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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Fisher: Birth: ABT 1630 in Dedham, Norfolk, , Massachusetts, USA. Death: 12 MAR 1706/07 in Dedham, Norolk, MA

  2. Constance Fisher: Birth: ABT 1632 in Dedham, Norfolk, , Massachusetts, USA. Death: 01 DEC 1638 in Dedham, Norfolk, , Massachusetts, USA

  3. Samuel Fisher: Birth: 1634 in Dedham, Norfolk, , Massachusetts, USA. Death: 06 JAN 1703/04 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

a. Note:   Carpenter of Winston, Suffolk, England Freeman 4 Mar 1635. In 1637 he removed to Dedham, Massachusetts where he received a house lot of Lowder Street. He died while building the meeting house. The town gave his widow 40 shillings towards the bargain he had made for erecting the structure. In 1639 she had leave from the General Court to administer on his estate, and to sell half of her lot for bringing up her children. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` The Covenant of Dedham, Massachusetts was first signed on August 15, 1636. Among those who signed the Covenant was Thomas Fisher.
  The History of Dedham, Massachusetts began with the first settlers' arrival in 1635. The Puritans who built the village on what the Indians called Tiot incorporated the plantation in 1636. They devised a form of government in which almost every freeman could participate and eventually chose selectmen to run the affairs of the town. They then formed a church and nearly every family had at least one member.
  The early residents of town built the first American canal, the first tax supported public school and Jonathan Fairbanks built what is today the oldest house in North America. Of towns founded during the colonial era, Dedham is one of the few towns "that has preserved extensive records of its earliest years." They have been described as "very full and perfect." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the book: The History of Medway, Mass., 1713-1885 By Ephriam Orcutt Jameson, George James La Croix
  "Thomas Fisher of Winston, Suffolk County, England was the first man of this name who came to New England in the Great Puritan immigration of 1630. He, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children; Samuel, Thomas and Constance, settled in Cambridge in 1634 and removed to Dedham in 1637. In that year, ten more of the same name came to Dedham from Syleham, and in 1640, two more, making seventeen immigrants of the same kindred. The English ancestor of those who came in 1637 and 1640 was Anthony Fisher; this family group consisted of Anthony Jr., wife Mary, children; Anthony, Cornelius, Nathanial, Daniel, and Lydia. With them came two nephews, of Anthony, sons of Amos, named John and Daniel, and another nephew, Joshua, son of Joshua, who, with his second wife, Mary Luson, joined their son, Joshua and their other kinfolk at Dedham in 1640. These twelve men and five women soon gave their name to a large posterity which gradually and quite early spread through the country, especially in Dedham, Wrentham, Franklin, and Medfield. Nearly all who bear the name in the Northern, Eastern, and Western States, trace their ancestry to those Seventeen Pioneers in Dedham, Massachusetts." (Then, the book goes on to describe the Fisher Coat of Arms.) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.