moyer: Birth: 9 Jan 1895 in Vineland,Louth Twp.,Lincoln Co.,Ont., Can. Death: 8 Jul 1963
Amanda Moyer: Birth: 27 Sep 1871 in Lincoln Co., Ont., Can. Death: 21 Dec 1921
Amos H. Moyer: Birth: 6 Jul 1857.
Amos Moyer: Birth: 4 Nov 1816 in Lincoln Co., Ont., Can.
Anna Maria Moyer: Birth: ABT 1745 in Berks Co., Pa, USA. Death: 1774/1806 in Berks Co., Pa, USA
Anna Moyer: Birth: 28 Feb 1848 in Lincoln Co., Ont., Can.
Aramita Jane. Moyer: Birth: 11 Nov 1866. Death: 1 Sep 1942
Barbara Bergey Moyer: Birth: ABT 1701 in Langenzell, Baden, Germany. Death: ABT 1773 in Upper Leacock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa, USA
Barbara E. Moyer: Birth: 1872.
Barbara Moyer: Birth: 2 Jul 1775. Death: 1861 in Hereford MennOnt.ite, Berks Co., Pa, USA
Barbara Moyer: Birth: 27 Sep 1838.
Betty Charlene Moyer: Birth: Oct 1934 in Pekin, Il. Death: Jan 1935 in Pekin, Il
Catharine Moyer: Birth: 17 Jul 1852.
Catherine Moyer: Birth: 27 Feb 1828 in Lincoln Co., Ont., Can.
Catherine Moyer: Birth: 1 Aug 1779. Death: 1 Oct 1821 in Hereford MennOnt.ite, Berks Co., Pa, USA
Catherine Moyer: Birth: 8 Mar 1848 in Liverpool, Perry Co., Pa, USA. Death: 23 Feb 1935 in Abilene, DickinsOnt. Co., Kansas, USA
Cecil Francis Moyer: Birth: 5 Nov 1903 in Beamsville, Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., on, Can. Death: 18 Nov 1988
Celia Jane Moyer: Birth: ABT 1873 in On,Can.
Charles William Moyer: Birth: 1 Nov 1889 in On,Can. Death: 1951
Christian B. Moyer: Birth: ABT 1705 in Langenzell, Baden, Germany. Death: May 1787 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa, USA
Christian G. Moyer: Birth: ABT 1754 in Montgomery Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 1826 in Pa,USA
Christian Moyer: Birth: 22 Dec 1831. Death: in Can
Christian Moyer: Birth: 1676 in Palatinate, Germany. Death: May 1751 in Lower Skippack MennOnt.ite Cemetery, Creamery, Pennsyvania, USA
Christian Moyer: Birth: 29 Jan 1728 in Montgomery Co., Pa, USA. Death: 1783 in Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., Pennsyvlania, USA
Daniel Moyer: Birth: 14 Apr 1830.
Dorothy Moyer: Birth: 17 Mar 1921. Death: 1979
Edward Allen Moyer: Birth: 1869/1870 in Campden, Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., on, Can.
Eliza A. Moyer: Birth: 1875.
Elizabeth Moyer: Birth: 27 Feb 1785 in Lancaster Co., Pa, USA. Death: 7 Sep 1840
Elizabeth Moyer: Birth: BET 1693-1730 in Langenzell,Germany,Europe. Death: in Montgomery Co.,Pa,USA
Elizabeth Moyer: Birth: 1793. Death: 1864 in South Cayuga Twp.,Haldimand Co.,Ont.,Can
Elizabeth Moyer: Birth: 1714 in Hammer Creek, Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa, USA. Death: in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa, USA
Elizabeth Moyer: Birth: 1860.
Elmer D. Moyer: Birth: 23 Jan 1881.
Elmer Moyer: Birth: 10 Mar 1868 in Pa,USA.
Elsina D. Moyer: Birth: 9 Jan 1884.
Esther Moyer: Birth: 21 Nov 1742 in Montgomery Co., Pa, USA. Death: BEF 1782
Eva Catherine Moyer: Birth: 11 Oct 1894 in Greenwood,Perry Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 10 Dec 1985 in Randallstown,Baltimore,Md,USA
Ezra Moyer: Birth: 26 Nov 1860 in Clinton Burial Ground,Clinton Twp.,Lincoln Co.,on, Can. Death: 1943
Franklin Moyer: Birth: ABT 1845.
Fronica Moyer: Birth: 3 Apr 1757 in Bucks Co., Pa, USA. Death: Oct 1818 in Bucks Co., Pa, USA
Gideon T. Moyer: Birth: 14 Mar 1842 in South Cauyga,Haldimand Co.,Ont.,Can. Death: 1 Oct 1918 in Wallacetown,Ont.,Can
Harriet Ellen Moyer: Birth: 2 Dec 1880 in Middleton Twp.,Norfolk Co.,on,Can.
Henry Moyer: Birth: 1790 in Somerset Co., Pa, USA.
Henry Moyer: Birth: 1778 in Montgomery Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 27 Mar 1845 in Breslau,Ont.,Can
Ira Moyer: Birth: Oct 1891.
Jacob B. Moyer: Birth: 6 Oct 1792 in Bucks Co., Pa, USA. Death: 17 Feb 1831 in Can
Jacob H. Moyer: Birth: 22 Dec 1825.
Jacob I. Moyer: Birth: 23 Jan 1814. Death: 9 Feb 1842
Jacob Moyer: Birth: 17 Jul 1852. Death: 11 Apr 1853
Jacob Moyer: Birth: 24 Nov 1767 in Bucks Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 5 Jun 1833
Jacob Moyer: Birth: 19 Jan 1657 in PfaffikOnt., Zurich, Switzerland. Death: AFT 1682 in Germany
Jacob Moyer: Birth: BET 1693-1730.
Jacob Moyer: Birth: 28 Jan 1730 in Montgomery Co.,Pa,USA. Death: 1778 in Bucks Co.,Pa,USA

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