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  3. Phillip de Briouze : Death: BEF 1155

1. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   4:309

a. Note:   The baronial family of Braose came originally from Briouze, near Argentan, Normandy. William de Braose was one of the most powerful barons in William the Conqueror's army. He received large possessions, chiefly in Sussex, including the whole Rape of Bramber, where he built Bramber Castle, which was his seat. In 1075 he executed the foundation charter of the Sele Abbey, Sussex, founded the Abbey of Braose in the time of William I. and made grants to St. Florent Saumer. Gunnora, his mother, in 1082 held lands from Hugh Pincera and Roger de Cuilli. The date of his death is unknown, but he was succeeded by his son, Philip de Braose, during the reign of William Rufus. (Reference: Crispin and Macary).
  William de Braose came to England with William the Conqueror, and held at the General Survey considerable estates in the counties of Berks, Surrey, Dorset, and Sussex. ************************************************************************** ************* William de Braose, 1st Lord of Bramber
  Living 1080 d c1093 {1040-1090, Cokayne)
  William was recorded at the Battle of Hastings (Guillaume de Briouze) He became the first Lord of Bramber Rape and built Bramber Castle. William made considerable grants to the abbey of St. Florent, Saumur to endow the foundation of Sele Priory near Bramber. He continued to fight alongside King William in the campaigns in Britain, Normandy and Maine.
  Married to Agnes, dau of Waldron, Earl of St.Clare
  Child 1: Philip Child 2: Matilda = Robert de Harecourt (also at Battle of Hastings) Child 3: Dau = a Danmartin, (Parents of Odo de Danmartin) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- � Doug Thompson 1997 E-mail [email protected] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.