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  1. Richard de Burgh : Birth: ABT 1259 in of Ulster, IRL. Death: 29 JUL 1326 in Athassel-on-the-Suir monastery, co. Tipperary

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1. Title:   Ancestral Roots, Frederick Lewis Weis
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2. Title:   Ancestry of Elizabeth of York, Marlyn Lewis, 1999
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3. Title:   The Complete Peerage
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  II.1. WALTER DF BURGH, 2nd son of Richard DE BURGH, LORD OF CONNAUGHT, by Jill (Egidia), daughter of Walter DE LACY, LORD OF MEATH, was born circa 1230. Having succeeded his elder brother Richard in 1248, he was placed in control of his brother's lands in May 1250, although possibly still a minor. Throughout his life he was continually involved in disputes with the native Irish in Connaught, whose King, Fedhlim O'Conor, lodged complaints against him in 1261. He was one of a group of Irish tenants called to England in May 1262 to advise the King about Irish affairs; and in July 1263 he was with Prince Edward at Bristol. In 1264 he exchanged the manor of Kilsheelan and other Munster lands with the Prince for the lands of Ulster; and about the same time he was created EARL OF ULSTER. During the civil war, 1264-65, Walter remained faithful to the Crown. He was in conflict with the FitzGeralds in 1264; and in 1265 he aided Aedh Buidhe O'Neill against O'Donnell and captured Murchadh Mac Sweeny. In 1270 a general war broke out between Walter and the O'Conors of Connaught, during which he was severely defeated but slew Turlough O'Brien. At the time of his death he was bailiff of Twiscard. His actions against the clergy, whom he tried in lay courts and whose lands he despoiled, caused many complaints. He married, about 1257, Aveline, sister and (in her issue) coheir of Richard FITZJOHN [LORD FITZJOHNI, 3rd daughter of John FITZGEOFFREY, Lord of Shere and Shalford, Surrey, sometime Justiciar of Ireland, by Isabel, daughter of Hugh (LE BIGOD), EARL OF NORFOLK. He died 28 July 1271 in Galway Castle, after a week's illness, and was buried in the monastery at Athassel, on the Suir, co. Tipperary. His widow died circa 20 May 1274 and was buried in Dunmow Priory. [CP 12[2]:171-3] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.