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  • Married: Emma on BEF 1297.
  • Emma: Death: 26 JAN 1331/32

1. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   5:675, 9:15, 12[2]:173, 370

  I.2. SIR RiCHARD FITZJOHN, of Shere, Fambridge, &c., next brother and heir. The King took his homage, and he had livery of his brother's lands in England, 8 December 1275, and in Ireland, 5 May 1278. As holder of a knight's fee in Surrey, he was distrained in 1278 to receive knighthood on or before Christmas following. He was in the Army of Wales in 1277, and again, in the retinue of the Earl of Gloucester in 1282, in that of the Earl of Surrey in 1287, and in that of the Earl of Cornwall in 1294. He was one of those ordered, 22 August 1288, during the King's absence abroad, to abstain from violations of the pcace. He was summoned for Military Service against the Welsh, from 12 December 1276 to 14 March 1283, and for Gascony, 3 October 1295, to attend the King at Shrewsbury, 28 June 1283, to a Military Council, 14 June 1287, and to Parliament 24 June 1295, by writs directed Ricardo filio Johannis, and moreover is recorded to have been present in pleno parliamento domini Regis on the morrow of Trinity 29 May 1290 with other magnates et proceres tunc in parliamento existentes, whereby he is held to have been LORD FITZJOHN. Being about to proceed to Gascony with Edmund the King's brother, he was appointed, 18 October 1295, Constable of the castle of Rockingham, in order that his wife and household might inhabit that castle during his absence abroad. In November 1296 he was Captain of Bourg-sur-mer, when that town was besieged by the French under Henry, Sire de Sully, and the garrison was in danger of being starved out: but Simon de Mountagu, miles strenutts et cordatus, relieved the town, and the French raised the siege.[g] Richard was still Captain of the town in May 1297. He married Emma. He died s.p., in Gascony, shortly before 5 August 1297. At his death any Barony that may be supposed to have been created by writ in 1290, became extinct. His widow was granted the manors of Steeple Claydon, Aylesbury, and Quarrendon, 14 November 1297, to hold till her dower was assigned. She had livery of her dower, 2 December 1297, of the knights' fees and advowsons of her dower, 22 October 1299, and of her dower in Ireland, 25 November 1299, all of which had been assigned to her by the King. She married, 2ndly (royal licence, 25 January 1300/1), Sir Robert DE MOHAUT, of Mold and Hawarden, co. Flint, Castle Rising, Norfolk, Cheylesmore, co. Warwick, &c., hereditary Steward of Chester [LORD MOHAUT]. He, who was born 25 March 1274, died s.p., 26 December 1329, aged 55, and was buried in Shouldham Priory. She died 26 January 1331/2, and was buried in Stradsett Church, Norfolk.
  His coheirs were his four sisters, or their representatives. (1) Maud, 1st sister, formerly wife of Sir Gerard de Furnivalle, Lord of Hallumshire (who died s.p. before 18 October 1261), but then wife of William de Beaucliamp, Earl of Warwick, who died at Elmley, co. Worcester, 5 or 9 June, and was buried 22 June 1298 in the Church of the Friars Minors at Worcester: she died 16 or 18 April, and was buried with him, 7 May 1301. (2a) Sir Robert de Clifford, Lord of Westmorland [Lord Clifford], son and heir of Sir Roger de Clifford (who died v.p. 6 November 1282, being drowned, during a conflict with the Welsh, in the Menai Straits at Moel-y-Don, and was buried in the Church of the Friars Minors at Llanfaes in Anglesey), and of his wife, Isabel (who died shortly before 14 May 1297); and (2b) Idoine, widow of Sir Roger de Leyburne (who died shortly before 21 February 1283/4): which Isabel and Idoine were daughters and coheirs of Sir Robert de Vespont, Lord of Westmorland (who died s.p.m. shortly before 7 June 1264),( and of his wife, Isabel, 2nd sister of Richard fitz John: Robert de Clifford was slain at the battle of Bannockburn, 24 June 1314: Idoine married, 2ndly, as 2nd wife, soon after 6 April 1301, Sir John de Crumbwelle [1st Lord Cromwell], who was living 15 October 1335; she died 10 or 12 November 1333. (3) Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, son and heir of Walter, Earl of Ulster (who died 28 July 1271), and of his wife Aveline (who died about 20 May 1274, and was buried in Dunmow Priory), 3rd sister of Richard fitz John: Richard, Earl of Ulster, died 29 July 1326, at Athassel-on-the-Suir, and was buried there. (4) Joan, 4th sister, widow of Sir Theobald le Botiller, of Thurles, Nenagh, &c., co. Tipperary, who died 26 September 1285, at Arklow, and was buried there in the Church (of the Holy Cross) of the Friars Preachers: she died 4 April 1303. On 26 October 1299, Joan la Botillere having done homage, and the homages of the others having been respited, the coheirs had livery of their purparties of the lands, and on 30 October of the knights fees and advowsons, in England, late of Richard fitz John: on 16, 21, and 25 November following they had livery of their purparties of his lands in. Ireland. [CP 5:673-8]
  [g] In respone to their urgent appeal, the King wrote, 9 December 1296, to Richard fitz John, and the mayor and other men of Bourg-sur-mer, that he was sending provisions which should reach them about the Purification [7 Feb.] following, 1,000 qrs. of wheat, 300 qrs. of oats, 200 qrs. of beans, 300 bacons, and over 10,000 merlings. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.