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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Doeg: Birth: 1780/1784 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  2. Andrew Doegg: Birth: 1784/1790 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  3. Elizabeth Doeg: Birth: 1784/1790 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  4. John Doegg: Birth: 1790/1800 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  5. Francis Doeg: Birth: 1790/1800 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  6. Thomas Doeg: Birth: 1794/1800 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  7. Nelly Doeg: Birth: 1795/1796 in Spartanburg Co., SC. Death: AFT 1860 in Of Floyd Co., GA

  8. Hunkerpiller Doeg: Birth: 1810/1816 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

a. Note:   Thomas served as a Revolutionary Soldier from South Carolina. On 17 Oct 1785 - Lease and Release: Thomas Doeg, weaver, 96 District, S.C. to William Ross of aforesaid State and District (late of Scotland), merchant, for 13 pounds sterling, 100 acres, being part of a tract of 206 acres granted said Thomas Doeg by Patent 21 Jan 1785, situate in a small branch of Mush Creek a branch of Tygar River bounded on NE land surveyed for John Nicholl, Jr., SW on the other 106 acres now sold by said Doeg to a certain Michael Miller; the other side on vacant land. Wit.: John Nicoll, James Nicoll. Signed: Thomas Doeg. Rec. 20 Nov 1787.
  Thomas and Agnes purchased 160 acres in Spartanburg Co. from Jacob and Nancy Earnest, recorded 10 Sept 1787; they resold this to James Crow for �20 on 17 Dec 1787.
  On 29 Apr 1790 (also in 1789) - Thomas Doeg of Spartanburg to James Garrison of Greenville Co., for 40 pounds sterling, 128 acres granted the said Thomas Doeg 7 May 1787, by Gov. Pinckney, both sides of a small branch of Bush Creek, water of Tyger River. Signed: Thomas Doeg. Witness: Hu. Warant, James Nicoll, John Nicoll. Forty pounds received 1789. Rec. 9 June 1790.
  In 1790 Thos. Doeg lived in 96 District, Spartanburgh Co., SC (12200) with self 16+, 2 sons 0-15, wife, and daughter. In 1800 Thomas Doig and family lived in Spartanburg (page 188) (21101-20010-0). In 1810 Thomas Doigg lived in Spartanburg Co. (page 185) (01101-01101-00) with self and wife 45+, son and daughter 10-16, and son and daughter 16-26.
  Thomas died in 1815, and probate was in Spartanburg.
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  Place of birth uncertain, but probably Scotland.
  *In 1772 David Doig was the late Deputy Provost Marshal of West Florida. Noted as a 1939 acquisition of the Princeton University Library: We have also added the subscription proposals for printing an 18th-century ethnography of American Indians by a Scotsman, David Doig, who had been Deputy Provost Marshal General Commander in West Florida. The projected book, The Manners and Customs of the American Indians, was evidently never published. The proposals have been unrecorded heretofore, and they contain reports of numerous circumstances of Doig's 23-year residence in America.
  *A John Doge arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 3 Sept 1746, in consideration of �17 11s 6p paid George O'kill for his passage from Ireland, indented himself a servant to Derick Tyson of Philadelphia County yeoman, for three years and one month from this date, customary dues.
  *An Andrew Dog was born about Oct 1727 in Philadelphia, son of Philip and Martha Dog.
  *An Elizabeth Doge was born 31 Aug 1756 in Philadelphia, daughter of Thomas and Mary Doge.
  He is NOT the Thomas Doig christened 5 Apr 1750 in Liff (near Dundee), Scotland, the son of James Doig; that Thomas died in 1821 in Dundee.
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