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Meletiah Snow: Birth: 30 SEP 1638 in Cambridge, England. Death: 15 MAR 1708/09 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
Melissa Snow: Birth: 24 JUL 1810 in Mantua, Portage, OH. Death: 16 DEC 1835 in Mantua, Portage, OH
Mercy Snow: Birth: ABT 1700.
Micajah Snow: Birth: ABT 1624 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA.
Nathan Snow: Birth: 22 OCT 1732 in Eastham, MA.
Nathanial Snow: Birth: 19 APR 1743 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA.
Nathanial Snow: Birth: 16 NOV 1684.
Nathanial Snow: Birth: 07 FEB 1705/06.
Nathanial Snow: Birth: ABT 1707.
Nicholas Snow: Birth: 25 JAN 1599/00 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, London, England. Death: 15 NOV 1676 in Eastham, MA
Nicholas Snow: Birth: 06 DEC 1663.
Nicholas Snow: Birth: 1578 in Stepney, London, England. Death: in England
Nicholas Snow: Birth: 1530 in England.
Oliver Snow: Birth: 18 SEP 1775 in Becket, Berkshire, MA. Death: 17 OCT 1845 in Walnut Grove, Knox, IL
Patience Snow: Birth: 12 APR 1732 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA. Death: 01 NOV 1823 in Brewster, Barnstable, MA
Phoebe Snow: Birth: 05 NOV 1748.
Prence Snow: Birth: 22 MAY 1674 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA. Death: 07 JUL 1742 in Harwich, MA
Rachel Snow: Birth: 1685 in Eastham, MA.
Rebecca Snow: Birth: ABT 1671.
Rebecca Snow: Birth: 1694.
Rebecca Snow: Birth: 23 JUL 1676.
Rebecca Snow: Birth: ABT 1648 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA.
Richard Snow: Birth: 21 DEC 1608 in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England. Death: 05 MAY 1677 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA
Russell Snow: Birth: 21 MAY 1789 in Plymouth, Grafton, NH.
Ruth Snow: Birth: 25 MAY 1724.
Ruth Snow: Birth: 12 MAY 1720 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ma.
Ruth Snow: Birth: ABT 1644 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Death: 27 JAN 1716/17 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA
Samuel Snow: Birth: 28 MAY 1647.
Sarah Snow: Birth: ABT 1632.
Sarah Snow: Birth: 01 MAY 1671 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA.
Seth Snow: Birth: 11 MAR 1732/33.
Solomon Snow: Birth: 1698.
Stephen Snow: Birth: 24 FEB 1680/81.
Stephen Snow: Birth: ABT 1636 in Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, MA. Death: 17 DEC 1705 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA
Susannah Snow: Birth: ABT 1701.
Susannah Snow: Birth: ABT 1610 in England. Death: in MD
Thomas Snow: Birth: 1600 in England. Death: ABT 1669 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass
Thomas Snow: Birth: 06 AUG 1668 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA. Death: AFT 01 MAY 1737 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA
Tileston Snow: Birth: 05 MAY 1786 in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.
Timothy Snow: Birth: 16 FEB 1674/75.
Waitstill Snow: Birth: ABT 1654 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Death: 15 NOV 1718 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Warren Snow: Birth: 12 FEB 1734/35 in Marlboro, Middlesex, MA.
William Snow: Birth: 1624 in England. Death: 31 JAN 1707/08 in Bridgewater
William Snow: Birth: ABT 1662 in West Bridgewater, MA. Death: ABT 1726
William Snow: Birth: ABT 1650.
Zachariah Snow: Birth: 29 MAR 1649.
Zerubabel Snow: Birth: 14 MAY 1672 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA. Death: 20 NOV 1733 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA
Zerubabel Snow: Birth: 19 JUL 1698.
Zerubbabel Snow: Birth: 12 AUG 1741 in Rutland, Worcester, MA. Death: 12 APR 1795 in Chesterfield, Cheshire, NH
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William Snowden: Birth: ABT 1710.
Snowie: Birth: ABT 1888 in Oregon.
?? Snyder: Birth: ABT 1830 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1870 in Montour co., PA
Andrew Floyd Snyder: Birth: 1872. Death: 1954
Anna M. Snyder: Birth: 21 MAY 1779. Death: 31 OCT 1837
Barbara Snyder: Birth: 14 JUN 1753. Death: 15 APR 1823
Beatrice Theresa Snyder: Birth: 28 OCT 1911 in New York. Death: 01 FEB 1984 in Crestview, Okaloosa, Florida
Christian Snyder: Birth: BEF 1810 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Snyder: Birth: 15 DEC 1794 in Pennsylvania. Death: 09 OCT 1879 in Rostraver, Westmoreland co., Pennsylvania
Emanuel Snyder: Birth: ABT 1838.
Jacob Snyder: Birth: ABT 1756.
Jacob Snyder: Birth: ABT 1733.
John Floyd Snyder: Birth: 1901.
John Snyder: Birth: ABT 1800.
Polly Maria Snyder: Birth: 23 AUG 1828 in Pennsylvania. Death: 20 SEP 1900 in West Penn twp., Shuylkill co., PA
Rachel Snyder: Birth: 1812. Death: 1905
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Amanda Malvina Sockman: Birth: 13 JUN 1814 in (West) Virginia.
Experience Sockwell: Birth: 1739 in New Jersey. Death: 1778
Lancelot Sockwell: Birth: 1715 in Cumberland, New Jersey. Death: 03 MAY 1759
Lancelot Sockwell: Birth: 1661. Death: 1713
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Hannah Soden: Birth: ABT 1720 in Prob Cambridge, Suffolk, MA. Death: 28 AUG 1817 in Prob Cambridge, Suffolk, MA
Margaret Soeter: Birth: ABT 1724 in Hartford, CT.
Nicolas Sohsbough: Birth: ABT 1720.
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