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Marriage: Children:
  1. Andrew Ashbaugh: Birth: BET 1738 AND 1741 in York Co., PA. Death: 12 MAR 1814 in Mountjoy Twp., Adams Co., PA

  2. Johannes Ashbaugh: Birth: 1740 in Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 1820 in Fairfield Co., OH

  3. Hannah Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1747. Death: BEF 1789

  4. Frederick Ashbaugh: Birth: 1748 in Mt. Joy Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. Death: BET 20 JAN 1818 AND 15 DEC 1818 in Bertie Twp., Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

  5. Margaret Ashbaugh: Birth: 1748. Death: BET 1798 AND 1816 in Washington Co., VA

  6. Sarah Ashbaugh: Birth: 1750. Death: AFT 1800

a. Note:   Pioneered to Pennsylvania, with Palatines imported on board the ship, the Winter Galley, Edward Paynter, Commander, arrived Sep 5, 1738, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal. Number of records in Huntingdon Co. between 1765 and 1795 of him as Johann Heinrich Ashbaugh and Eschbach and as Henry Ashbaugh and Ashbach. His will was filed in Huntingdon, PA on April 2, 1781 and probated on March 11, 1789 and mentions his wife Mary Elizabeth. Moved from York Co., when very mature, about 1774. The ancestral name of Ashbaugh was Eschenbach, the family name of Wolfran von Eschenbach who lived in or near the town of Eschenbach near the Austrian border of what was West Germany. The family name means "a bach or brook running through a grove of ash trees". The name Eschenbach was shortened to Eschbach by Johann Heinrich Eschbach when he emigrated to America, landing at the Port of Philadelphia in 1738. The name Eschbach was later anglicized to Ashbaugh. Known to outsiders as "Pennsylvania Dutch", which is derived from Deutschland (Germany), the Ashbaughs moved west to Armstrong County, Butler County, Clarion County and elsewhere. Ashbaugh Research Guide An Interim Study of the Family of Johann Heinrich Eshbach (Henry Ashbaugh) 1706-1789 by Louis Duermyer, Staten Island, New York, March 1963 "In the Late Summer of 1738, the Winter Galley, a small sailing ship, came out of Rotterdam and arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on September 5th. Among the passengers was "Johann Heinrich Eschbach". He was inscribed on the captain's list of "Palatines and others" imported on the vessel. On the same day, he took the oath of allegiance to the British King, which was demanded of all non-British coming to the Colonies. "By about 1747 to 1748 he had established a farmstead in an area under dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Probably his first land titles were granted under Maryland authority, for the owner of the entire tract comprising his lands, his son Andrew's lands, and the Sells family's lands, had come on an original grant under Maryland colonial officials; the Sells lands were definitely recorded in Maryland. "The actual location of the farmstead was in present Mount Joy township, Adams Co., PA; but was earlier under York County, at the time Johann Heinrich made his home there. The Maryland claims were originally as "Baltimore County" and then "Frederick County". "In 1751, the Sells family, relatives of the Ashbaughs, had secured their titles to adjoining lands, and Heinrich and his son Andrew went to the courts as early as 1765 for a "caveat" or warning order, to protect title to the Ashbaugh improvements. "Heinrich is mentioned as "Henry Ashbaugh" in the "Historical Collections of Pennsylvania", and is said to have been one of the first settlers -around 1766 to 1776 - of Huntingdon, PA, where he purchased a town lot in 1786. Huntingdon was then in Bedford County, and is now in Huntingdon County. "Slightly preceding him in his move were his sons Frederick and John, each of whom became land owners in or near the town (of Huntingdon). The son Andrew remained behind in Mount Joy with his large family. Frederick apparently did not remain long in Huntingdon, and by 1779 bought a pottery-site in Hagerstown, Maryland. But at Henry's death in 1789, his son John and family, and his daughters Sarah Smith and Margaret Sells, as well as his widow, Maria Elisabetha Eschbach, still lived in Huntingdon Borough or County. "Heinrich undoubtedly followed the potter's art, for all of his sons knew the craft and passed it along through several early generations. Of course, he was also a farmer at the Adams County farm. "We have only bare clues as to the family name of Heinrich's wife, Maria Elisabetha. Was she a Merck? Several of the grandchildren had as sponsors at the time of their baptisms, members of the