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  1. William II de Briouze : Birth: ABT 1130. Death: ABT 1193

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1. Title:   -The American Genealogist-
Page:   Jan, 1980
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   1:21

a. Note:   Briouze-Saint-Gervais (formerly Braiose), arrond. of Argentan, dept. of Orne. His descendants spelt the name Brewes. In some 25 early references to this name, not in charter latin, it appears as Breouse, Breuse, or Brewys (the last of which still exists as a surname), but never as Braose, the form adopted in peerages, for which it seems doubtful if there be any good authority. For some discussion on medieval English names see vol. iii, Appendix C. V.G CP 1:21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lord of Braiose, now Briouze [Normandy], Lord of Bramber [Sussex], Lord of Radnor and Builth, jure uxoris Lord of Totnes [Devonshire]. Succeeded his father William I de Braiose, Lord of Bramber, 1st of the line in England.Supported Henry I, but revolted against him in 1110, his estates being confiscated, but he regained possession of them in 1112. TAG, Jan 1980. ************************************************************************** ************ He increased the vast estates of his father by marriage with Beta, sister and co-heir of William, Earl of Gloucester. He is mentioned by Oderic Vital in 1096 as supporting William Rufus against his brother Henry, who held the strong castle of Domfront in Normandy, from which he carried on his operations. Philip was the ancestor of the house of Braose, barons of Bramber, Brecknock, Gower, and Totness, and of William de Braose, who obtained from King Henry II. a grant of the "whole kingdom of Limerick" in Ireland for the service of sixty knight's fees. Numerous branches existed also in Sussex, Bedford, Hampshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Wales, and from him descended also the Wingfields, Viscounts Powerscourt. The family must not be confused with that of Brius, Bris, or Brix, of which Robert de Brix was the representative at Hastings. ************************************************************************** ************ Philip de Braose, 2nd Lord of Bramber
  Acceded c1090 Died between 1134 and 1155
  Philip confirmed his father's gifts to the abbey of St. Florent in 1096. He was probably the first Braose Lord of Builth and Radnor, their initial holding in the Welsh Marches. Philip returned from the 1st Crusade in 1103. He built the Norman church of St Nicolas at Old Shoreham and founded the port of New Shoreham. His lands were confiscated by Henry I in 1110, due to his traitrous support of William, son of Robert Curthose but returned in 1112. Philip de Braose possibly went on 2nd Crusade and died in Palestine.
  Philip's nephew, Philip de Harcourt, Dean of Lincoln, Bishop of Bayeux bestowed the manor and church of Shipley on the Templars between 1125 and 1130 and in 1154 added St. Mary�s, Sompting. Philip de Harcourt's brother was Richard de Rennesville, a Templar.
  Father: William de Braose, 1st Lord of Bramber Mother: Agnes de St.Clare
  Married to Aanor dau of Judael (Johel) of Totnes
  Child 1: William de Braose, 3rd Lord of Bramber Child 2: dau = Ralph de Gernon Child 3: Philip = Eva (= William, Baron Naas)
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