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  1. Ralph de Tony VII : Birth: 1255. Death: BEF 29 JUL 1295 in Gascony, FRA

  2. Alice de Tony : Death: AFT 1346

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Page:   98-29
2. Title:   Magna Charta Barons, Browning, 1898
Page:   III
3. Title:   Plantagenet Ancestry, Douglas Richardson, 2004
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a. Note:   ROGER DE TOENI V, 2nd but 1st surviving son and heir, was born Michaelmas 1235. His marriage and the custody of his lands were granted to Queen Eleanor during his minority, 26 April 1242; and he did homage therefor between 1 and 15 October 1256, being then of full age. On 15 October also the Earl of Hereford and Essex was ordered to deliver Painscastle to Roger, who held it in chief by knight's service. He had licence for life, 8 December 1256, to hunt with his own dogs the hare, fox, cat and badger in cos. Southampton, Somerset, Dorset and Wilts; was summoned to join the Earl of Hereford in defence of the Welsh marches between Montgomery and Gloucester, July, and had gone to Wales with Edward, the King's son, before 22 October 1257; was among those summoned to meet the King in London with all the service they owed, April 1260; had a protection, crossing with the Queen beyond seas, 1 July 1262; and was summoned to be at Hereford, February 1262/3, for action against Llewellyn. He was living, 10 June 1263, and is said to have supported the King in the Barons' War, but was dead before the battle of Lewes (14 May 1264). He married,(h) before 1255, Isabel. He died before 12 May 1264, when Isabel's marriage was granted to Edmund, the King's son. She was living, February 1264/5. [CP 12[1]:771-2]
  [h] A contract of marriage between Roger, then aged 3, and Alice, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, was confirmed by the King, 30 June 1239. According to the Fundatorum Progenies of Llanthony this marriage did take place and Alice was buried in the chapter house of Llanthony Priory outside Gloucester. However, nothing more is known of Alice and, as stated above, Roger's marriage was granted to the Queen, 26 April 1242. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.