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1. Title:   BxP
Page:   358
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   7:141e, 10:371

  VII.7. GILBERT (MARSHAL), EARL OF PEMBROKE, and hereditary Master Marshal, brother and heir, being 3rd son of the 4th Earl. Intended for the Church, he took minor orders, and from 1225 held various benefices. In 1229 he set out for the Holy Land. He supported his brother Richard and acted for him in Ireland. After the Earl's death he was allowed to cross to Wales with his younger brothers and they soon obtained the King's pardon. On 11 June 1234 the King knighted him at Worcester and invested him with the Earldom of Pembroke and the office of Marshal. On 9 December 1234 he was granted the honor of Laigle (Sussex) and castle of Pevensey, in February 1234/5 the honor of Glamorgan, and in June the honor of Carmarthen. He officiated as Marshal at the Coronation of Queen Eleanor in 1236. In the same year he took the cross. In 1238 he supported his brother-in-law, the Earl of Cornwall, against the King's foreign favourites. On 12 November 1239 he swore at Northampton to go on crusade, provided that Cornwall would reconcile him to the King, which Earl Richard duly did when they were preparing to start in the summer of 1240. Being restored to favour, Gilbert stayed in England, but he still intended to go to Jerusalem. However, in June 1241 he received mortal injuries in a tournament. He was a benefactor to the monastery of St. Mary de Gloria in the diocese of Anagni, to Nutley Abbey and Tintern Abbey, and the lepers' hospital of St. Mary Magdalene of Little Haverford. His alleged 1st marriage to Maud, daughter of [? William] DE LANVALEI, is due to a clerical error. He married, 1 August 1235, at Berwick, Margaret, daughter of WILLIAM the LION, King of Scotland, by Ermengard, daughter of Richard, Vicomte de BEAUMONT. He died as aforesaid, s.p. legitimate, 27 June 1241, at Hertford Priory, where his entrails were buried, while his body was buried beside those of his father and brother in the new Temple Church, London. His widow died 17 November 1244, and was buried in the Church of the Preaching Friars. [CP 10371-4] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.