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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Doig: Birth: ABT 1746 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland. Death: ABT 1767 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland

  2. John Doig: Birth: ABT 1748 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland. Death: ABT 1807 in Kincardine, Perth, Scotland

  3. Henry Doig: Birth: ABT 1753 in Of Kincardine, Perth, Scotland. Death: AFT 1812 in Of Ireland

  4. Walter Doig: Birth: ABT 1757 in Of Kincardine, Perth, Scotland.

a. Note:   ly records from 1834). John Dog in Murdieston witnessed christenings in 1737 and 1750, and in Burnside (SW of Murdieston on Goodie Water) in 1751. Brother Andrew Dog of Burnside witnessed christenings in 1744 and 1749. Father Paul named his eldest son John after his grandfather.
  In 1744 John Doig of Burnside, farmer and horticulturist, subscribed to "A Hind Let Loose," an historical representation of the testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the interest of Christ (Alexander Shields, 1744, Edinburgh).
  Sasine recorded 1 Mar 1787: John Doig at Craighead, seised 17 Feb 1787 in Tenements in Thornhill, par. Kincardine, on Disp. by Archibald Ferguson, Feuar, Thornhill, 17 Feb 1787. (P.R.St. 29.308)
  Sasine recorded 6 June 1788: John Fisher, stockingmaker, Thornhill, seised, 4 June 1788 in one third part of a tenement in Thornhill, par. Kincardine; on Disp. by John Doig, merchant, Thornhill, to Susanna Coupar, his spouse, 17 May 1776; & Disp. and Assig. by her, 29 May 1788. (P.R.St. 30.106)
  Spouse presumed wife of this John from above sasine. The following children are not found in the parish records and are based on approx. age, location, sons named John, and links to each other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- References used in the following portion of this family history for Margaret, Henry and Walter: (See references for son John under his name.)
  New Zealand
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