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  1. Henry de Percy : Birth: 6 FEB 1300/01 in Alnwick, NBL, ENG. Death: 27 FEB 1351/52 in Warkworth, NBL, ENG

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1. Title:   Weis--Magna Charta Sureties
Page:   152-4
2. Title:   Ancestry of Elizabeth of York, Marlyn Lewis, 1999
3. Title:   Plantagenet Ancestry, Douglas Richardson, 2004
Page:   574

  I.1. HENRY DE PERCY, brother and heir, born posthumously at Petworth, about 25 March 1273, succeeded his brother before 20 July 1293. In June 1294 he was summoned for military service in Gascony, but actually accompanied the King on his expedition into Wales. In October 1295 he went to Scotland with his grandfather, the Earl of Surrey; he was knighted by the King at the capture of Berwick, 30 March, and fought at Dunbar, 27 April 1296. Warden of Galloway and Ayrshire, September 1296; Justiciar in Dumfries, and joint Justiciar in Lancs, Cumberland and Westmorland, June 1297. In May 1297 he was summoned for service in person overseas, but in July he was in Scotland, receiving submissions of Scottish prelates and nobles, including Robert de BRUS. In 1297-98 he was a member of the Council of the King's son, Regent during the King's abscnce abroad, and in January 1297/8 was among the English magnates summoned to a convention at York, which the Scottish magnates were ordered to attend. He was summoned among the Barons, September 1298, and May, July and September 1299, for service in Scotland. Finally he was summoned to Parliament from 6 February 1298/9 to 2 9 July 1314, by writs directed Henrico de Percy, whereby he is held to have become LORD PERCY. The remainder of his life was spent, with few breaks, either in fighting in Scotland or in preparing for fresh campaigns there. He attended the Lent Parliament, 1305, at Westminster, and was summoned to the Coronation of Edward II, February 1307/8; and in March was appointed constable of Scarborough Castle. He joined in the protest, nominally from Stamford, of the Earls and Barons to the Pope, against the abuse of papal provisions, August 1309; and in November bought Alnwick from the Bishop of Durham. The next year he joined the baronial opposition to Edward II, which appointed the "Lords Ordainers." Under their ascendancy, he was appointed in March 1311 Keeper of the bishopric of Durham during the vacancy, and in December Justice of the Forest beyond Trent and Keeper of Bamburgh Castle. He was joint Keeper of the Marches, under the Ordainers, and was with the Earl of Lancaster, May 1312, when he nearly captured the King at Newcastle, and with the Earls of Pembroke and Surrey when Gavaston surrendered to them. He was summoned 24 March 1313/4 against the Scots. He married Eleanor, sister of Sir Richard DE ARUNDEL. He died between 2 and 10 October 1314, and was buried at Fountains Abbey. Dower was assigned to his widow 6 November 1314. She died in July or August 1328, and was buried at Beverley, where her obituary was celebrated. [CP 10:456-9] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.