Merck family. Since this honor generally only went to uncles, aunts, or grandparents, we would normally assume there was a family connection. Or was she perhaps a Sells? One early letter suggested this connection, stating that a family tradition in the Sells family stated the Sells and Ashbaughs had intermarried in Europe before the American immigration. "Heinrich was inscribed on the 1738 ship list as "age 32", fixing his birth at about 1706, presumably in the Palatinate. He died about March 1789; we have not been able to find either a church record of burial, or a gravestone. It is possible he was buried on the son John's farm, on Warrior Ridge, just outside Huntingdon. "Heinrich's will confirms the relationship of all the children named below, except the legendary "Hannah Ashbaugh Sells". "The widow, Maria Elisabetha Eshbach, died in Huntingdon sometime in the year 1792. Her gravestone and burial record have not been found. "Children of this couple were: (1) John Ashbaugh (Code letter "B" in a history now in preparation.) (2) Andrew Ashbaugh (Code letter "C" in the history.) (3) Frederick Ashbaugh (Code letter "D".) (4) Sarah Smith ("E") We do not at this time know the Christian name of her husband, but believe that the marriage probably took place in the Mount Joy vicinity. As speculation, one notes that the founder and proprietor of Huntingdon was a Rev. William Smith, D.D. of Philadelphia. The fact that the Sells relatives and the Ashbaughs were among the first dozen settlers of Huntingdon suggests the possibility of a family connection. I have thus far spent hundreds of hours in searching the York, Adams, and Huntingdon original source materials without enlightenment. Sarah probably married by about 1770. However her actual age, etc., are entirely speculative. She lived as a widow at Huntingdon in 1800, with two female children under the age of 10. (5) (Hypothetical) Hannah Sells ("F") One branch of the Sells family carries the tradition that their ancestor Solomon Sells married first Hannah Ashbaugh, and after her early death, married her younger sister, Margaret Ashbaugh. No contemporary record has been found to confirm or deny this. The estate and land records which identify Margaret ("G") Ashbaugh as the wife of Solomon Sells are dated too late, in both the Ashbaugh and Sells proceedings, to shed any light on this possible additional daughter Hannah. Until further data comes to light, all of Solomon Sells children will be attributed to the wife Margaret. (6) Margaret Sells ("G") Identified through her father's will, dated 1781, and through court records of the land distribution of her husband's father, Anthony Sells. We presently estimate her birth date as between 1748 and 1752. Solomon Sells, her husband, was the son of the Adams County miller, Anthony Sells. Solomon was an early settler of Huntingdon County, and by 1780 is found as "Supervisor of Highways" of Hopewell Township. He owned lands in the town of Huntingdon as well as a farm in Penn Township, on "Warrior Ridge", adjoining that farm of John Ashbaugh ("B"). In November 1792, after the death of his father Anthony, Solomon Sells went to North Carolina (he believed) to take up lands exchanged for the family's Mount joy properties by Henry Herkelrode. After the disputes over state boundaries were settled, involving the claims of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, the land was found to be in Washington County, Virginia. Margaret appeared with him here, in various land transfers. Solomon Sells died in May 1816, when his personal property was the subject of estate administration in Washington County, Virginia. Margaret apparently overlived her husband, for the distribution of real estate under the will did not take place until May 1832. The children of Solomon Sells: (G-1) John Sells (Married before 1795) (G-2) Abraham Sells (of age by 1798) (G-3) Henry Sells (of age by 1798) (G-4) Frances "Fanny" Sells; married Mr. Carr. (G-5) Andrew Sells; married Rebecca (G-6) Peter Sells; born 20 January 1787; died 14 Feb. 1854; married Hannah McDonald in 1809. (G-7) Benjamin Sells; married Lydia (G-8) Jacob Sells; married Mary (Probably McDonald). (G-9) Susan Sells; married Allen McDonald. (G-10) --Hypothetical-- Margaret "Peggy" Sells. Named by a descendent, but not included in any of the contemporary records of the Solomon/Margaret family. "Separate research studies, in temporary format, have been prepared for each of the sons, John Ashbaugh, Andrew Ashbaugh, and Frederick Ashbaugh." Louis Duermyer Staten Island, New York March 9, 1963 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.