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1. Title:   BxP
Page:   358
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   10:374

  VIII.8. WALTER (MARSHAL), EARL OF PEMBROKE, and hereditary Master Marshal, brother and heir, being 4th son of the 4th Earl, born after 1198. His father in his lifetime gave him Sturminster, in Dorset, and his father or his brother gave him Goodrich Castle, co. Hereford, and Bere, in Dorset. In 1233 he supported his brother Richard against the King's foreign favourites and his lands were forfeited. In 1234 he was in Ireland with Richard, who sent him away before the fatal battle of Kildare, lest his family should be extirpated. He passed over to Wales with his brothers and was pardoned with them. In 1239 he was alienated from the King by Henry's hostility to his brother Gilbert. In 1240 he was sent into Wales with a large army to strengthen Cardigan Castle; and he took for his brother Gilbert lands appurtenant to the honor of Carmarthen. In June 1241 he took part in the tournament at which Gilbert was mortally wounded, and he preceded the corpse on the journey to London. The King, incensed because he had forbidden the tournament, at first refused investiture; but on 27 October he relented and invested Walter with the Earldom and the office of Marshal. In 1242 Walter accompanied the King to Gascony; but he returned with Richard, Earl of Cornwall, when he quarrelled with Henry. On 30 May 1244 Maurice FitzGerald, the justiciar of Ireland, did homage to him at Westminster. In the same year Walter was one of the laymen who were elected to consider the King's dernand for a subsidy. He was a benefactor, or confirmed previous grants, to the abbeys of Tintern, Cartmel, Bindon, and Dunbrothy, and the priories of Pembroke, Goldcliff, Stanley and Kells. He married, 6 January 1241/2, Margaret, widow of John (DE LACY)) EARL OF LINCOLN, and daughter and heir of Robert DE QUINCY, by Hawise, suo jure COUNTESS OF LINCOLN, da. of Hugh (DE KEVELIOC), EARL OF CHESTER. He died s.p., before 12 March 1244/5, at Goodrich Castle, and was buried at Tintern Abbey. Margaret surv. him, and married, 3rdly, Richard DE WILTSHIRE. [CP 10:374-6, 14:521] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.