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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Doig: Birth: 30 May 1808 in Washington Co., NY. Death: 19 Jul 1869 in Boonville, Oneida Co., NY

  2. Almond Doig: Birth: 14 Mar 1810 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: 19 Mar 1810 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY

  3. Betsey (Elizabeth) Doig: Birth: 10 Oct 1811 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: 29 Oct 1887 in Mechanic Street, Denmark, Lewis Co., NY

  4. Polly A. Doig: Birth: 26 Jan 1814 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: 11 Sep 1815 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY

  5. Janette Ann Doig: Birth: 10 Apr 1816 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: 10 Oct 1895 in Rome, Oneida Co., NY

  6. Estro Doig: Birth: Oct 1818 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: Aug 1819 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY

  7. John C. Doig: Birth: 15 May 1820 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY. Death: 15 Nov 1867 in Lowville, Lewis Co., NY

Marriage: Children:
  1. Andrew Wheeler Doig: Birth: 24 Jul 1799 in Salem, Washington Co., NY. Death: 11 Jul 1875 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

  2. Paul Doig: Birth: 22 Apr 1801 in East Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. Death: 6 Sep 1870 in Jackson, Washington County, NY

a. Note:   es at Andrew's christening were James Wingate of Balloonton and John Henderson. Andrew later gave his birth date as 29 Feb as 1776 was a leap year; this was probably as a joke where he only aged one year in four.
  Andrew arrived in Washington County, New York in the late 1790s. He was a teacher and surveyor. He married first Annis Wheeler in 1798. In 1799 they lived in Salem, NY. In 1800 they lived in Argyle, Washington Co., NY (page 482) with 1 male under 10, 3 males 16-26, and under 10; Andrew and Annis were 26-45.
  In 1801 Robert Doig (1773-1852) arrived in New York from Thornhill, Perthshire. Robert stayed at the home of Andrew and Annis, which was then two or three miles southwest of East Greenwich.
  Annis died in 1805, and the new father was left with two small children to raise. The young Paul was left with a relative, James Shaw, who later adopted the boy.
  Andrew married second Polly Thompson in 1807. In 1809 Andrew, Polly and Andrew Wheeler moved to Lowville in the newly opened Lewis County, and there they raised their family. In 1810 Andrew is listed in Lewis Co., page 116 (11010-00100-00). In 1820 (page 27) (100010-20110-0100); he lived between Seymour Murray and Edward Thompson. He appears in the 1825 NY State Census in Lowville. Andrew is listed in Lowville, Lewis Co. in the 1835 NY State Census. In 1840 he lived in Lowville (page 38) with his wife, one son, and one daughter. By 1850 the children had all moved out, and the value of Andrew's property was $2,000.00.
  Andrew became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. on 17 Sept 1828 in Lowville (File #A14).
  Note in The Lowville leader., April 24, 1947, Page 5 The Black River Bank was organized in 1839 when a meeting was held. Share were sold at $50 each. The directors were Isaac Bostwick, W. L. Easton, Charles Dylan, Andrew Doig, Chester Buck, H. Seth, L. S. Styding, L. Harding, T. Mills, John Allen, Thomas Backer. The present president is Fay Parker.
Note:   Andrew was the second son named Andrew, the first born in 1769 and died as an infant. Witness is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.