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  1. GILBERT FitzRichard de Clare : Birth: BEF 1066 in Clare, SUF, ENG. Death: 1117 in ENG

  2. ROBERT FitzRichard de Clare : Birth: in of Dunmow. Death: 1134

  3. Roger of Clare : Death: 1130

  4. Walter of Clare : Death: 1138

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Page:   Jan 1980, p.3
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
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3. Source:   A Baronial Family in Medieveal England: The Clares, 1217-1314; Michael Altschul, Johns Hopkins Press, 1965
4. Source:   Susan Shannon, [email protected]@SUNDIAL.SUNDIAL.NET

a. Note:   Observations. In the times of the Heptarchy the border fortress of Clare (Suffolk), on the confines of the Kingdoms of East Anglia and Essex, was of the greatest importance, and continued to be so or many centuries afterwards, when, it was granted by the Conqueror to Richard FitzGilbert. FitzGilbert's successors the earlier Lords of Clare were, "it is implied in the Lords' Reports [vol. iii, p. 124] and elsewhere, styled Earls of Clare before they were Earls of Hertford, but investigation disproves this," though doubtless, these Lords, after they obtained that Earldom, were according to the usage of the period, frequently styled "Earls of Clare," just as the Earls of Derby were styled "Earls Ferrers," &c. On account of the great importance of these feudal Barons, the earlier Lords of Clare, so frequently considered to have been actual Peers, a short account of them is subjoined, as under.
  I.1. RICHARD FITZGILBERT, styled (from his possessions) " DE BIENFAITE," "DE CLARE," and "DE TONBRIDGE, was son of Gilbert, COUNT OF BRIONNE in Normandy, which Gilbert was son and heir of Godfrey, COUNT OF BRIONNE, illegitimate son of Richard, DUKE OF NORMANDY. He was born before 1035, was Lord of Bienfaite and Orbec in Normandy, accompanied his kinsman, William the Conqueror, into England, and was rewarded by him with no less than 176 Lordships, of which 95 were in Suffolk, attached to the Honour of Clare, which honour,, with the Castle of Clare, as also the Castle of Tonbridge in Kent, he obtained, becoming thus Lord of Clare and of Tonbridge. During the King's absence he was joint Chief justiciar, and, as such, suppressed the revolt of 1075. He married Rohese, daughter of Walter GIFFARD, the elder, and aunt and heir of Walter [GIFFARD], 2nd Earl of Buckingham, through which match his descendants became co-heirs to the lands of that family. He was living 1081, but appears to have died about 1090 being buried at St. Neots, co. Huntingdon. His widow was living, as such, 1113. [CP 3:242, 14:183] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.